Our Top 6 Picks of the Best Insoles for Knee Pain

Do you realize that not having the correct support for your feet can have a knock-on effect? It can cause many foot conditions and throw the way you walk out of alignment resulting in pain in your legs and back. Choosing the best insoles for knee pain might help alleviate discomfort.

These inserts for your shoes can help absorb shock and align your feet, so you walk correctly. They’ll cushion your ankles and knees this way.

Let’s look at our top 6 picks and detail how they could support you.


Here Are Our Top Picks For the Best Shoe Inserts For Knee Pain

1. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

These shoe inserts for knee pain are full length and come in a range of sizes for men and women. They have two cushioned layers to absorb shock and a square-shaped heel to sit comfortably in your shoes. Built-in arch support and a deep heel cup complete the package.

PowerStep Pinnacle Plus Insoles, Built in Metatarsal Pads Help with Proper Toe Alignment and Ball of Foot Pain for Normal Arches, No Trimming Required, Shoe Size Inserts for Men and Women
10 Reviews
PowerStep Pinnacle Plus Insoles, Built in Metatarsal Pads Help with Proper Toe Alignment and Ball of Foot Pain for Normal Arches, No Trimming Required, Shoe Size Inserts for Men and Women
  • BUILT-IN METATARSAL SUPPORT: The design of the Pinnacle PLUS allows for spreading and cushioning of metatarsal heads for pain relief.
  • SEMI-RIGID ARCH SUPPORT: Arch support and heel cradle increase support, stability, and help relieve heel and arch pain, while providing extra padding for the balls of your feet.
  • DUAL-LAYER CUSHIONING: Durable EVA foam base and Variable Cushioning Technology provide long lasting comfort and targeted cushioning with a soft, supportive feel.
  • ANTI-MICROBIAL TOP FABRIC: Heat and friction are reduced, providing added comfort and improving foot health.
  • NO TRIMMING REQUIRED: Move the Pinnacle PLUS from shoe to shoe without having to cut the insole to fit - allowing for metatarsal support and padding in each of your everyday shoes.


2. Footminders Orthotic Arch Support Insoles

When you want insoles for knee pain for dressier shoes, these from Footminders would be a good choice. They’re a three-quarter length and have a firm arch and cushioning. Made from EVA foam, they’re both flexible and supportive.

Footminders Casual Orthotic Arch Support Insoles for Dress Slip-On Shoes (Pair) (Medium: Men 7½ - 9 Women 8½ -10) - Relief for Foot Pain Due to Flat Feet/Low Arches and Plantar Fasciitis
  • Arch Support: Provides cushioning and deep heel cups for arch support and relief from flat feet and plantar fasciitis
  • Relief for Foot Pain: Cushioned insole helps alleviate pain and discomfort in the feet, ankles and knees
  • Slip-On Design: Easy to slip on and off for quick access to your shoes
  • Medium Arch Support: Designed for medium arch support and relief for men and women with medium arches
  • Easy to Use: Simply insert the insoles into your shoes, removing the existing insoles when possible


3. Easyfeet Arch Support Orthotics

Easyfeet incorporates gel and air pockets into these cushioned insoles. They’re designed to fit any shoes and have an anti-microbial layer to keep feet smelling fresh. Arch support and a deep heel cradle help keep feet aligned.


4. Birkenstock Unisex Birko Sport Arch Support

The impact of taking part in sports can wreak havoc on your knees. These insoles are designed for athletic shoes and have padding to absorb impact. They have foam that conforms to the shape of your foot for support.

Birkenstock BirkoSport Arch Support Insoles
  • Two-part system includes arch support and shock-absorbing EVA foam top layer.
  • Metatarsal pad provides extra cushioning under the ball of foot.
  • Compressed foam heel cup absorbs shock, while helping stabilize the foot.
  • BirkoCork (cork and EVA), BirkoCell EVA liner.
  • Made in Germany.


5. Sof Sole Arch Support

Sof Sole brings us an insole with a choice of three arch supports: neutral, low, and high. This allows you to choose the ones best suited to your feet. They have an anatomically designed nylon plate and EVA foam to support and cushion your feet.

Sof Sole Men's High Arch Unisex FIT Support Insoles, Grey, Women's 15-16/Men's 13-14
  • High-arch support orthotic insoles for men and women; improves footwear fit, cushioning, and comfort
  • Assists in recovery from plantar fasciitis, knee, and lower back pain
  • Reinforced support plate for the arch and heel to promotes excellent anatomical alignment; deep heel cup stabilizes foot throughout the walking or running gait
  • Soft and supple support foam from heel to toe is custom calibrated for high arches, promoting a natural and smooth stride with each step
  • Ideal for everyday support, or while walking running, hiking, and cross-training


6. Spenco Total Support Max Insoles

Spenco has built lots of support into these insoles for men and women. There are targeted pods in the heel and forefoot, as well as flexible arch support. An anti-microbial fabric upper layer stretches four ways to help prevent friction and blisters.

