8 Best Boot Laces That are Durable,Strong and Stay Tied-2023

Finding the best boot laces for your everyday needs can be an uphill task. With little information available, there is dire need to expound more on this overlooked topic.

To help you out, we have compiled some of the great boot laces for your needs. We have factored in every aspect that makes each a great choice.



Boot laces that feature a polyester blend and a double nylon cord interior for extra durability. They come in a range of colors and lengths. These boot laces are versatile with designs that suit everything from casual boots, work boots, hiking shoes to tactical field combat boots.

Miscly 3 Pairs Round Boot Laces Heavy Duty and Durable Shoelaces for Boots, Work Boots & Hiking Shoes (54″, Black - Brown Combo)
  • Made to last! Our boot laces are reinforced with two inner nylon cords (the same cords originally used in parachutes) and an outer polyester weave
  • Perfect for boots, work boots & hiking shoes, they also work great for other shoes when you just want extra strong and & sturdy laces
  • 3/16" thick, choose from four lengths to fit your shoes (45", 54", 63", 72")
  • You will receive 3 pairs (6 laces) packaged in our private banding
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We are so confident in our boot laces that we will replace them for free if they would ever break!


Amazing boot laces that withstand the harshest conditions. They have a very unique feel that makes them look like they are waxed. Due to this coating, you have to pull them really well so as to get a secure knot.

IRONLACE Unbreakable Round Bootlaces - Indestructible, Waterproof & Fire Resistant Boot & Shoe Laces, 1500-Pound Breaking Strength/Pair, Brown, 63-Inch, 3.2mm Diameter, 1-Pair
  • STRONGER THAN STEEL: Our durable, 100% advanced para-aramid fiber replacement lace is 10x stronger than steel; Amazing 1500-pound breaking strength/pair and a ⅛ inch (3.2mm) diameter means they will fit any boot and will never break when pulled tight
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: Long-lasting, durable laces field-tested in the most abusive environments; They are 20x longer-lasting than Kevlar laces, and proven to be damage, cut, abrasion, wear, chemical, UV, and corrosion resistant
  • WATER, HEAT & FIRE RESISTANT: Ironlace shoelaces are waterproof, fire resistant, and heat-resistant up to 630 degrees Fahrenheit/332 Celsius; The ideal laces for firefighting, welding, or anyone who works or plays hard and expects their equipment to last
  • STAY PUT & STAY COMFORTABLE: Stretch-free, non-slip shoelaces lace up tight for a strong fit that stays tied; Once you put them on, Ironlace stays put and stays comfortable whether you’re on the job site, trekking through snow, or hiking a mountain
  • A PERFECT MATCH: Use with almost any brand and style of shoes or boots; Our tough, unbreakable laces are colored to match up to 99% of the most common black and brown boots on the market and trusted by hundreds of thousands of loyal customers

3. Tofl Leather Boot Laces – BEST LEATHER BOOT LACE

These are leather laces that are timeless and very simple. They come in only one size and can be cut down to your preferred length. These strings are great for outdoor, sporting, and construction, footwear.

TOFL Leather Boot Laces|1/8 Inch Thick 72 Inches Long|2 Leather Strips [1 Pair]|Tan
4,213 Reviews
TOFL Leather Boot Laces|1/8 Inch Thick 72 Inches Long|2 Leather Strips [1 Pair]|Tan
  • ★ HEAVY DUTY - Made of genuine cowhide leather specially tanned for superior strength, these shoelaces are durable and does not easily break.
  • ★ HIGH-PERFORMANCE - Greatly recommended for work boots, construction and welding boots, biker boots, and outdoor walking, trekking, hiking, and hunting shoes.
  • ★ VERSATILE - Can also be used for lacing boat shoes, moccasins, and sperrys. These leather strip can also be used in craft making such as leather necklace string and leather cord for jewelry making.
  • ★ EASY SIZING - Simply lace up your footwear and cut to fit. These leather laces are 72 inches long, so you would not have to worry about not having enough.
  • ★ A VARIETY OF COLORS - You can either match the color of your boots or be playful and accentuate them with bright colors. With the wide choices of colors we offer, you can never go wrong. (This purchase comes with a pair of tan shoe laces)

4. Lock laces for Boots – ELASTIC NO TIE BOOT LACES

Boot laces that feature a no tie lacing system for an everyday slip-on. These laces adjust to your feet for better support and comfort. They are easy to install, heavy-duty, waterproof, versatile boot laces

