Discover How Adidas Shoes Fit and Find Your Perfect Size

Since 1924, the Adidas brand has evolved from a German-based shoe factory to an internationally renowned sportswear manufacturer. Footwear remains one of the company’s most popular products besides apparel.

Our guide answers the question: how do Adidas shoes fit?

Returns are a hassle, and you want to start wearing your new kicks as soon as possible. We’ll discuss Adidas sizing charts, fitting tips for different models, and whether or not these shoes run true to size.

Finding a fit for Adidas shoes:

  • True to size.
  • adiFIT insoles.
  • Measurement tips.
  • Adidas shoe size chart.


Adidas Shoe Size Chart

Adidas offers generic sizing charts for all footgear. You can see the measurements for adult men and women here, and those for juniors (infants to teens) here. Half-sizes are available for all adult sizes except for 15 to 19 for men.

How Do Adidas Shoes Fit

The adult chart displays heel-to-toe measurements as well as the corresponding US, UK, EU, and JP sizes. For juniors, the chart is identical except that it doesn’t include JP sizes.


How to Measure Your Feet for Adidas Shoes

Your best bet for an accurate fit if you’re buying your shoes of choice online is to measure your foot.

Adidas provides simple instructions as to how you can do this at home for yourself or your child:

  • Set a piece of paper on the ground against the wall.
  • Stand on it, making sure that your heel is touching the wall.
  • Draw around your foot with a pen or pencil.
  • Mark the end of the longest toe—it might not necessarily be the big toe. You may discover you have Morton’s toe, a condition in which the second toe is longer than the first.
  • Measure your drawing from the heel (wall) to your longest toe. You now have a measurement in inches to match up on the size chart.


Pro Tips

  • Let someone help you draw around your foot if you can. Precision is important for an optimal fit.
  • Consider the space needed for the same socks you plan to use with your Adidas footgear.
  • Your feet will be more swollen after you’ve been up and about all day. You might be surprised about the difference in size before and after a day of work or a few hours of practicing your favorite sport.


Using the adiFIT Insole for Children

If you’ve bought a pair of Adidas shoes for your infant or child up to 7 years old, they’ll come with an adiFIT insole.

Adidas Shoes Fit for men

The insert will show you whether or not the size you picked is a good fit. To use it, follow these instructions:

  • Remove the adiFIT insole and place it on flat ground. Position your child’s foot on the insole.
  • If your kid’s foot lands within the marked zone, congratulations, the shoes are a good fit.


Pro Tips

  • Measure your child’s feet towards the end of the day. As with adults, childrens’ feet should be at their “true” size after regular daily activities.
  • Have your child wear their everyday or sports-specific socks with the adiFIT insole to ensure there’s enough space.


General Guidelines for Sizing Adidas Shoes

We’ll share a few general suggestions to bear in mind when you’re sizing Adidas shoes. Our recommendations apply to any type of shoe the brand sells:

  • Don’t assume your size. Even if you’re buying the same exact style of shoes you already have, it’s best to be exact. Older shoes tend to grow looser with age and wear and tear. Conditions like diabetes and pregnancy can mean your feet aren’t the same size as they used to be.
  • Follow our measuring tips for accuracy. An inch or less can make the difference between a snug fit and discomfort.
  • Do you wear orthotics for a foot ailment? Don’t forget to factor them into the sizing process. Thicker insoles can take up room in your new footgear, and make them feel smaller than they are. You may need a half or full-size up, depending on your inserts.
  • Know the signs that your pair is a bad fit. Your feet shouldn’t be sliding in and out of your shoes. Tight footwear can cause pain and worsen existing foot disorders and deformities.


Pro Tips

  • Those of you who own insoles, don’t forget to take out the removable inserts on your new shoes first if you’re having trouble putting yours in.
  • If you’re buying a pair of Adidas sandals or slides, determine whether you’ll be wearing them with socks or bare-footed most of the time. Socks will make for a tighter fit than bare feet.
  • Walk around to see if you notice any tightness or looseness that could be a problem long-term. For athletic footwear, test out your range of motion in the shoes for your sport of choice. Basketball players can try jumping a few times, golfers can attempt practice swings to see if you feel stable.


Do Adidas Shoes Fit True to Size?

Overall, most buyers say that Adidas shoes are true to size. However, there are those who have experienced certain models not fitting as expected. A few of these include Ultraboost, Cloudfoam, and Gazelle.

Adidas Shoes Fit for women


Do Adidas Shoes Run Big or Small?

Many Adidas enthusiasts say that their shoes are a perfect fit, even when ordered online. Nevertheless, there are exceptions to the rule as we mentioned above.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Adidas Shoes the Same Size?

All Adidas shoes follow the same size specifications. The company’s sizing chart applies to all the footgear they sell.

Still, there will be inevitable differences, even if slight, as not every shoe is identical (e.g., slides vs. soccer cleats).


Does Adidas Ultraboost Fit True to Size?

The Adidas Ultraboost line consists of lightweight, cushioned shoes designed for runners. Adidas cautions that runners with wide feet should go half a size up for the Ultraboost 1.0 and 2.0.

For example, if you’re a 9 usually you should try your Ultraboost in 9.5. The newest version, Ultraboost 3.0, should be true to size for all wearers.

This video compares Ultraboost sizing to other sneakers produced by Adidas and other prominent shoe brands.


Do Adidas Cloudfoam Run Big?

Adidas Cloudfoam shoes are built with both athletic activities and comfort in mind. If you’re considering a pair, be aware that some wearers report that Cloudfoam shoes for women run big.

That isn’t the case for every buyer, but it has happened. You may have to go down a half size or more if you want them to fit.


Is Adidas Bigger Than Nike?

It’s tough to compare one shoe brand to another. The surest way to size yourself for either brand is by using the corresponding size chart.

Having said that, the value in inches which Adidas converts into US sizes are about 5 millimeters larger than what Nike uses. Our article here goes into the Nike vs. Adidas sizing issue in more depth.


Three Stripes for Life

We’ll conclude with the original question: how do Adidas shoes fit? The majority of Adidas shoes run true to size.

You’ll have to take into account wider feet for the Ultraboost 1.0 and 2.0. Cloudfoam shoes can run bigger in women’s sizes, but you shouldn’t necessarily order a smaller size to start. Wait and see if yours fit in your regular size first.

We hope our guide on Adidas shoe sizing has been helpful to you. Share your insights and thoughts on the topic in our comments section. If you know anyone who could benefit from learning about Adidas sizing and fitting, please share.


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