Spenco Total Support Max Shoe Insoles - Orthotic Metatarsal Arch Support Inserts for Men & Women - Absorbs Shock, Reduces Over-pronation - EVA Layer Conforms to Foot Contours, Deep Heel Cupping
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION & CUSHIONING: Patented 3-POD modulation system absorbs shock and provides cushioning through triple impact zones to reduce overpronation, relieve foot, leg, and back pain, and promote healthy biodynamics
  • COMFORTABLE DEEP HEEL CUP: Essential for stability-based insoles, this deep heel cup offers perfect heel support, rigid arch support for serious athletes, and all-day comfort with peak athletic performance through controlled alignment from initial foot strike
  • MAXIMUM ARCH SUPPORT & ALIGNMENT: Experience optimal foot alignment and support with the rigid stability cradle and supportive high arch support that delivers stability, comfort, and weight distribution, while relieving pressure and preventing fatigue
  • REDUCED FOOT FATIGUE: Metatarsal arch support aligns forefoot to distribute and reduce ball-of-foot pressure for optimized toe-off efficiency, foot fatigue relief, and increased comfort
  • CONFORMS TO FOOT CONTOURS: Contour-conforming orthotic insoles with a soft, cushioning EVA layer molds to the foot shape to alleviate pain in joints and muscles, while the Big-toe Dropout enhances toe-off efficiency and promotes powerful strides through improved plantar fascia muscle flexing


Reviews of the Best Orthotics for Knee Pain

With so many insoles for shoes and boots on the market, choosing the right ones can be a challenge. Here are our top 6 insoles that could help prevent and relieve knee pain.


1. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

Powerstep has over 25 years of experience in the insole market. The company was founded by a runner who’s also a podiatrist and foot surgeon. It aims to produce affordable ready-to-wear orthotics.



This insole has arch support for knee pain as well as a deep heel cradle. These features help hold your feet in the correct position to keep your whole body in alignment. They also have metatarsal support built in to alleviate pain in the forefoot.

A dual-layered cushioning system provides shock absorption. The base is made from EVA, and this is backed up by a patented VCT cushioned layer, which is 0.12- inches thick. The support shell is polypropylene, and there’s an additional Poron open-cell urethane foam placed just behind the ball of the foot.

The upper layer of the insoles is a polyester fabric that has an anti-microbial treatment. It’s designed to reduce friction as you walk and also keep your feet smelling fresh. These insoles are full length providing contact to support the entire foot.

Sizes available range from a 6 to 13.5 for women, and 4 to 15 for men. They should fit your shoes out of the packet, but you can trim to fit if you need to.

On the downside, some find the metatarsal pad is situated too far back in the foot for them and therefore isn’t effective.



  • Range of sizes for men and women.
  • Dual-layer cushioning.
  • Support for arches and metatarsals.
  • Anti-microbial.


  • Some find the metatarsal support isn’t in the right place.
This full-length insole for knee pain has dual-layered cushioning to absorb impact, and good arch and metatarsal support. Sizes are available for men and women, and they can be trimmed to fit if necessary. An anti-microbial upper layer keeps feet fresh.


2. Footminders Orthotic Arch Support Insoles

Footminders brings us a three-quarter length orthotic. Although it’s designed for use in dress shoes or low heels, it could work equally well in work boots or sports shoes.



A footbed is made from two layers, one of EVA foam, which is 0.07-inches thick, the other is Durapontex; a cushioning patented for use in shoes by a Chinese chemical company.

The heel pad has shock absorption, and there’s support for the metatarsals and arches. They are biomechanically shaped to help keep your feet and body moving correctly. The extra-deep heel cup helps keep ankles stable, which could offer further support to your knees and back.

An upper layer made of a velour-like fabric is anti-microbially treated to keep your feet fresh.

Sizes on offer cover a 3.5 to 11 for women and a 4.5 to 13 for men. They’re labeled from an extra-small to an extra-large and each covers a range of one and a half sizes. For example, a medium is a men’s 7.5 to 9 and women’s 8.5 to 10.

Some ladies find the insoles are a little wide to fit inside ballet-style flats. It also seems they can lift your heel out of lace-up dress shoes, so they might be better suited for men’s slip-on styles like loafers.



  • Two layers of cushioning.
  • Antimicrobial uppers.
  • Deep heel cup.
  • Arch support.