Lock Laces for Boots (3 Pair) Premium Heavy Duty Elastic No Tie Boot Laces for Boots and Shoes (Camo)
517 Reviews
Lock Laces for Boots (3 Pair) Premium Heavy Duty Elastic No Tie Boot Laces for Boots and Shoes (Camo)
  • No Tie Lacing System: Never waste time lacing up your boots again. With our Boot Laces Lock Laces, you can turn all of your boots into adjustable slip-ons. Lock Laces Boot Laces are the original no tie shoelaces for boots with over 8 million pairs sold worldwide, can turn your boots or shoes into a slip-on.
  • Stretch Fit Comfort: Lock Laces Boot Laces conform to your feet for better comfort and support as opposed to traditional round boot laces. Lock Laces Boot Laces also reduce pressure points throughout your foot, which means your feet will feel better when you’re out hunting, hiking, or working.
  • Simple Installation: Quick installation and easy to use. One-size fits all; Lock Laces Boot Laces 7-strand fibers are .25cm in diameter, 72 inches in length and can stretch up to 108 inches. Their trim-to-fit design also allows them to fit boots that require 48 or 54 inch laces. We recommend installing the laces while the foot is inserted in the boot or shoe to allow for a more custom fit and secure feel. (Also work on boots and shoes with metal hooks).
  • Perfect for Everyone: Whether you're looking for heavy duty, waterproof, durable replacement laces for your work boots or more comfortable no tie boot laces for your trail hiking boots, Lock Laces Boot Laces make an ideal utility product for everyone.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Lock Laces Boot Laces are guaranteed for the life of a single pair of lace up boots or shoes. We know that once you try Lock Laces Boot Laces, you'll never go back to your old laces.


These boot strings are 100 % nylon braided, explicitly designed for speedlace eyelets. They were initially made to replace the combat boot laces. The laces are quite long and very strong.

No products found.

6. Shoeslulu Premium Oxfords Chukka Desert Boot Flat – BEST FOR DESERT BOOTS

Super strong polyester boot laces that are woven thoroughly to ensure knots last all day long. They are excellent replacements for two eyelets Clarks Desert Boot, three eyelets chukka boots and five eyelets wingtip oxford. The boot laces are available in different colors.

Shoeslulu 20" Premium Oxfords Chukka Desert Boot Flat Canvas Shoelaces (19.5 in. (50 cm), Beeswax Brown)
  • Premium strength and long lasting material. Woven thoroughly providing a lasting knot that stays tied all day!
  • Perfect replacement laces for 2 eyelets Clarks Desert Boot, 5 eyelets wingtip oxford, and 3 eyelets chukka boot, and many more!
  • To help reduce waste in our environment, laces come with eco-friendly packaging.
  • Environmental friendly dying process, dyed with minimal chemical. Vivid colors great for mix and match
  • Length: Available from 20 inches to 47 inches (50 cm ~ 120 cm), Width: 0.2 inches (0.5 cm), Thickness: 0.1 inches (0.25 cm)

7. OrthoStep Thin Round Athletic Nylon Shoelaces – GREAT FOR WORK BOOTS

High-quality round boot laces made from textured nylon yarn and fused tips. They are solid and fit perfectly on boots providing the required grip. Amazing laces ideal for everyday work boots.


Kg’s boot laces feature 100% Kevlar and heavy-duty nylon that is braided together for durability. They also feature unique flame-resistant coating ideal for welding, firefighting and construction work-boots.

Kg's XTREME Heavy Duty Boot Laces made from 100% Kevlar and Nylon, Virtually Indestructible Boot Laces
1,780 Reviews
Kg's XTREME Heavy Duty Boot Laces made from 100% Kevlar and Nylon, Virtually Indestructible Boot Laces
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE WORK BOOT LACES: Made from 100% Nylon and Kevlar, Kg’s boot laces are designed to make your work boots virtually indestructible. They stand as the best shoe laces or shoe laces replacement for any welder, firefighter, machinist, construction worker, miliary member, & more.
  • TOUGH, DURABLE NYLON & KEVLAR: We make our shoe laces heavy duty to function as the ultimate work shoe laces! Constructed from exceptionally durable nylon and Kevlar, these boot shoe laces are engineered for long-lasting resilience and unbeatable protection.
  • CHEMICAL & FIRE-RESISTANT: These waxed laces offer dual protection, boasting resistance to both chemicals and flames. With a special wax coating, our wax shoe laces are the ideal choice for individuals in need of top-notch protection. Talk about industrial shoe laces!
  • SECURE YET COMFORTABLE: With secure, easy-to-tie laces that stay put, we make our work boot laces heavy duty without sacrificing comfort. Our boot laces black color will stay tied all day long, providing you with peace of mind so you can focus on your tasks without any concerns.
  • SUITS A VARIETY OF BOOTS & USES: Kg’s heavy duty laces are the real deal! These robust black shoe laces make excellent outdoor shoe laces, hiking boot laces, hunting boot laces, military boot laces, desert boot laces, Kevlar tactical laces, & more. Not to mention, they’re proudly made in the USA.

