Are Vans Non Slip? Find Out in Our Review

Are you looking for the best non slip shoes? Perhaps you’re starting a new job that requires you to wear slip-resistant soles? Whether you’re working in a restaurant or simply enjoy style and security, non slip shoes are useful for many occasions.

But what shoes fall under this category? Today we’re answering this common question: are Vans non slip?


Are Vans Slip-Resistant Shoes?

are vans non slip

Vans shoes are non slip. Initially, the brand became popular with skateboarders, but now it’s also a firm favorite for those who work in the restaurant industry. It’s a solid choice since the materials used allow you to gain optimal traction or grip as you’re on the move.


What Makes Vans Non Slip?

Vans are designed with some outstanding attributes, allowing them to be slip-resistant. The shoes even include exclusive features that aren’t common in other brands. Here’s a look at what makes Vans non slip:

Rubber Outsoles

The one material you can be sure to find in Vans is rubber. This is the main raw material used for the soles and outsoles.

Rubber itself holds some of the best non slip characteristics, making it a stellar sole material. Rubber soles can provide traction, even on wet or greasy surfaces. Of course, the level does depend on the quality.

Poor quality rubber won’t provide much traction, and may even be susceptible to wear and tear. Vans utilize a high-quality rubber, which offers the best possible friction between the sole and surface.

Vans has a high dry static coefficient. This means that the ratio of frictional force from one surface to the other is optimal. Because of this, you can wear the shoes while running or walking on wet surfaces.

The manufacturer adopts a special vulcanization process during the construction. Throughout the production, the rubber is “baked” onto the shoe in two stages. In the first phase, it’s heat-cured and compressed before it’s steam-baked in step two.

If you crave more information about Vans, we suggest you take a look at this article on the best insoles for Vans.


Slip-Resistant Tread Patterns

Another non slip feature is the tread pattern. These carefully composed markings run along the soles, maximizing the shoe’s grip. It may seem like a minor detail, but they have a considerable effect.

These treads run in a circular design across the sole. It’s this pattern that prevents grease and water from sticking to the shoe, increasing their slip-resistance.


How to Tell If Shoes Are Non Slip?

Vans Non Slip

While a shoe may sport a “non slip” or “slip-resistant” tag, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. We’ve gathered some tips you can use to recognize whether or not your shoe is slip-resistant.

  • Pay attention to the outsoles, especially the tread patterns. You’ll find varying designs, including squares, hexagons, triangles and circles. Although all provide a degree of friction, the best performers are circle-grip outsoles.
  • Mind the sole’s material, in particular, that of the outsole. The outsole is the part that makes contact with a surface. Rubber is almost a guarantee of a non slip shoe—this material provides grip on anything from hardwood floors to quarry tiles.
  • Check the fineness of the tread patterns on the shoe’s outsoles. Large lugs (indentations or grooves) aren’t great for slip-resistance, so go for smaller or fine designs.
  • When you have the shoe in your hand, feel the sole. If it’s stiff or hard, it may not be non slip. Softer soles, such as those made with rubber, are better at gripping onto wet or slippery surfaces.
  • You can test the soles by pouring water, soap and oil onto a slippery surface and walking across it. However, be careful when doing this—it can become very tricky if your shoes aren’t non slip.


Non Slip Vans for Work

Vans Non Slip for women

As we mentioned earlier, non slip shoes, such as Vans, are fantastic for restaurant or kitchen use. The floors in such places are prone to spills of all kinds, which is why a slip-resistant shoe is imperative.

Here are some examples of a few outstanding work shoes for restaurant and kitchen use. If you’re in the medical field, we suggest you read our article on the best shoes for surgeons, here.

As a little disclaimer, you should check with your employer as to whether such shoes are according to the dress code.

  • The Vans Vn-0tuy187 Trainers for men would make an excellent work shoe. They feature gum rubber soles and a canvas body. They’re available in three colors, although all-black is probably the best choice for professional work attire.
  • Another fantastic shoe is the VANS Unisex Era Skate Shoes in white. It has a double-stitched canvas and waffle rubber outsole for slip-resistance. The sole is thick, making it quite comfortable to wear for longer.
  • Slip-ons, such as the Vans Slip-on Core Classics Trainers, are amazing for work. They’re easy to get in and out of, and these Vans include thick rubber outsoles. And, the white color isn’t too crazy for most workplaces.
  • If you’re going to stand for prolonged periods, shoes such as these Vans Women’s Slip-On Trainers would be perfect. The thick, rubber outsoles are soft and comfortable as well as non slip, great in the kitchen or on the restaurant floor.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the best non slip shoes for restaurant servers and chefs, read this article.


