The Best 5 Insoles for Vans Reviewed 2023

Are you the owner of a pair of Vans? Do you find the insoles are worn or don’t give you the support and comfort you need? Do you want to make your Vans more comfortable? You can replace them with one of our best insoles for Vans.

These iconic American brand shoes have been popular in youth culture, particularly skateboarders, for many years. However, the casual, easy to wear style is now a favorite of all ages.

Sometimes this flat soled shoe does not have the support you need for your feet. Let’s look at the best vans shoes inserts on the market right now!


Here are our top five picks of the best insoles to use in your Vans

1. Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

Good cushioning for your heels and arch support feature in this insole from Physix Gear. Designed to help with a number of foot complaints including Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and heel spurs, they are semi-rigid and thin. EVA and polyurethane layers provide plenty of support and cushioning throughout.

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2. Dr. Scholl’s SPORT Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

These insoles from Dr. Scholl’s have massaging gel built-in. They help reduce fatigue in your feet and legs while providing support and stability in the heels and arches. The trim to fit design is easy to use as Vans insoles replacement.

Dr. Scholl's Sport & Fitness All-Purpose Comfort Insoles,Men's, 1 Pair, Trim to Fit Inserts
  • Protects and reduces stress on lower body joints
  • Keeps you on your feet longer
  • Provides flexible side-to-side support so you can move more, in any direction
  • Helps protect feet, knees & lower back from shock
  • Designed for multiple sports & athletic activities including fitness classes


3. Superfeet Green Full Length Insole

The Superfeet Green insoles are a popular all-around choice for many different shoes, Vans being no exception. They have a deep heel cup offering support to your feet and helping absorb impact. They are made using a closed-cell foam and have an odor control treatment to keep shoes and feet smelling fresh.

Superfeet All-Purpose Support High Arch Insoles (Green) - Trim-To-Fit Orthotic Shoe Inserts - Professional Grade - Men 9.5-11 / Women 10.5-12
  • Trim to Fit: Superfeet insoles are made to be trimmed to fit your shoes and boots; follow cutting instructions before use, and if you're between sizes, size up and trim down to fit.
  • High Arch Support Insoles for Women & Men: Deep heel cup works with your body's natural cushioning for maximum support.
  • Premium Arch Support Insoles: Sculpted heel cup cradles the heel to maximize natural shock absorption; designed for roomy footwear.
  • Superfeet Insoles for Odor Control: Moisturewick top cover helps reduce odors and keeps feet fresh; high density closed-cell foam supports the whole foot.
  • Formerly Known as Superfeet GREEN: All-Purpose Support High Arch (Green) insoles are the same great arch support insoles you love, now with a new name.


4. Happystep Full-length Memory Foam Gel Insoles

HappyStep brings us memory foam for cushioning and support, making them good Vans shoe inserts. The neutral arch is suitable for most types of feet and there is a gel pad in the heel and forefoot to absorb shock. This soft durable insole can be trimmed to fit.

Happystep Memory Foam Sport Gel Shoe Insoles, Heel Cushioning and Shock Absorption (Size M: Men 6-8 or Women 7.5-9.5)
  • Memory foam works best for cushioning, support, and pressure relief,
  • Cushioned arch support, neutral arches design fits most common foot type
  • Gel pads under the heel and forefoot provide excellent shock absorption, reducing impact-related injuries, jarring, fatigue and pain while adding extra comfort
  • Featured heel cup cradles heel and improve stability during walking or running
  • Trim-to-fit, easily trimmable sizes for custom fit


5. Spenco Rx Comfort Thin Lightweight Cushioning Orthotic Shoe Insole

If you are happy with your existing Vans insoles but want a bit more cushioning, this option from Spenco could fit the bill. It’s thin and flexible and will fit over any existing insole. The stretch material in the uppers has an antimicrobial treatment for odor control.

Spenco Rx Comfort Thin Lightweight Cushioning Orthotic Shoe Insole, Women's 7-8.5/Men's 6-7.5
  • Spenco full-length insole cushions and comforts heel-to-toe
  • Spencore material exclusive cushioning layer absorbs shock and impact to provide comfort
  • 7 sizes for better overall fit


Our Reviews of the Best Insoles for Vans

Choosing an insole for a Vans shoe, whether a Vans lace-up or Vans slip on, will depend on how much support you need. You might just want some extra cushioning or you might want to replace the existing insole with one better suited to your feet.

Here are our in-depth reviews of the top five choices of the best insoles for Vans.


1.  Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support

Physix Gear is a family-run business that is fairly new to the insole market. Nevertheless, they are amassing quite a following of satisfied customers.



