Adidas Tennis Shoes: the Top Picks for High Performance

Are you looking for high-performance tennis shoes?

Adidas has a long history with tennis shoes, and some of the company’s most iconic streetwear models were once well known on the courts. The brand carries a wide selection of women’s and men’s tennis shoes. You can find new Adidas tennis shoes for all types of players, from beginners to pros.

These are some of the things we’ll cover in this article:

  • What are the best Adidas tennis shoes?
  • Adidas GameCourt review
  • Adidas AdiZero Club review
  • What makes tennis shoes different?

Adidas Tennis Shoes


What Are the Best Adidas Tennis Shoes?

These are the best Adidas men’s tennis shoes for high performance:

  • Best all-court Adidas tennis shoes: Adidas GameCourt
  • Runner-up: Adidas AdiZero Club
  • Best laceless Adidas tennis shoes: Adidas Stycon
  • Best lightweight tennis shoe: Adidas Adizero Ubersonic 3

Don’t forget that the brand also created some of the most iconic tennis shoe models that are now streetwear staples. From the pristine white Stan Smiths with green accents to the Continental 80, Adidas has long been a pioneer of stylish women’s and men’s tennis shoes.

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Adidas GameCourt is a men’s multi-court shoe with a breathable, but tightly woven fabric upper layer that won’t let in all the dust from the court.

They’re sturdy and have a boot-like fit, but they’re flexible enough at the sole for fast movements. These Adidas tennis shoes also include a lot of lateral support, which makes them a great option for all levels of recreational players. Top-level players might need a more aggressive and lightweight shoe.

GameCourt’s upper was made to endure even harsh surfaces without scratching or breaking; they’re also non-marking so you can use them on an indoor court, as well.

These shoes fit true to size in the sole but snug on the upper, especially from the tongue to the heel; they hug your ankle to give it more support in all directions so you can move freely around the court. Even if they feel tight over the arch when new, many players note that after a couple of wears, they have a bit of give.

The adaptive fit and high opening do make it harder to slip on the shoe, and many users need a shoehorn to put them on when they’re new. If you’re between sizes, you should go up half a size to account for the tight upper.




  • Highly adaptive fit.
  • For all levels of recreational players.
  • Lots of lateral support.
  • Non-marking soles.
  • Tough but breathable upper fabric for all courts.
  • The fit is snug from the tongue towards the heel.
  • When new, putting them on is tough, and you may need a shoehorn.



The AdiZero Club is our top choice in Adidas men’s tennis shoes for comfort. They have cushioned, soft EVA-foam midsoles that give you just enough bounce without being too chunky; this means you can stay connected and keep your responsiveness, even on a heavier clay court.

As far as the comfort goes, these shoes have a lightweight build, but they’re still supportive. There’s a lot of room all along the shoe, and at the toe box, so you’ll even be able to fit in orthotic inserts. The fit is true to size, but if you do wear specific insoles, you may want to go up half a size.

These shoes are technically made to endure all types of courts. The soles are non-marking, so they’re ideal for indoor games, and the cushioning is soft enough to protect your joints on harder surfaces.

The breathable mesh upper will keep your feet dry, but it’s not sturdy enough for hard courts, especially if your style is aggressive. While the toe is reinforced, you might end up breaking the fabric quickly.

The sole has a small, grid-like pattern that can easily wear out on a hard court if you drag your feet a lot; this can eventually make you lose your grip.



  • Wide toe box.
  • Breathable.
  • Cushioned and supportive midsole.
  • Stable and responsive.
  • Non-marking outsole.
  • The mesh upper isn’t optimal for concrete.
  • Grid pattern that can wear out quickly.


What Makes Tennis Shoes Different?

Tennis shoes are made so you can quickly move around the court while giving support to your feet. While running shoes give you a lot of cushioning at the bottom, tennis shoes will provide stability for your feet and ankles in fast attacks.

This is why both women’s and men’s tennis shoes are often sturdy and padded toward the sides of the shoe, made for sideways motion.

