clean dr martens

How to Clean and Care Dr. Martens

Doc Martens, or Dr. Martens, boots come from humble beginnings as a work shoe in the UK in the 1960s. Rising to fame with the working-class youth and rock legends of this era, like Pete Townshend, these shoes are now an iconic expression of individuality and style. If you’re interested, you can find out more …

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Best Insoles for Bunions

What Are the Best Insoles for Bunions in 2023?

As anyone with the condition knows, bunions are a challenge to live with daily. Your footgear plays an instrumental role in how your feet feel, for better or worse. Switching your inserts out for more supportive ones could make a difference in foot fatigue and soreness. We review the best arch supporting shoe inserts for …

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Best Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling

The 7 Best Non-Cycling Shoes for Cycling

Can you wear your sneakers to cycle into town? Are there shoes that are better than others for riding your bike to work? We look at the different types of shoes you can wear on and off your bike, and what features to look for. The best shoes for both jobs are right around the …

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Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats

5 Best Insoles for Soccer Cleats Reviewed

Is uncomfortable footwear costing you precious goals? Your cleats may be an investment, but that doesn’t guarantee comfort. The best insoles for soccer cleats could turn your game around. The right pair of inserts could also ease the strain of the sport on your legs and feet. We reviewed 5 of our top picks to …

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Best Insoles for Doc Martens

5 Best Insoles for Doc Martens Reviewed

Sold initially as work-wear boots, Doc Martens became a symbol of rebelliousness in the mid-1960s. Nowadays, individuals of all ages and styles enjoy these iconic shoes. If your insoles have worn down with time or you want additional support, we may have a solution with the best insoles for Doc Martens.   Our Top 5 …

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New Balance Shoes Fit

How Do New Balance Shoes Fit: Get the Right Size

Initially founded in 1906, the fledgling company produced orthotic insoles and not much else. Today, New Balance sells sportswear apparel and accessories, as well as a wide range of athletic and casual footwear. Are you curious to know how do New Balance shoes fit? If you’re considering a pair, correct sizing should be your priority …

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Adidas vs Nike Sizing

Adidas vs Nike Sizing | How Do They Compare in Size?

For many, Adidas and Nike are the go-to brands for sportswear apparel and footwear. Although American-founded Nike is the higher earner of the two, German brand Adidas is a close second. Both are beloved by athletes and casual shoe wearers across the globe. Our guide explores Adidas vs. Nike sizing. If you’re considering switching from …

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Can You Wear Uggs in the Snow

Can You Wear Uggs in the Snow?

When winter comes around, there’s nothing we want more than to be cozy and warm when we go out in the snow. You grab your hat, coat, and gloves and then look at your footwear—the question arises, “can you wear Uggs in the snow?” It’s not a definitive “yes or no” answer. It depends on …

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