Accessories for Shoes and Boots: Everything You Need to Know

Accessories for shoes and boots come in many forms. Shoes and boots both require care and maintenance, and sometimes they need a booster for comfort. So, you end up needing to buy some extras.

There are some things to know about footwear accessories to keep your feet in comfort and style.

In this article, you’ll learn about accessories for:

  • Comfort.
  • Storage.
  • Style.
  • Function.
  • Maintenance.

 accessories for shoes and boots



Making your footwear the most comfortable sometimes needs help. This starts by picking the right size. Your “normal” shoe size can vary markedly in width, length, padding and “roominess” from shoe to shoe, so try before you buy.

Other times, a new pair of socks specific to your feet can solve your problem. (Sweaty feet with inadequate socks may cause friction, making shoes uncomfortable.)

But then sometimes your feet need extra support. For this, there’s insoles! A must-have accessory for arch problems, foot pain or hard, unforgiving footwear.

Whether you need heated insoles in winter or need extra support when hiking, there’s an insole out there for you.


What Do Insoles Do?

Insoles are accessories for shoes and boots that line them, so they fit and feel better. They’re sometimes called inner soles or footbeds.

They can also keep your shoes feeling and smelling fresh. Since they’re removable, it’s easy to clean them! And if your insoles aren’t working for you, they’re easily replaced, too.


What Are the Best Shoe Insoles?

The best shoe insoles are comfortable, have arch support and help align your feet if you have pronation issues. They should also be durable, so you’re not replacing them too frequently.

Protalus has some great insoles available. They’re some of the best shoe accessories on the market. The brand has some excellent personalization, allowing you to choose insoles for high heels for narrow shoes, full-size insoles or partial-sized insoles. There’s a version for everyone.


Where Can I Find Insoles?

You can buy insoles online or in any shoe store worth its socks. You might even see them in some clothing stores, even the dollar store, but those may not be the best ones to go with. They won’t be brand name shoe accessories or condoned by shoe experts, as the ones you buy online or in shoe stores are.

If you see insoles in a cheaper store that look high quality, find the manufacturer’s name. Look them up online, or find their email address and shoot them an email to ask about their insoles. You never know if you’ve found a gem in a pile of dirt until you ask.



Have you ever pulled a piece of furniture away from the wall and discovered damp, mildew, mold or some other unpleasant substance? This happens because of moisture and a lack of air circulation.

Now—think about putting your footwear in your closet at the end of the day. Your closet is closed in, and your shoes or boots probably have some moisture in them from being worn all day. This is a recipe for odor, and if left abandoned in the closet for too long, disaster.

Consider investing in a shoe tree. It can help your shoes hold their shape, and if it’s wood, it can help absorb moisture.

Shoe trees are usually only for shoes, but, if you search, you can buy some for boots too! Shoes and boots rarely fit the same tree, though.


Accessories for Style

A shoe clip can turn a formal high heel for a work meeting into a high-fashion shoe for a family gathering—all for a fraction of the price of getting an extra pair of shoes.

Sadly, they’re often ignored, but there is a multitude of accessories to give your shoes an edge and new design.

Some examples of the accessory items are:

  • Shoe clips.
  • Heel rings.
  • Boot chains.
  • Heel chains.
  • Colored boot laces.



If you’re on a budget and can’t afford new shoes for every occasion and season, accessories can be your best friend.

So if you need to, rather than buy separate winter boots, invest in a pair of cleats and warming insoles, to make your basic boots into ones for all weathers and all occasions.

shoe wax


Although manufacturers and their marketing strategies scream “BUY NEW SHOES FREQUENTLY”, you don’t need to. Proper care and maintenance of your shoes can make them last.

This takes away the stress of replacing your footwear whenever they start to look frayed. Instead, invest in accessories to prevent the fraying and keep your shoes and boots looking fresh.


Shoe Horns

This accessory may seem like it’s for helping you put your shoes on. However, it falls under maintenance too, because picture this:

You put your footwear on every day and tug or stand on the back with your heel while doing so. Over time, it cracks and creases, shortening your shoe’s wearable life span.

So, in comes the shoe horn. It gets your shoe on with no fuss and saves the backs of your shoes from destruction.


Shoe Conditioners

The variety of shoe conditioners available is overwhelming, and they all work differently. Here are examples of a few and what they can do for your shoes:

  • Neatsfoot oil for softening and preserving leather. Be warned—it darkens the color of shoes.
  • Mink oil for softening and waterproofing leather. This darkens it too, but it’s temporary.
  • Wax, for sealing and protecting leather.
  • Lincoln wax, for shining. It comes in various colors.
  • Saddle soap, to clean leather. It also strengthens it.


Shoe Brushes

Shoe brushes are for cleaning your shoes. Here are some examples of shoe brushes:



There you have it—all the accessories for shoes and boots you could possibly need. Hopefully, this list has helped you, letting you extend the life of your shoes and make them multi-functional.


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