This insole comes in a wide range of sizes so you should easily find some to fit your Vans. The sizing starts at an extra small, suitable for women’s feet 5 to 6.5 and men’s feet 3 to 4.5. There are four more sizes, small, medium, large, and extra large, covering up to a ladies 14 to 16.5 and men’s 12 to 14.5.

The ergonomic design is made from dual-layered EVA foam and polyurethane which is medical grade. This helps to cushion the whole foot.

There is added support at the heel and arch from a semi-rigid orthotic to help keep your foot in the correct position. This can prevent and help foot issues like overpronation and Achilles tendonitis, among others.

An antimicrobial fabric forms the top layer to keep feet fresh and dry. The low profile design is very thin, making them a good choice for shoes that already fit reasonably well.

The company is very confident in the quality of their product. They offer a 100 percent refund or replacement satisfaction guarantee.


  • Good arch support.
  • Deeper heel cup.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Low profile and ultra thin.
  • Cushioned throughout.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.


  • Some find they run a little wide.
These insoles are supportive for heels and arches while remaining thin and lightweight. They have cushioning throughout and come in a wide range of sizes for men and women.


2. Dr. Scholl’s SPORT Massaging Gel Advanced Insoles

For the more athletic among you, this insole from Dr. Scholl’s helps prevent muscle fatigue in the legs and feet.



It’s a trim to fit insole which fits shoe sizes from a men’s 8 through 14 or a women’s

6 through 10. Simply place your existing insole on top of it, trim around to get the right size, and fit in your Vans.

The massaging gel technology is designed to reduce stress on the joints in your lower body. It is placed in the heel and forefoot to cushion feet and absorb impact.

A flexible arch shell provides support in this area. When you are active, it helps improve your motion control and stability from side to side.

These insoles come with a 90-day money back guarantee. You need to return them with your receipt for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with them.

Some find these insoles can squeak a little, while others find the arch support a little hard.


  • Gell in heels and forefoot.
  • One size trim-to-fit design.
  • Flexible, supportive arch.
  • 90-day money back guarantee.


  • Might squeak when you walk.
  • Arch might be too hard for some.
Dr. Scholl’s brings us a gel-filled insole to massage your heel and forefoot as you move. Support is found in a flexible arch and cushioning is placed throughout.


3. Superfeet Green Full Length Insole

These insoles from Superfeet are a popular choice for many people. The tried and tested design was first made in 1977 and it has not changed much since.



They are durable and supportive, providing an estimated 300 to 500 miles of wear, or good for up to about 12 months.

Sizes are available for men from 5.5 to 17, for women from 4.5 to 12.5+, and for juniors from 13.5 to 2.

The heel cup is deep and wide which helps absorb the shock from your feet as they hit the floor. The high profile design reduces stress on knees and ankles and helps to keep feet stable.

It has a high-density foam construction with a natural odor control coating. This helps your feet stay comfortable, cool, and fresh

Support at the heel comes from a stabilizer cap which is built into the insert forming the base of the insole. This also helps keep all the layers of the insert in place.

This video shows you how Superfeet insoles might help stabilize and support feet.

These insoles are a little thicker than some and might take up more room in your Vans. This would be good if they are a little on the big side but not if they fit well or are a bit small. They can take a little while to break in and you might find they squeak as you walk.


  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Deep heel cup gives support.
  • Range of sizes for men, women, and juniors.
  • Natural odor control.


  • Need breaking in.
  • High profile so take up room.
  • Might squeak as you walk.
These insoles are high profile with plenty of cushioning and support for your feet, especially heels, knees, and ankles.  A natural odor control coating keeps feet fresh.



4. Happystep Full-length Memory Foam Gel Insoles

HappyStep is one of the newer kids on the block when it comes to insoles for shoes. They are trademarked foot care products under this brand made by the Universal Electrical Supply Company based in Canada. Although they have only been making these products since 2011, they have become quite a popular brand.



This trim to fit insole is available in three sizes, small, medium and large. They cover shoe sizes starting at a 5 for women and 6 for men. The largest size is 14 for women and 12 for men.

The main feature of these shoe inserts for Vans and other shoes is memory foam. It provides cushioning throughout for pressure relief and support. This also, over time, adapts to the shape of your foot.

The arch on these is neutral and suitable for many common foot types. Gel pads have been added under the heel and forefoot to help absorb impact and relieve stress on your feet and lower limbs. They also have an enhanced heel cup to give stability to your feet.

Some find the cushioning a little lacking at the ball of the foot. Others also found they were a little too bulky for certain shoes.