How Do Non -Slip Shoes Work?

Non slip refers to a shoe or surface designed to prevent slipping, regardless of whether anything such as water or grease is present. Of course, a non slip label isn’t a guarantee that you won’t fall, but it does make it less likely to happen.

Non slip shoes feature rubberized soles and a specific tread pattern that provides grip when you walk. The soft outsole and deep tread patterns allow the shoe to grab onto the surface, even if there’s grease or moisture. In comparison, flat-soled shoes with smaller treads won’t provide much slip-resistance.

The shape of the tread is a determiner to the extent of slip-resistance the shoe provides. Casual shoes may only include one form, whereas work-intended footwear will have multiple. This makes it more versatile by enabling it to handle different environments and surfaces.

Pro Tips

  • To preserve the non slip feature, clean the treads frequently, especially if you’ve been walking in muddy conditions. You can use an old toothbrush and some water. Or let them dry and simply bang the soles together to loosen the debris.
  • Check the depth of the treads to determine how slip-resistant the outsole is. A deep lug will perform better than a shallow one.
  • Don’t sweat the differences between non slip, slip-resistant and skid-resistant, because there isn’t any. Manufacturers like to use various labels to sell their products, even though the meaning is virtually the same.


How to Make Shoes Non Slip for Work?

Perhaps your budget doesn’t cover new work shoes or you’ve just purchased and they’re not as non slip as you hoped, don’t fret. There are various ways to improve the slip-resistance of your shoe, no matter the outsole material. Here are a few tips:

  • Invest in a non-skid sole that you can attach to the bottom of your shoe. These attachable soles are a budget-friendly solution that not only makes the shoe slip-resistant but also adds some comfort. They’ll protect your shoe’s outsoles from early wear and may even extend their lifespan.
  • Try a slip-resistant spray-on coating—this is a fantastic alternative to the adhesive pads above. However, note that various types are available, so make sure you pick one that’s compatible with your shoe. We have an in-depth guide on traction spray and grip pads here.
  • You can also use hairspray as a quick resolve—spray a liberal amount and let it dry before wearing. Be warned though, this isn’t a permanent solution.
  • If you have flats or heels, you can attach an ankle strap to the footwear. This may not aid its slip-resistance, but it can make you feel more stable while walking on slippery surfaces.
  • Another trick to try is puff paint—the type used in arts and crafts for children. As the paint dries, it becomes textured and rough, which is excellent for non slip. Apply a thin layer and leave it to dry for several hours before wearing. However, it’s temporary.
  • A useful tip is to scuff the soles against an abrasive surface such as rough concrete or gravel. New shoes often have a slippery bottom, so by scuffing, you’re removing the outer layer.

You can watch more tips in this helpful video.


Other Non Slip Shoes

In the world of non slip shoes, we have three big names: Vans, Crocs and Converse. Out of these three, Converse has by far the best slip-resistance record.

for out side Vans Non Slip

Converse is a heavyweight within the footwear league, known for its comfort, performance and protection. The brand utilizes particular tread patterns to make its shoes safe on wet and greasy surfaces.

Crocs have become a standard item of footwear for chefs and people who work in and around the kitchen. Crocs excel in slip-resistance as well as being odor-resistant and effortless to clean. But, they aren’t ideal if you’re going to walk a lot since they don’t provide much arch and ankle support.


In Conclusion

To answer your question: are Vans non slip? Yes, they are—almost all Vans include rubber outsoles with unique tread patterns, providing outstanding grip. They’re fantastic shoes for work and sports, such as skateboarding or boating.

To tell if your shoes are non slip, inspect the materials and texture—soft, flexible soles generally provide more grip. Also, watch the tread patterns and depth to determine their ability. However, if you don’t like Vans, another fantastic non slip shoe brand is Converse.

We hope that you found your answer. We’d love to read any comments or questions in the section below.


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