Gentleman Tying Laces

How to Lace Shoes: 7 Different Ways Explained

As a child, you learn how to tie shoes, and as an adult, you learn how to lace shoes. However, there are actually several effective ways to lace shoes. Plus, it sometimes depends on what type of footwear you’re lacing. We’ll take you through several of these techniques. Also, you’ll learn a thing or two about …

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Best Shoes for Nurses On Feet All Day

Nurses spend their days running around the halls of hospitals. With barely a moment to sit down, they need comfortable shoes. And as nurses, they know a thing or two about what kind of shoes you need for your health and comfort. The problem? Finding them. The market is flooded with great options and terrible options, pretending …

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accessories for shoes and boots

Accessories for Shoes and Boots: Everything You Need to Know

Accessories for shoes and boots come in many forms. Shoes and boots both require care and maintenance, and sometimes they need a booster for comfort. So, you end up needing to buy some extras. There are some things to know about footwear accessories to keep your feet in comfort and style. In this article, you’ll learn about …

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shoe horn

Best Shoe Clips

Are you looking to give your shoes a wow factor? Enter, shoe clips! They range from elegant to chic and trendy and can save you from buying a new pair of shoes. With so many shoe clips on the market, though, how do you choose? Well, why not go online and see what others think? We’ve comprised a …

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super feet insoles

Superfeet Insoles Review

Sometimes shoes fit, but they don’t have the right comfort or support. In these situations, you can improve your step using insoles. Superfeet has some excellent insoles, so let’s see if they’re the brand you’ve been waiting for. The products featured in this review are: Superfeet Merino Grey Insoles Superfeet Blue Insoles Superfeet Green Insole Superfeet Trailblazer …

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