How to Choose the Right Boot Laces

Before we get down to the reviews, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of how to identify the right boot laces for your needs.

heavy duty boot and shoe laces


We will try to answer some of the questions that come to mind when buying boot laces. So before, you press that “add to cart” icon, try to consider the following.

The kind of boot lace you want depends mostly on personal preference.

Despite everyone having their tastes, some features are a must-have in all boot laces.

These are the most important things to look out for when shopping for boot laces.


The material that makes a boot lace plays the most vital role on how effective the lace is going to be. Laces made from leather, cotton, jute, and hemp, may not have quite a lifespan but have a better appearance and grip better.

leather boot laces
Leather Boot Laces

Those made from synthetic alternatives like nylon and polyester are glossy and shiny. They loosen up by themselves because these materials are slippery.

Overall, we recommend laces made from the traditional sturdy materials like cotton and leather.


The cross-section of the lace determines your shoelace style. Depending on the kind of boots you have, you can choose between flat boot laces, round ones and no-tie boot laces.

Flat boot laces are the most common types. They stay tied for a longer period, which is why they are a preferred for working boots. Flat boot laces are also more comfortable against the top of the foot.

Round boot laces are not so common and are mostly recommended for formal outfits and elegant surroundings.

No-tie boot laces are great for children who are not able to tie their shoes. They are also very popular among funky adults. They come in both elastic and non-elastic forms.

The elastic boot laces ones have their tightly-curled form on the unused portion of the lace while the elastic ones have metal clasps. These are pulled tightly and locked near the highest eyelets.


Most boot laces come in black and brown since they are neutral and could match anything.

shoe and boot lace colors


To create fashion statements and have your laces go unnoticed, you could settle for contrasting colors. Colored shoelaces are a great way of bending the conservative route.


There is no exact rule for determining the length of your boot laces. The number of eyelets and the width between opposing holes should guide you in picking them. However, do consider the type of tying technique you will apply.

The wrong lace length will either force you to drag your shoestrings on the ground or be too short to tie. Generally, boots have more eyelets hence you will need longer laces.

Why You Should Have a Good Pair of Shoe Laces?

Most people overlook the importance of good laces though they are the most crucial part of a shoe. These are some of the advantages of going for the best boot laces.


When looking for comfort in boots, having a good pair of boot laces is not an option. These are laces that will firmly hold your feet and prevent slipping now and then.


Boot laces are not only functional; they also enhance the appearance of your boots. The comings of the laces outdid the showy buckle era. Today, boot laces come in numerous designs and colors thus changing the whole look of your shoe.


On average, a normal person makes up to a thousand steps per day. With that alone, you need a reliable shoelace system, which remains intact until when loosened.


1. Miscly – Round Boot Laces 3/16” long (Three Pairs)



• Highly durable due to their two inner nylon cords and outer polyester weaves

• Form strong knots and stay tied up for long

• Very thick – would not wear out quickly.

• Inclusive of three pairs of laces.


• Lack of versatility in color.

• Mostly fit for heavy footwear restricting use on dress boots.

• Have a big aglet that may be difficult to pass through boot eyelets.

Miscly round boot laces feature double inner nylon cords that fortify the outer polyester weave for extra durability. These bootlaces come in three pairs just in case you lose a pair. They are highly adaptable; can be used in a variety of work boots.

They only come in three colors, black, brown and a combination of both black and brown. Due to their significant width, they are mostly fit for heavy footwear restricting use on dress boots.

If you own a pair of work boots or any heavy footwear, you might want to invest in a pack of these laces. They will save you the burden of cost due to their high durability and redundancy feature of extra laces in the packaging.

2. Ironlace Lace (1-Pair)



• Chemical and fire resistant

• Sturdy laces that don’t come off until untied

• Don’t stretch


• Color fades very fast from black to gray or silver.

Ironlace lace is one of the strongest laces we have come across. They are fortified to withstand the harshest working conditions. These brown pairs are life guaranteed and come in a variety of length sizes.

