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Review of the Best ASOS DESIGN Shoes

ASOS DESIGN is an own brand label from an online-based UK fashion retailer, ASOS, that sells clothes, shoes, and cosmetic products. Besides selling products from its own lines, ASOS also sells products from a wide array of other brands.

ASOS has lots to offer when it comes to footwear. In this article, we shall review some of the ASOS DESIGN shoes and the pros and cons of each.

Asos Shoes


Here’s a highlight of our top picks:

  1. Best Work Shoes for Men – ASOS DESIGN Oxford Brogue Shoes in Black Leather
  2. Best Flats for Women – ASOS DESIGN Lift Ballet Flats in Black
  3. Best ASOS Trainers – ASOS DESIGN Transparent Trainers with Blue Details
  4. Best ASOS Heels – ASOS DESIGN Passion stiletto court shoes in chocolate
  5. Best ASOS Boots – ASOS DESIGN Super Chunky Square Toe Chelsea Boot in Black Faux Leather
  6. Best ASOS Sandals for Women – ASOS DESIGN Flexion Woven Mule Sandals in Natural

Why You Should Buy ASOS Shoes

There are numerous giant manufacturers and retailers with a plethora of shoe designs to offer. So, why ASOS? Below are four key advantages of this footwear line.

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When purchasing shoes, usually, the top factor to consider is comfort. After all, no one wants sore feet after a day of walking or standing at work.

Whether you wear sneakers or heels, ASOS design their shoes to ensure that your feet are always well-cushioned as you go about your day.


If keeping up with the latest trends is a must, ASOS is a great choice!

ASOS is part of the fast fashion industry, and many of its customers are young adults who want the latest styles. The company regularly updates its inventory as new trends come and go.


ASOS shoes are pocket-friendly, with most costing under 50 dollars. Low costs for high fashion is another reason why young adults are attracted to the brand.

Extensive Variety

ASOS has almost every type of shoe that you could want. Currently, their website offers over 400 footwear styles for men, and over 1700 footwear styles for women. Moreover, ASOS shoes come in different shapes, sizes, fits, and colors.

Cons of Buying ASOS Shoes

Despite their incredible benefits, ASOS shoes have a few shortfalls.

However, they are still  a worthwhile shoe experience.


Producers design fast fashion products for style, not longevity, so they usually don’t have the same quality of manufacturing and materials as established, traditional shoe brands. Since ASOS shoes fall into this trendy footwear category, they are designed for short-term use.

This does not mean that they will not give you the service you require, and you’ll still enjoy a fair amount of wear before the next trend is out.

Foot Support Could Be Better

Although ASOS shoes are comfortable, the foot support may not be the best. You can quickly fix this by using third-party supportive insoles.

Asos sandals


Our Top Recommendations of ASOS Shoes

Best Work Shoes for Men – ASOS DESIGN Oxford Brogue Shoes in Black Leather

Just at a glance, this shoe emanates sleek and versatile. It has a brogue detailing and an almond toe that completes that clean-cut look that you need for the office.

The ASOS DESIGN Oxford brogue also has a stacked sole that reinforces comfort as you go about your day-to-day activities. In addition to all this, this shoe comes in a wide fit and has lace-up fastening.

This shoe is pocket-friendly, ensuring you look classy without breaking the bank. The ASOS DESIGN Oxford brogues are also easy to maintain; they require the same shoe care as most leather shoes.




  • Versatile.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Comfortable.
  • Sleek design.


  • Some customers find the shoe design somewhat common.

Best Flats for Women – ASOS DESIGN Lift Ballet Flats in Black

Almost every woman who owns a pair of flats is attracted to their simplicity and how well they pair with most outfits. The ASOS DESIGN Lift Ballet Flats provide all you need from a simple pair of flats.

For starters, the shoes are made of faux-suede, giving them a soft look and feel. Luckily, suede is an easy-to-clean material; using a damp piece of cloth will leave them looking as good as new.

These ballet flats come with an adjustable ankle strap, allowing the wearer to modify the shoe fit to their liking with ease. Additionally, the straps also ensure a good grip on the shoe, reinforcing comfort as you walk.

Another feature that makes ASOS ballet shoes an excellent choice for flats is their pin-buckle fastening that ensures your shoe is firmly attached to your foot. Moreover, this shoe has a pointed toe that gives it a nice appearance and is ideal for people with longer toes.