  • Might be too wide for some shoes.
Footminders brings us three-quarter-length insoles designed for dress shoes and low heels. They have two layers of cushioning, a deep heel cup and arch support. A plush upper layer with an anti-microbial treatment means fresh feet all day long.


3. Easyfeet Arch Support Orthotics

Easyfeet insoles are designed to help with many foot conditions and lower leg and back pain. The company is confident in the quality of these orthotics for knee pain, offering a 100 percent satisfaction money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.



Sizes range from extra-small to an extra-large and they cover from 7 to 12 for women and a 6 to 13 for men. Each size covers between one and a half and two sizes, but if they’re too big, you can trim them to fit your shoes.

Arch support is provided by a hard thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and a deep heel cradle helps hold your foot in a stable position.

Capsules of gel and air incorporated in the heels and forefoot and a memory foam layer cushion your feet. These are shock-absorbing protecting your feet, ankles, and knees from impact.

An upper layer has a velvety feel and aims to reduce friction and heat build-up in your shoes. The cover is breathable to help keep feet fresh.

Some find these insoles prone to squeaking when you walk. Furthermore, the support they offer seems to be quite firm and might take a little time to get used to.



  • Offers breathability.
  • Memory foam cushioning.
  • Anti-friction upper layer.
  • Arch support.


  • Might squeak when you walk.
  • Could take some time to wear in.
The cushioning in these insoles comes from a memory foam layer and gel and air pockets in the heel and forefoot. This helps absorb shock protecting your knees from impact. A deep heel cup and arch support help keep your feet aligned.


4. Birkenstock Unisex Birko Sport Arch Support

Birkenstock is a well-known international brand producing footwear and footbeds incorporating cork. The company developed their winning formula over a couple of centuries. These insoles from their range are for use in sports shoes.



Available in sizes 4 to 11.5 for women and 6 to 14.5 for men, these insoles arn’t a trim-to-fit option. Each size covers a difference of just half a size, for example, 4 to 4.5, 5 to 5.5, and so on. You should find an accurate fit here.

The insole is made in two parts, a patented Birkokork under layer and a blue foam upper layer. You can wear these individually or together.

An anatomical design in the foam uppers molds to the contour of your feet, helping support them. They also help distribute pressure evenly absorbing impact and protecting hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

The lower cork layer absorbs shock. It also provides support for your heel and arches. You can wear it alone, along with the foam upper layer or under your existing insoles.

If you expect these insoles to fit in the same way as Birkenstock sandals, then you might be disappointed. It seems the support for your feet doesn’t match these iconic shoes. They’re still supportive but in a different way.



  • Shock absorbing.
  • Contour to feet.
  • Arch and heel support.
  • Wear them as one or two pieces.


  • Don’t expect the footbeds to be the same as Birkenstock sandals.
These insoles from the well-known Birkenstock brand are designed to help support your feet and knees in sports shoes. They comprise two parts which you can wear together or separately. Shock absorbency, arch and heel support, and an anatomical fit are all part of the package.


5. Sof Sole Arch Support

Not everyone has the same type of arches, and this is where Sof Sole has you covered. There are low, medium, and high arches to choose from in these full-length insoles.



High rebound foam provides comfort and shock absorption while reinforced nylon plates support your heels and arches.

The density of the foam differs between the three different arch options: the lower the arch is, the less dense the corresponding foam. The heights of the arches are 1.3 inches for high, 1.18 inches for medium, and 1.1 inches for low.

There are sizes for women and men, which range from 5 to 6 through to 15 to 16, and 3 to 4 through to 13 to 14, respectively. This means you should be able to find the right size for your shoes.

These insoles are designed to line up your feet and body to walk correctly. There are air pockets in the heel for extra cushioning, while moisture-wicking properties keep your feet dry.

Some find these insoles tend to run narrow and aren’t suitable for wide feet and shoes. The cushioning might be lacking as well.



  • Three arch heights.
  • Nylon plate for support.
  • Moisture-wicking for dry feet.
  • Cushioning from air pockets.


  • Could do with more cushioning for some.
  • Might come up narrow.
These insoles come in a wide range of sizes with three arch heights for different shaped and sized feet. The arches are supported by a nylon plate, and the heel is cushioned with air pockets. Feet are kept dry and fresh by moisture-wicking properties.


6. Spenco Total Support Max Insoles

Originally based in Utah, USA, Spenco has been making insoles for over 50 years. The company now offers a range of insoles from their new Texas base.



A wide range of sizes is on offer in the Total Support Max for men and women. They start at 3 to 4.5 for women and go up to 11 to 12.5; for men, they begin at 6 to 7.5, and go up to 16 to 17.5.

Your entire foot is in contact with these full-length insoles, thanks to the company’s patented 3-POD modulation system. It’s designed to give your arches and heels support where it’s required to align your feet. This helps you walk correctly, taking the pressure off your knees.

