Adidas Golf Shoes: All You Need to Know

As a golfer, you may not be ready to jump ship from a brand you already know. It’s safe to assume most people know the name adidas but might not know brands specializing in golf shoes, like FootJoy.

Luckily, the old reliable athleticwear brands manufacture golf shoes of equal quality. With adidas’ long history of manufacturing excellent sporting footwear, you can be sure its golf shoes are also top-notch.

Today, we examine the following concerning adidas golf shoes:

  • Types of adidas golfers’ shoes.
  • The best golf shoe by adidas.
  • Review of the Tour360 XT-SL shoes.
  • What to look for in golf shoes.

adidas golf shoes key facts


Types of adidas Golf Shoes

Adidas caters to almost everyone’s taste with its golf shoe range. They come in an array of colors and materials, as well as classic and contemporary styles.

Classic vs. Contemporary

Contemporary golf shoes are also called athletic golf shoes. That said, classic golf shoes aren’t unathletic, but their look is slightly different.

Classic golf shoes have a hard, shiny look, almost like bowling shoes. Meanwhile, athletic shoes may have visible mesh, a more adventurous sole or differences in their shape.

Where classic golf shoes probably won’t be mistaken for anything else, athletic golf shoes can be. Many look exactly like basic sneakers you’d wear to the gym. However, a knowing eye can pick out the golf-specific features.

Spiked vs. Spikeless

Spikes are something of a hot topic in the golf world. Metal spikes are illegal, but some big leagues make exceptions for seasoned pros. Instead, players can choose to wear soft spikes for stability, but many prefer to go without.

Because some players do opt for these soft spikes, many golf shoe manufacturers have popular spiked footwear. But, in recent years, adidas favored flexibility over spikes and preferred to add stability and traction with excellent tread patterns, instead.

You might also see some adidas golf sneakers that look like they’re spiked. However, most of the time, they’re just cleats or a chunky tread pattern.

Actual soft spikes are a much rarer find with adidas but are still available if they’re your preference.


What Is the Best Golf Shoe by adidas?

As of mid-late 2020, the best golf shoes by Adidas are:

  • Tour360 XT-SL shoes.
  • Codechaos golf shoes.
  • Adicross bounce 2.0 shoes.
  • Codechaos sport golf shoes.

At any given time, adidas has tons of golfing footwear on the market. They vary in price, from around $50–$200, depending on what sales and offers are going on.

That said, higher-priced items aren’t necessarily better. They may be made with higher-quality materials, making them more durable, but nothing is set in stone.

The longevity factor may be why some of adidas’ top sellers are costlier shoes.







The Tour360 XT-SL is a premium men’s golf shoe worn by pro players Dustin Johnson, John Rahm and Xander Schauffele. It has several appealing features that make it such a popular shoe.

Classic Look

The Tour360 XT-SL features a classic look, with a hard, shiny, synthetic leather upper and no frills. There are five black and white colors to choose from, but one has a hint of red. The muted tones are fantastic for conservative-dressing players.

With classic visuals and feel, adidas keeps the traditional essence of golf alive with this pair of quality kicks. The only downside is that the materials aren’t optimal for breathability.


The footwear’s grip is excellent, performing to perfection without spikes. In particular, the tread pattern is busy and complex, made up of little “X” shapes from heel to toe at various heights.

This design leaves lots of gaps in the sole, so you won’t slide in this pair—you’ll stay firmly planted, even on wet terrain.

Despite this, the pattern isn’t restrictive—the sneakers feature extreme flexibility to help with every subtle move. The flexibility is also excellent for when you’re walking the miles on the golf course.

Something else to note about the soles is the slight rocker bottom to keep you moving on the course. It’s motivational and nonrestrictive.

One downside to the soles would be that a wider sole is better for balance. However, they still have a fantastic grip to counter this.


Adidas’ Tour360 XT-SLs don’t contain thick foam padding like many, even classic-looking, golf shoes do. Instead, they keep the look in-tact inside and out with a more subtle type of comfort.

The cushioning is thin, hidden by a leathery material, but it’s highly responsive. So, the harder and faster you walk, the more it boosts your energy and gait.

Although it may not be the cushy padding you’re used to seeing, it’s adequate. Plus, the kicks are thick and soft inside where it matters, around the collar, to prevent chafing.

The lack of foam also means they’re unlikely to hold bad smells and are easier to clean. And, without a lump of foam between you and the ground, they’re highly responsive, keeping you energized.

Yet, the sole is padded enough to protect you from the hard ground. Some people may prefer something softer underfoot, but the comfort remains excellent.

Stability and Security

By no means are these sneakers tight, but they’re snug. They’re made to create a locked-in feel to keep you steady on the course and slopes.

Part of the locked-in feeling comes from the previously mentioned lack of padding—you can feel the footwear’s sturdy sides. Your feet are closer to the ground because there’s so little foam in the insole.

The heel area is harder than the rest of the shoe, too, and is where most of the stability lies. However, the firm feeling stays in the lower heel, so your upper heel remains unhindered.

