Top 4 Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots in 2023

We’ve done some research to find the best insoles for cowboy boots. Do you find that your favorite boots are not quite as comfy as they once were?  It could be that your old insoles are wearing thin and no longer giving your feet the support they need.

Let us tell you why you need to replace your old insoles, and how much of a benefit this can be, to your boots—and your feet.



1. Ariat Men’s ATS Footbed Wide Square Toe

The ATS insoles from Ariat provide support, stability and rebound with gel-filled sections in the heel and ball of the foot. This equals extra comfort. The moisture-wicking polyester uppers will leave your feet feeling dry and cool all day.

ARIAT Men's ATS Footbed Wide Square Toe-10008009, Multi, 13
  • Wide square toe
  • Gel heel and foot pads
  • Ats technology


2. SOF Sole Work Anti-Fatigue Comfort Shoe

Whether stepping out in a line dance or working on the ranch, Sof Sole are good western boot insoles. They can be shaped to fit and have an anti-fatigue core. The patented Coolmax moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet dry.

Sof Sole Insoles Men's Men's 8-13 Sof Sole Insoles Men s WORK Anti Fatigue Full Length Comfort Shoe Inserts, Orange, Men US
  • Anti-Fatigue Core redistributes pressure to help relieve stress on your body
  • COOLMAX fabric top cover wicks away moisture so feet feel cool and dry
  • Deep Heel Cup helps prevent heel slip
  • Perfect for athletic and casual shoes
  • Ideal for work, casual wear, and walking

3. Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole

Designed to absorb shock, return energy to your feet and cushion every step, these insoles give support and provide comfort. The dynamic arch and contoured footbed adapt to all foot shapes. Feet are kept fresh with the temperature regulating, antimicrobial top cover.

4. Ariat Men’s ATS Round Toe Footbeds

Not all cowboy boots have square toes. These round toe insoles from Ariat feature their ATS technology, with gel placed just where you need it for comfort. The heel stabilizer keeps your foot enclosed and supported for all-day wear.


Why Do You Need Cowboy Boots Inserts?

Even the most comfortable pair of cowboy boots can wear over time and not give your feet the support they need. Spending a lot of time walking or standing can place stress on our feet and body.

Pressure typically builds on our toes, arches and heels, which can cause our feet and legs to become fatigued and painful. Wearing the correct insoles, which are not worn and old, can help prevent injury to your lower body.

They provide shock absorption and help spread the stress your body weight places on your feet across the whole of your foot. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having the correct insoles and what to look for in a good insole.


Insoles Can Help Your Cowboy Boots Last Longer

Over time, even the most faithful pair of boots might become uncomfortable. Often this is because the insoles are no longer serving the purpose they are there for. They may have worn thin and begun to disintegrate.

I know my own boots have well outlasted the insoles. So, before you splurge on a new pair, try changing your western boots insoles. The added cushioning and support might give your foot’s best friend a new lease of life.


Are Your Feet Getting Painful and Tired?

Maybe when you first invested in your cowboy boots they were like wearing an old pair of slippers—extremely comfortable. You might not have realized you had them on your feet.

cowboy boot inserts

Over time, when you wear them every day, you may notice the odd callus, blister or corn appearing. You might feel some pain in your arches, ankles, or even your lower back.

It could be, once again, lack of support from worn insoles. Change them out and give your feet the support and comfort they deserve.


Prevent Plantar Fasciitis by Wearing Insoles in your Cowboy Boots

Our feet have 26 bones in each, as well as numerous muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Yes, there is plenty that can go wrong with all those various components. One common complaint associated with feet is plantar fasciitis.

The band of tissue which runs along the base of the foot can become inflamed and cause pain in the heel. One of the causes of this is inadequate foot support from your shoes or boots.


Considerations When Choosing Western Boots Insoles

Apart from support and comfort what should you look for in cowboy boots inserts?

Think about the shape of your boot and the shape of the insole. You are going to want the best fit possible. Some can be trimmed to fit, but choosing the correct size and shape can be key to the comfort factor moving forward.

choosing western boot insoles

As well as fitting your boots, make sure they fit your foot. Place the insole on the ground and stand on it. It should feel comfortable and encompass all of your foot, from the heel to the toes.

When you are on your feet all day, you will want an insole that is durable and will last. Cheap insoles can lose support and wear out quickly.

Many insoles have certain parts which are padded to absorb impact and relieve the stress on your foot. Check out what the padding is made of and if it will work for you. Gel is a popular option used by many manufacturers to provide comfort and support.

Wearing boots means your feet are enclosed and unable to breathe as easily as open shoes. Insoles that can wick the moisture away from your feet will keep them dry and fresh all day.

Also, consider those that have antimicrobial properties. These will help prevent bacteria from breeding in your boots.

It might sound obvious, but remember to remove your old insoles before putting the new ones in. If you don’t, you might find that your boots are tight, as the room between the footbed and the outside of the boot will be reduced.


This YouTube video from The Insole Store explains how to choose insoles.



Prolonging the Life of Your Insoles

Having chosen and purchased new cowboy boots insoles, you want to make sure they are going to last a while. Make sure you remove them to clean and deodorize them regularly. This will ensure you don’t end up with smelly boots.