The EVA footbed contours to the shape of your feet with wear. There’s a semi-rigid deep heel cup that cradles your foot and offers support. A patented Silpure anti-microbial treatment keeps your feet fresh and a four-way stretch fabric reduces friction and can help prevent blisters.

A one-year unconditional guarantee is supplied by Spenco, giving you some peace of mind, should anything go wrong during this time.

Many find these insoles run a little long, so you might need to trim them to size or order a size down. They might also tend to be a bit on the thicker size, so they will be better suited to shoes where you have some wiggle room.



  • Full foot insole which is semi-rigid.
  • Arch and heel support.
  • Stretchy friction prevention uppers.
  • Odor control.


  • Tend to run long.
  • Quite thick.
These insoles come in a wide range of sizes and are a full-length variety. The heels and arch support are designed to correct the way you walk, and protect your knees. Odor is kept at bay by an ant-imicrobial treatment, and friction control could help prevent blisters.


What Effect Can Insoles Have on Knee Pain?

There could be any number of reasons why you experience knee pain, including being overweight, overusing your knees, or a history of arthritis. It could also result from the way you walk.

An incorrect gait can place stress on the knee joints. This could be due to issues with your feet that throw your body out of alignment.

This video explains how your gait can affect your knees.

Wearing insoles with arch support can help correct the imbalance and take away the pain from your knees. They do this by:

  • Redistributing stress: The way your weight is distributed through your feet can be evened out by wearing orthotics. This can lead to less stress on your knees.
  • Shock absorption: Whether walking or running, every step places stress and force on your body. Specially designed cushioning can help reduce this impact on your feet and knee joints.
  • Correcting alignment: Many foot conditions that can affect the way your body aligns itself. Overpronation causes feet to turn in, plantar fasciitis causes pain, supination rolls the feet out — all of these change the way you walk, placing undue pressure on your knees. Insoles designed to correct these issues can help reduce knee pain.


Features of a good insole Knee Pain

Looking out for certain features can help you make a choice of which shoe inserts for knee pain are likely to help. Things to keep in mind include:

  • Arch support: Look for insoles that will give support to your arches, helping align your feet. These could be low, medium or high, depending on your arch type. This video shows how you can check your arch type so you can choose the best type for your feet.

  • Cushioning: Things like gel, air pockets, and EVA foam can help absorb shock and cushion your feet. This will, in turn, lessen the impact on your joints.
  • Heel support: A deep heel cup can help stabilize your feet in your shoes and correctly align them. Added cushioning in this area is a bonus to aid with shock absorption at the same time.
  • Contoured fit: Insoles that mold to your feet with wear help support your feet exactly where it’s needed the most. This can also help prevent your feet from rolling in or out and relieve pressure on your knees.
  • Moisture control: Many insoles have a fabric upper layer that helps wick moisture away from your feet keeping them dry. This helps prevent blisters which make feet sore, and when your feet hurt, you don’t walk properly.
  • Odor prevention: Bacteria cause smelly feet and they thrive in moist conditions. Insoles with anti-microbial treatment can help prevent bacteria from multiplying, and keep foot odor at bay.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Insoles Help Knee Pain?

Yes, they can. Although it’s not a one-type-suits-all remedy, if you find the correct ones for you, you might find they can help. By taking the stress and pressure off your knees, pain can be alleviated.


Can Insoles Help With Osteoarthritis Knee Pain?

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease affecting the joints. It causes the cartilage to break down, reducing the cushioning they give the bones. The result can be inflammation and pain.

Wearing the correct insoles won’t prevent the disease progressing, but they might go some way to helping alleviate the pain. This will enable you to be more mobile; which is something recommended for people with this condition.


Can Insoles Cause Knee Pain?

We’ve mentioned a lot about gait and correct alignment, so just like wearing the correct insoles can help, wearing the wrong ones could harm you. It’s all about seeking the right advice and making an educated choice.

If you’re unsure about the insoles you need, it’s a good idea to seek professional help from a podiatrist. They will be able to analyze your gait and tell you which insoles might work best to alleviate your knee pain.


Stepping Out

Knee pain can be, at best, annoying, and at worst, debilitating. Wearing the best insoles for knee pain in your shoes could help correct the way you walk, absorb impact, and help alleviate the discomfort.

The ones you choose will depend on the shoes you want to put them in, and the shape of your feet. Whether your arches are low, medium or high, whether you overpronate or supinate, or have any other foot issues; there are insoles to help.

We hope you enjoyed our guide and find the ideal insoles to help alleviate or prevent your knee pain. Please leave us a comment and let us know which you choose and how you get on. Also, don’t forget to share so others can benefit as well.


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