Ironlace might be an ideal pick if your work involves use of chemicals or fire. They are also a good pick for hiking boots because they hold steady and won’t undo themselves.

3. Tofl Leather Boot Laces – easy Sizing Cut to Fit



• Fire resistant; will not melt down if exposed to sparks or consistent heat

• Square shaped for versatility

• Durable leather laces

• No hustle in sizing them

• Variety of colors available


• The thickness may not be convenient for some heavy footwear

Tofl leather bootlaces can be customized to your liking. You only need to lace up your shoe then cut it. Good thing is it does not fray after cutting. These heavy-duty boot laces come in a range colors; from classics like brown and tan to the normal white and blue.

Tofl leather bootlaces have a wide application. They would look good on either work boots, men’s and women’s boat shoes, top –siders and moccasins.

If you are into classic leather pieces, then this could be the best boot laces for you. They have earned a reputation of matching a variety of shoe types from heritage boots, dress boots to leather shoes and sneakers.

4. Lock laces for Boots (Elastic No Tie Boot Laces)



• No-tie lacing system

• Extra comfort; conforms to your feet

• Easy to install

• Versatile in use

• Life guaranteed

• Water resistant


• They come in only one color

Lock laces for boots feature a no-tie system that transforms your boots to slip-ons. This feature also allows the shoelaces to conform to your feet for extra comfort. The laces are easy to install.

These well-known boot laces have been ranked the most appropriate for anyone with feet or back condition. For instance, if your feet swell, they might come in handy because they are elastic and will stretch giving your feet space. If you suffer from arthritis or have trouble bending down to tie your boots, worry no more, they transform your shoes into slip-ons.

5. Nylon Speedlace Tactical Combat Boot Laces Shoelaces USMC Desert Tan – 2 pair pack


• Solid bootlaces

• Durable laces

• Their dyed nylon color does not fade or change.

• They are engineered to remain tied up until they are pulled.


• They are kind of thin and provide a flimsy feeling.

• They are not hard and waxy.

Nylon Speedlace tactical combat boot laces are made using tough materials that ensure the highest level performance.

The nylon speedlace tactical combat boot laces are a good choice if you get irritated by color fading of laces. They dyed nylon can stand all weather and remain the same color it was when you got the laces.

6. Shoeslulu 20-47″ Premium Oxfords Chukka Desert Boot Flat Canvas Shoelaces


• Comes with an ecofriendly packaging reducing environmental pollution

• Available in several colors perfect for mix and match

• Long lasting


• Not applicable for heavy footwear because of their small width

Shoeslulu bootlaces are made of strong polyester material. The laces come in a range of sizes(20-47’’ long). They are a great replacement for5 eyelets wingtip oxford, 3 eyelets chukka boot, 2-eyelets Clarks Desert Boot, and many more.

If you are shopping for boot laces that can work for both formal and informal looks, then these particular ones have you covered. However, they are better of used on casual shoes and ankle boots than they are on working boots.

7. OrthoStep Thin Round Athletic Nylon Shoelaces – Fused Tips – Work Boot Laces 2 Pair Pack



• Strong and durable

• They have fused tips that prevent cracking and lose of tips.

• Variety of colors.

• Come in 16 different lengths that vary from color to color.

• They are kind of tacky and stiff so they stay tied up for a long time


• Thin laces thus limited to only light footwear.

The Orthostep thin round athletic nylon shoelaces are designed using the original nylon construction. They come in a variety of colors: black, brown, black/brown combo, dark brown, black/grey combo, brown/tan combo, gold/tan combo and camo.

We may come to the conclusion that this laces were made for those people who are into experimenting with colors. They give you an opportunity of selecting colors from a wide pool to create your fashion statement.

8. Kg’s Boot Guard KG-XTREME Kevlar Heavy Duty Boot Laces



• They have special wax and flame resistant coatings hence cannot melt under high temperatures.

• They are long lasting have improved tensile strength.

• They are thick and offer friction to hold a knot for a full day.


• Due to their thickness, there is a chance they wouldn’t fit in many casual shoes and chukka boots.

• They have a plastic aglet thus cannot be reduced in size after receiving them.

These Kevlar heavy duty boot laces were made specifically for mechanics, welders and construction workers because they are the toughest brand of laces in the market. They are also a good deal for anyone else in need of very strong laces.

What size boot laces do I need?

The length of your bootlaces varies on different shoes. Finding the right boot laces for your tying needs depends on four things:

the distance between adjacent eyelets,

the number of eyelet pairs,

your preferred lacing design,

how much lace you want to remain off for tying.