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How Do I Choose a Tennis Shoe?

Picking a tennis shoe depends on the kind of fit you want, as well as your playing level and style.

The patterns on the bottom of a tennis shoe are also specific not only to the sport but also to the type of tennis court you’re playing on.

Hard Court Shoes

Tennis shoes for concrete and other hard court materials are built to be more resistant, both in the sole and in the upper materials; this way, you don’t end up scratching the fabric or leaving half of your sole on the court after every fast attack.

They usually have a herringbone pattern to give you more grip and a bouncier, more cushioned midsole. It will help absorb some of the impact and keep your joints healthy when playing.

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Grass Court Shoes

Soft grass tennis courts are fast, but they can get slippery. Tennis shoes for these types of courts are designed to give you traction without dragging you down.

They also provide lateral support, so you don’t slip doing those fast movements on grass. Sometimes, tennis shoes for grass courts also include small nubs or cleats for a better grip.

Clay Court

For clay, women’s and men’s tennis shoes need a sole that gives you a nice grip on a slippery court; they generally have the traditional herringbone pattern on the sole, which might gather some dust and lose traction. Still, it’s usually also easy to clean with a soft pat on the side with your racket.

Another issue with these types of courts is the clay and dust that can gather on the inside of your shoe; this will happen, especially if you’re using tennis shoes with a loose fabric mesh.

If you’re mostly playing on clay courts, look for shoes with an upper layer that won’t allow for the dust to enter, either leather, synthetic materials, or tighter fabrics.

Indoor Courts

For indoor courts, you’ll likely want lightweight tennis shoes that will allow you to move around easily. Traction is not as big of an issue in this type of court, but breathability is, so fabric mesh would be ideal.

The most important thing about indoor shoes is that they don’t leave ugly marks on the court. If you don’t have non-marking shoes, you might not even be able to enter a court.

Many non-marking shoes are in lighter colors, but some soft. Black soles are also in this category.

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Playing Level

If you’re a beginning tennis player, you might benefit from a shoe that has a lot of cushioning in the sole and is high at your ankles and heel; this will support your heel when you’re still not in full control of your movements in a new sport. Adidas GameCourt has the perfect sock-like fit that hugs your foot in these situations.

More experienced tennis players will usually prioritize lightweight shoes that allow for fast movements. The AdiZero Club is an example of this type of men’s shoe that keeps you stable and light while letting your feet breathe. It’s ideal for a fast-paced match in warm weather, especially on clay and grass.

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What Stores Sell Adidas Shoes s?

When it comes to stores where to find your next Adidas tennis shoes, you’ll usually be able to get them pretty much everywhere. You can find new shoes Adidas online, from the website of the brand or other sellers, and on most sporting goods stores.

Are Adidas Tennis Shoes Non-Marking?

Some Adidas shoe s are soft and non-marking, but others will leave a mark on an indoor court. You can test this by rubbing the sole on a piece of paper and seeing if it leaves a mark. Another option you have is to press the sole with your finger and see if the sole gets momentarily dented. If it does, it’s non-marking.

Are Adidas Grand Court for Tennis?

Yes and no. The Adidas Grand Court is originally a tennis shoe, but it’s mostly worn on the streets today thanks to its cool retro look. Sports performance shoes have come a long way in the past couple of decades. If you want to improve your game, be comfortable and fast, we recommend newer shoes Adidas models.

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Finding Your Adidas

Whatever your specific taste and goals with Adidas tennis shoes are, the brand carries numerous models for new players and pros alike.

Our top pick is GameCourt, a versatile and comfortable all-court shoe that’s loved by tennis enthusiasts of all levels. It has a snug but comfortable fit, and lots of lateral support to keep you stable when you slide and jump around the court.

It can be hard to find a tennis shoe that’s breathable and can still endure a concrete court. GameCourt has a tough, synthetic fabric upper that lets out excess heat, but doesn’t break easily or let dirt pile up on the inside. Overall, it’s an excellent tennis shoe that will help you up your game.

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