Also, a soft, black padding-like area wraps around the top of your heel. This keeps you snug but safe, producing a stable fit.

The grip that creates stability is comfortable, too. It’s not too tight, and the heel is one of the more padded parts.


It needs to be said—these kicks weren’t made for breathability. They are breathable and aren’t stuffy, but they’re not optimized for it.

Mesh is much better for breathability than leather in athletic footwear. Some leather or synthetic footwear will have tiny air holes that the Tour360 XT-SLs lack.

But, what’s great is that the footwear makes up for the lesser breathability in other ways.

First of all, they aren’t pure leather. They’re a blend of microfiber and leather, so there’s more breathability than footwear of old times.

And, because they lack the voluminous foam, there’s less material to absorb sweat and create odor. That leaves the shoes being easier to clean and air out than more padded counterparts.

And, the locked-in feel prevents your feet from shifting around when slick with sweat. If your footwear fits correctly, the most discomfort you’ll feel is some moisture between your toes, if any.



  • Traditional visuals and sensations.
  • Fantastic grip on moist ground, including slippery grass.
  • Not restrictive.
  • No foam to hold bad smells.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Highly responsive to keep you energized.
  • Plentiful padding to protect you from the hard ground.
  • Stable fit.
  • Maintain a comfortable grip on your feet.
  • Secure, yet comfortably padded heel.
  • Decently breathable, especially for traditional golf footwear.
  • A wider sole is better for balance.
  • Some people prefer a softer feeling underfoot.
  • The regular fit and locked-in feeling combined make this footwear unsuitable for wide feet.


What to Look for in Golfing Shoes

The Tour360 XT-SLs cover what you need in golf footwear very well. But, why bother with specialized golf footwear at all?

We have a comprehensive guide in our article on the best golf shoes, but here’s what to look for when shopping for adidas golf footwear:


A lot of footwear you’ll find won’t be made for comfort. It’s just there to keep your feet off the ground.

It’s when you get to walking and running sneakers that the padding starts to creep in. And golf, being a more passive sport, doesn’t require a jogger’s shoe cushioning.

But what many people fail to realize is how many miles you’ll be walking during a round of golf. It’s even worse for beginners, who are more likely to be on their feet and walk longer. There’s no doubt that comfort is key—a key adidas’ Tour360 XT-SL provides.




You’re going to work up a sweat as you walk around the course. This will naturally extend to your feet since they’re boxed into your kicks and take all the force.

When you start to sweat, your shoes will start to smell if the sweat has no space to evaporate. Breathable footwear allows the evaporation process some leeway to get going.

Alas, with less breathable sneakers, like the XT-SL, you’ll need to air them and wash them after every use. If you don’t, you’re at risk of nail fungus and rash between the toes.

So, clean your footwear well, wear absorbent socks, and try to acquire kicks with at least a little breathability. Avoid full-grain leather in sports footwear, unless there are air holes.


You need to feel stable in your footwear. Otherwise, you may trip or feel clumsy when walking.

Being stable requires footwear to fit correctly. But you can’t have kicks too tight, either—they’ll compress your feet and cause discomfort.

We have a detailed guide on shoe sizing and fitting, which will help you pick out the right adidas golf shoes for you.

Outside of the correct shoe size, ensure your heel and the sides of your feet are supported but not restricted, just as the Tour360 XT-SL provides.


Grass is an unforgiving playing surface when wet. A single misstep, and you could lose your form and, possibly, the game. Plus, sliding down wet grassy mounds isn’t fun.

To keep accidents at bay and help your stance, you need stability inside and outside your footwear. Inside, so your feet shifting doesn’t make the footwear shift, too. Outside, to grip the tricky surfaces underfoot.

Most golf footwear has the grip part mastered, but the stability inside the sneakers can be questionable. Adidas has nailed both elements with the XT-SL, giving you excellent traction.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy Golf Shoes?

You can buy golf shoes in many footwear stores, golf gear stores or online. Adidas’ and FootJoy’s websites have a range of golf footwear to choose from or check on Amazon for more variety from other trusted suppliers.

Are Adidas Golf Shoes Good?

Like all their footwear, adidas golf shoes are excellent quality and value for money. Several pros sport adidas golf footwear, including Dustin Johnson, John Rahm and Xander Schauffele.

Are Adidas Golf Shoes Waterproof?

All high-quality adidas footwear is made to be waterproof, shoes for golf included. If yours aren’t, you may have a faulty pair and should contact the seller or manufacturer. Many golf sneakers come with a waterproof warranty of up to two years.




The Last Putt

Adidas is an outstanding footwear brand for all your athletic endeavors. Golf shoes are no exception.

Many factors go into crafting a quality golf shoe, which adidas has covered, from the steady sole to the stable and secure, locked-in midsole. This applies to women and men golf shoe variations.

We hope you found this guide helpful and encourage you to share your thoughts below. Please share it with any budding golfers out there!

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