best shoes for extensor tendonitis

The Best Shoes for Extensor Tendonitis in 2023

The extensor tendons run along the top of your feet, when they become inflamed, it can be painful. Wearing the best shoes for extensor tendonitis can alleviate the symptoms and keep your feet comfortable.  After trials on a number of different brands, we found the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 to be the best choice when …

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running shoes for older runners

Best Running Shoes for Older Runners

Physical activity as we age is an effective remedy for cardio health, muscle strength, coordination, and balance. However, the chances of injury to mature bones and bodies undoubtedly increases. Wearing the best running shoes for older runners can help reduce that risk and keep you moving. Our Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Older Runners …

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best soft sole shoes

Best Soft Sole Shoes for Adults and Babies

Mother nature never intended for us to wear shoes, let alone heels, lots of cushioning, and supportive inflexible soles. Wearing the best soft sole shoes for adults and babies allows your feet to move the way they should. Their flexibility promotes natural movement, working the muscles in your feet and legs. Here are our top …

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best salsa dance shoes

Best Salsa Dance Shoes for Men, Women, and Juniors

Your running shoes, workout sneakers, or street shoes aren’t the ideal choice for strutting your moves on the dance floor. Whether you are a newbie or seasoned professional, wearing the best salsa dance shoes will support your feet, and give you the edge. Dance has increased in popularity as a form of exercise over recent …

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Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

The Best Rocker Bottom Shoes in 2023

You may have seen shoes sporting thick soles with sloping heels and toes and wondered what they are. These are rocker bottom shoes designed to reduce pressure on the heels and forefeet when walking—but which are the best rocker bottom shoes? We will review several different brands, and look at the potential benefits of these …

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Skechers ShapeUps Reviews

Skechers ShapeUps Reviews – The Ultimate Guide

During the height of the toning trend, Skechers was riding the wave with its Shape-Ups line. Following some controversies, the rocker-soled shoe is back and is frequently used by avid walkers. Today our comprehensive Skechers ShapeUps reviews will reveal if they’re as good as promised.   Quick Reviews 1. Skechers Shape-Ups 2.0 Perfect Comfort The …

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