  • Simple.
  • Comes with adjustable ankle straps.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Not ideal for walking or standing for extended periods.

Best ASOS Trainers – ASOS DESIGN Transparent Trainers with Blue Details

With the advent of athleisure wear, a good pair of trainers will offer more than just facilitating your sports activities. Nowadays, you can also pair them with your day-to-day outfits to get a laid-back, effortless look while not compromising comfort or style.

Asos Shoes for men


The company has plenty to offer in this category, with one of their best lines being the ASOS DESIGN transparent trainers. These low-profile shoes give an athletic appearance, making them great for running errands and casual dates. Thanks to the padded tongue, cuff, and chunky outsole, the trainers are also super comfortable.

A moulded tread on the ASOS DESIGN Transparent Trainers ensures that your shoes have a good grip on the ground as you walk. The upper half of the shoe is comprised of permeable mesh, which allows for better aeration.


  • Trendy.
  • Padded tongue and cuff to enhance comfort.
  • Molded tread to reinforce shoe grip.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Durability could be better.

Best ASOS Heels – ASOS DESIGN Passion Stiletto Court Shoes in Chocolate

A pair of heels can either make or break your look. These ASOS DESIGN stilettos are sure to elevate you and your outfit, thanks to their classy and sophisticated appearance.

The heels come in a neutral yet eye-catching chocolate color that’s so easy to blend with an array of outfits. Additionally, the stilettos have pointed toes, which most women find very appealing.

At 5 inches tall, this shoe is an excellent pick for high-heel lovers. On the flip side, this shoe may be uncomfortable for some, with its thin, high pointed-heel and flat sole.


  • Sophisticated look
  • Pointed toe
  • Easy to maintain
  • Economical


  • Some users find the shoe uncomfortable.

Best ASOS Boots – ASOS DESIGN Super Chunky Square Toe Chelsea Boot in Black Faux Leather

The beauty of boots is that they can serve you for many years before replacement.

The ASOS DESIGN Super Chunky Square Toe Chelsea Boots are made of faux leather and have a well-polished, singular design. As the name suggests, the boots come with a chunky heel and sole, making them more comfortable than most.

Putting on these boots is super simple as they have pull tabs that facilitate easy entry. If you hate fixing and tying laces, this is the pair for you!

The ASOS DESIGN Super Chunky Square Toe Chelsea boot also has a lugged tread that reinforces their grip. In addition to this, it has elasticated inserts and a round toe.


  • Chunky heel and sole for comfort.
  • Pull tabs for quick and easy entry.
  • Versatile.
  • Lugged tread for enhanced shoe grip.


  • Slightly pricier than other ASOS shoes.

Best ASOS Sandals for Women – ASOS DESIGN Flexion Woven Mule Sandals in Natural

Most ladies can never have enough shoes, and sandals are usually a part of their lineup. Sandals come in handy during summer or when you need comfortable indoor footwear.

Asos Shoes for women


An excellent pick for sandals is the ASOS DESIGN Flexion Woven Mule sandals. These flats have a woven, across foot design and are easy to wear; you simply slip them on.

Another great feature is the low block heel which slightly improves comfort. The upper is made of faux leather with a woven design, making the sandals easy to clean.


  • Great for hot weather.
  • Unique design.
  • Low maintenance.


  • Not as competitively priced as other lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ASOS Shoes Durable?

Not necessarily. ASOS shoes are generally for short-term wear. However, ASOS shoes have the advantage of being reasonably priced, thus making them value for money.

Are ASOS Shoes Low Maintenance?

Yes. Most ASOS shoes are made of material that is easy to clean, making them low maintenance.

Are ASOS Shoes Comfortable?

This depends on the shoe design. ASOS offers various shoes with different comfort levels. For example, wearing sandals may not be as comfortable as trainers. Overall, they may lack when compared to pricier brands.

In Summary

When it comes to style, value, and versatility, ASOS DESIGN shoes offer a great deal. Whether you need office shoes or trainers for running quick errands, ASOS DESIGN shoes provide a solution.

Targeted at the fast fashion market, the durability of ASOS DESIGN shoes may not be as high as you’d want. However, the shoes are sure to give you value for your money. They’ll serve you for a decent period before requiring replacement.

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