Boot sizes tend to vary and as a result, the widths between eyelets differ. When selecting boot laces on this basis, try to consider how far apart your boot eyelets are.

Keep in mind that wide boots require longer shoe strings than narrow boots with the same number of eyelets pairs.

For more details on how to get the correct estimate for your bootlace size depending on your shoes’ width visit Ian’s Shoelace site.

Knowing the number of eyelet pairs your boot has also helps you find the correct lace size. Most work boots have 6-10 eyelet pairs. Click on this shoe length guide for more help on locating the right shoelace size depending on the number of shoe eyelet pairs.

There are different techniques for threading your boot lace. These patterns affect the length of shoelace required.

The amount of laces needed to remain for tying off depends on your preferences. If you prefer longer lace knots, it is wise to consider lengthier bootlaces.

Lastly, you can always measure your current bootlace tip to tip with your new laces to know the right size for your boot. However, this trick works if your current shoe laces are the required boot laces length especially when tied.

What to do if your boot laces are too long?

Longer boot laces are a menace. They are not visually appealing and when stepped on, may cause slips. You can always try to shorten your bootlaces using various techniques.

One obvious trick is simply cutting your bootlaces to the preferred length. You don’t require complicated tools; some scissors and duct tape will do. Tubing takes care of frayed ends.

Here is a video that will guide on making a bootlace cut.


You can also try a different lacing and knot technique that requires much lace length.

How to keep your boot laces tied?

Constantly tying your bootlaces is annoying and wastage of time. Furthermore, if left undone, they are a tripping hazard.

The key is within the knot strength and design. According to statistics, weak bootlace knots come off easily but strong knots stays intake all day long.

Weak knots are mostly associated with slip knots (unbalanced knots). A slip knot is a result of imbalance between the starting knot and finishing bow. A heel to toe bootlace bow is a simple illustration of a granny knot.

A bootlace knot is commonly tied in two steps; the starting knot tailed by the finishing bow. Both steps are tied in opposite direction to cancel out each other twists. The result is a shoelace knot that is functional (remains undone) and visually balanced (the bow stays horizontal).

A slip knot results from both stages tied in the same direction. To avoid a granny or slip knot, begin by tying the right lace end over the left lace end and through (not the vice versa).

Here is a short demonstration on how to make strong knots that won’t untie;


Having the right boot laces size is also crucial. If too long, even with a secure knot, your shoe strings might come off when you step on them. Shorted laces are no better as they easily come of if forced to make a knot. The best solution is to invest in the right size to avoid constant undoing.

The article on why your shoelaces fail to remain tied will give you a clear understanding on this topic.

What Are the Best Ways to Tie Boot Laces?

There are over twenty ways of tying boot laces and how you decide to do yours is entirely your liking. All these techniques depend on the type of boots.

A method that might work best for working boots might not be appropriate for hiking shoes.

While some techniques are great for the appearance others are strictly meant to help make your boots feel incredibly comfortable and stop laces from getting undone easily.

We have come up with five of the most common and easy techniques to follow while tying your boots. But for more techniques click on different methods to tie your shoelaces.

Criss-cross lacing

This design is the most common. It has the laces crisscrossing each other on their way to the top eyelets.

crisscross shoe lacing


Your laces should be even before you start swapping over.

We recommend this technique for work boots because it provides more tension.

Straight Easy Lacing

This method eliminates all the underlying diagonals of one end of the lace except one that runs straight from the bottom eyelet to the topmost. The other end of the lace steps through the eyelets all the way through to the last one leaving room for tying.

Shoe shop lacing

As the name suggests, it’s a technique seen in shops because shoes come pre-laced this way from the manufacturer. One end of the lace moves through from the bottom while the other end zigzags its way through the eyelets to meet the other one for tying.

Hidden knot lacing

This is creating a knot beneath the first eyelet and having an uninterrupted series of straight bars that look very distinctive. This technique might be an excellent choice for dress boots because it appears neat and sophisticated.

Zig zag lacing

This method can be compared to a winding road because the laces run vertically on the inside and wrap around the vertical sections on the outside. For people who fancy style on every occasion, this could be a perfect technique for your hiking boots. It brings out style and at the same time grips on the shoe.

Here is a nice video on how to tie your boot laces for better comfort.



In this article, we have listed our recommendations for the best boot laces that cut across all type of boots. Following these guidelines will get you laces that will outperform all other alternatives and maintain integrity in the most demanding situations.

Remember, selecting boot laces depends on what you need.

We would really love to hear about your best selection and if you have any questions, we will gladly answer.


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