Reviews of The Best Insoles for Cowboy Boots

Ariat Men’s Ats Footbed Wide Square Toe Insoles



Ariat is a company which is dedicated to producing innovative, quality footwear and accessories. It has specialized in the field of western-style boots and accessories for many years. The company understands the requirements of ranchers and riders alike.

These square-toed insoles come in a range of sizes, from 7 through to 11.5 in half size increments, and 12 through to 15. Consequently, there should be the perfect size for your cowboy boots inserts. The sizing is also true to the actual size of your boots.

As they are square-toed, they won’t need trimming to match the shape of the shape of your square-fronted boots.

The insoles are made with the company’s patented ATS (advanced torque stability) technology. This provides your feet with the support they need.

They also cushion your feet. This reduces fatigue, letting you wear them for longer without compromising comfort.

Gel cushions are situated at the ball of the foot and in the heel, to give stability. This also promotes good posture and softens your steps.

The upper surface is made from moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet cool and fresh. The insoles can be hand washed, which helps keep them clean and odor free, and prolongs their life.


  • True to size for most makes of boots, particularly Ariat ones.
  • Gel inserts provide comfort and support in just the right places.
  • The square toe is perfect for boots of the same shape.


  • The fabric upper can come loose after time and ball up under the foot.
These insoles are a perfect replacement for Ariat boots and other brands which have a square toe. They make old boots feel like new again with added comfort and support.


SOF Sole Work Anti-Fatigue Comfort Shoe


SOF Sole has been producing footwear accessories since 1991. The company manufactures a number of different insoles for athletic shoes and boots.

Available in men’s one size, to fit boots from sizes 8 through 13, these insoles can be trimmed to fit the front of any style of western boots. This means you can tailor them for a perfect fit.

They have an anti-fatigue core which evenly distributes weight on the foot. This absorbs the stress from walking or being on your feet all day. The result is a more comfortable boot with good support for your feet and body.

The heel cups are shaped and deep, to prevent your foot slipping in this part of your boots. They have neutral arch support, suitable for any arch type.

The Coolmax fabric upper wicks moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry and cool.


  • One size cuts to fit any type of boots.
  • Anti-fatigue core to relieve stress on your feet.
  • Deep heel cups to prevent heels from slipping.


  • The insoles are quite thick so might crowd your feet.
These insoles can be cut to size to gain a custom fit for your boots. They are supportive and relieve stress and fatigue on your feet.



Timberland PRO Men’s Anti-Fatigue Technology Replacement Insole


Timberland is a New England-based company which now has international standing. The company produced its first boot, the traditional sand-colored one we all recognize, in 1973. It now manufactures a wide range of footwear and clothing worldwide.

These insoles feature Timberland’s exclusive design made of inverted cone foam. This absorbs shock and returns energy to your feet as you walk, easing fatigue over the course of a long day.

They come in sizes from XS, suitable for women’s boots size 5 to 6, through to XXL, suitable for men’s size 14 to 15. They can be trimmed to fit any square or round toe western style boot.

The Timberland insoles provide lightweight support and have an anatomically-contoured footbed. This will comfortably cradle your foot and support your heels and arch. Mentioning the arch of the foot, these insoles adapt to all arch types.

They have a trademarked Ortholite upper layer, which helps to manage moisture in your boots.

While these insoles can be used in any boots, they are designed to perfectly fit those produced by Timberland.


  • Inverted foam cone design to absorb energy and reduce fatigue.
  • Can be trimmed to fit any style of western boots.
  • Supports all types of foot arch.


  • Sizes tend to be large so need to be trimmed to fit.
  • Insoles are quite thick so reduce the amount of room inside your boots.
These insoles come in a good range of sizes for women and men. They can be trimmed for a perfect fit. The inverted foam cone design absorbs and returns energy to your feet to reduce tiredness.



Ariat Men’s ATS Round Toe Footbeds


Ariat produces quality footwear and accessories for those who work outdoors, or who ranch or ride.

These round-toed insoles come in a range of sizes from 7 through to 14, helping you find a good fit for your cowboy boots.

Made with the patented ATS (advanced torque stability) technology, they give good support and reduce fatigue.

Gel cushions are inserted in the heel and ball of the insole. This provides comfort, support, and stability.

Moisture-wicking fabric covers the top of the insoles, to keep your feet cool and fresh. The insoles are hand washable, meaning you can easily keep them clean.


  • Sizing is good, particularly for Ariat boots.
  • Gel inserts provide support and comfort where you need it.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet dry and cool.


  • Some might find there is a lack of support in the arch of the insole.
These insoles come in sizes which are a good fit for boots, particularly those from Ariat. The gel inserts provide comfort and support, while the moisture-wicking fabric keeps feet fresh.



Which Insoles Are the Best for Your Cowboy Boots?

The best insoles for cowboy boots in my opinion would have to be one of the two choices offered by Ariat. These insoles are shaped as either a round or square toe, so will fit your cowboy boots perfectly, with a good range of sizes available.

The gel cushioning will provide all-day comfort just where you need it. The patented ATS technology helps support your feet and the moisture-wicking fabric will keep them fresh.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. The other insoles we have featured might also meet your needs. They are produced by companies who are specialized in their fields.

Whichever you choose, good insoles will give your feet—and boots—a new lease of life. They will make you feel like you’re walking on air.

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