How to Make Shoes Slippery for Dancing

Hitting the dance floor with shoes that move smoothly as you dance can make your dancing experience worthwhile. Unfortunately, most shoes have some friction with the floor. While getting professional dance shoes is one way to deal with the problem, this may be an expensive route to take. Luckily, you can easily make your shoes …

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Clarks vs Rockport

Clarks and Rockport are top choices if you’re seeking long-lasting footwear made mostly of leather or suede. Both brands are well-known for their formal and casual leather shoes, and both guarantee top-notch quality. Given their similar shoe lines, most buyers are curious as to who will win the Clarks vs. Rockport debate. We’ll compare the …

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Asos Shoes

Asos Shoes Review

Review of the Best ASOS DESIGN Shoes ASOS DESIGN is an own brand label from an online-based UK fashion retailer, ASOS, that sells clothes, shoes, and cosmetic products. Besides selling products from its own lines, ASOS also sells products from a wide array of other brands. ASOS has lots to offer when it comes to …

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Are Skechers Good Shoes?

Skechers have been around for decades, and with good reason; they are versatile, stylish, and comfortable. Whether you are looking for shoes for jogging, workout, hiking, running, or athletics, Skechers has the perfect footwear for the occasion. However, are Skechers good for you? This article delves into describing the features that make Skechers attractive and …

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Converse Shoes

Do Converse Shoes Stretch Out?

After wearing Converse shoes for a while, they can feel bigger. So what makes Converse shoes stretch out and can you accelerate the process? Let us look at the ways to stretch your Converse shoes quickly and why one would want to stretch them in the first place. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll …

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Nike Roshe Sneakers

Is it True That Nike Roshes Run Small?

After his lonesome design journey, Dylan Raasch, with Nike’s backing, officially debuted the Nike Roshe Run in 2012. Their lightweight feel, combined with the simple yet sleek design and, of course, the affordable price point, meant Nike Roshes were snapped up quickly. Here, we give an insightful look at the ever-so-popular Nike Roshes and how …

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