How Much Do Shoes Weigh

How Much Do Shoes Weigh? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

How much do shoes weigh, and does it affect us? Like anything else created, shoes vary in terms of weight—some are heavy, while others are barely noticeable. But how much attention should we pay to the weight of our footwear? We’re finding an answer today, so read on. Here’s what influences your shoe’s weight: Size. …

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how long do shoes last

How Long Do Shoes Last? The Answer Might Surprise You

Replacing your footwear often is essential for obtaining optimal foot health. However, many of us are guilty of wearing a pair of shoes that are way past their expiration date. This is often down to a lack of awareness regarding the problems with worn-out footwear. Hence, today, we’re answering the question: How long do shoes …

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Keep Thigh High Boots Up

5 DIY Hacks on How to Keep Thigh High Boots Up

When autumn comes around, there are two things most of us look forward to, pumpkin spiced lattes and thigh high boots. The latte never fails, but as anyone who’s ever worn over-the-knee footwear before will know, they tend to slouch, which isn’t practical. Today we’re answering the question: how to keep thigh high boots up? …

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