  • Memory foam cushioning.
  • Contours to your feet.
  • Gel for heel and forefoot comfort.
  • Shock absorbing.


  • Might be too bulky for some.
This memory foam and gel cushioned insole will mold to your feet over time. Neutral arch support is suitable for most types of feet and there is a wide range of sizes.


5. Spenco Rx Comfort Thin Lightweight Cushioning Orthotic Shoe Insole

Sometimes you might be quite happy with the factory insoles in your Vans and just want a little extra cushioning. Maybe your current insoles are wearing a little thin and need a boost. If so, these from Spenco are a good choice.


They are available in nine different sizes. These cover feet from a women’s size 3 through 12 and men’s size 7 through 15.5.

The thin, full length cushioning is great if you are looking for some added comfort from heel to toe. Spencore’s proprietary material is designed to absorb shock.

These insoles are flat and can be used in conjunction with original insoles or custom orthotics. This makes them a good choice as liners for your Vans.

Some users find these insoles run a little on the small and narrow side so you might need to size up. This should be quite easy as they can be trimmed to fit.


  • Cushioned throughout.
  • Thin and lightweight.
  • Shock absorbing.
  • Can be trimmed to fit.


  • No arch support.
  • Might run small.
These insoles are great if you just want some extra padding or want to cushion your existing insoles. There is a wide range of sizes that can be trimmed to fit your Vans.


What Are Vans?

For the uninitiated, Vans are casual style shoes with thick rubber soles and either fabric or leather uppers. Originally a deck shoe, they were “adopted” as the shoe of choice in the skateboarding world. Their five classic styles are now popular with celebrities, fashion trendsetters, and the general public, from adults through to toddlers.

the best insoles for vans

Much like their iconic peers, Converse, these shoes are flat and might need added insoles for some wearers. Although the soles are thick and have Vans’ recognizable waffle bottom, they might not always be supportive. Also, these thick soles are likely to last quite some time so the insoles might wear before the rest of the shoe does.

This video tells you the story of Vans shoes from inception to the current day.


What to Look for in Insoles for Vans

Just like you choose shoes to suit your personal style, insoles are also very individual. Not everyone’s feet are the same. There are however some features that most people will want from a shoe insert for Vans.

Some of the things to look for include:

  • Cushioning: Padding for your feet can add comfort to every step. Cushioning can also help absorb impact, lessening the stress placed on your feet and joints in your lower limbs and back.
  • Arch support: Vans tend to be flat with insoles that might not have arch support. Depending on your type of feet, adding an insole with the appropriate arch support will be beneficial. This video shows you how you can find out what type of arch you have to make an informed choice of shoe insert.

  • Thickness: Adding an insole to your Vans can take up some of the space inside your shoe. Think about whether your shoes have extra room that will accommodate a thicker insole; if they don’t, choose a slimmer style that has the support you need.
  • Odor control: Antimicrobial treatments can help prevent the bacteria that cause smelly feet from multiplying.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Remove the Existing Insoles from My Vans?

The chances are you will need to remove the existing inserts when choosing a Vans insoles replacement. They could be left in if the shoes have enough room. However, the new insoles added on top of the existing ones can make the shoes too tight.

If the insoles are glued in, remove them carefully by sliding a finger underneath at the heel and working your way down the insole. Warming the inside of the shoe with a hairdryer might melt the glue, making removal easier. Carefully remove any residue of rubber or foam that remains before putting your new insoles in.


Do Vans Shoes Provide Support Without Insoles?

Some models of Vans have supportive insoles built in. These might be all you need, nevertheless, these shoes are durable and the insole might wear out before the shoes do.

If the Vans of your choice don’t have the support you need for your feet, then change them out.


Can I Put Insoles in Vans Slip Ons?

Yes, you can put insoles in any Vans shoes. Just make sure they are the right insoles for your feet and remove the old insoles if they take up too much room.

Fitting insoles at the end of the day when your feet are at their largest is a good idea. When placing new insoles in lace-up style shoes, remember to lace them up as well to make sure they are comfortable.


Time to Hit the Park

Changing out the insoles in your Vans can make new ones more comfortable or extend the life of your old favorites. Choosing the best insoles will give your feet cushioning and support and absorb impact to prevent foot issues.

Insoles are a personal choice and the choice is ultimately yours. Our top five picks cover options for most types of feet. Of the ones we chose, our favorite is Physix Gear Sport full length orthotic inserts with arch support.

They have a deep heel cup for stability, plenty of cushioning and arch support, and are thin and lightweight. They also come with a satisfaction guarantee.

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best insoles for Vans shoes and found it useful and informative. Please leave us a comment and don’t forget to share with other Vans fans.


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