Hi there, fellow footwear aficionados!

Welcome to BootMoodFoot. I’m Steve “The Shoe Guy” Thompson, and I’m proud to share my expertise on everything shoe-related with you. 

Before we delve into the many articles I’ve put together over the years, let me share a little bit about myself. 

My first foray into the world of footwear began when I was still in high-school. I picked up a Saturday job at a local store cataloging merchandise, assisting customers, and making sales. 

As you might have guessed by my nickname, I was pretty good at it. I also thoroughly enjoyed the work and picked up practical knowledge fast. 

I learned which insoles were best for specific types of shoes, and how to spruce up worn-out kicks. I discovered how debilitating conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis can be, and which insoles can help relieve pain and offer support.

Although my career path took a different turn over the years, I never quite forgot the scent of new leather or the satisfaction of helping a kid get the perfect fit of sneaker. 

That’s why I founded BootMoodFoot. I’m happy to do the research for you to find the best insoles for flat feet or explain the facts on Adidas vs Nike sizing. If you have a shoe question or you need a DIY guide to paint shoes, you’ve come to the right place. 

-The Shoe Guy 


Feel free to contact us for anything that you have in mind.