Best Shoe Clips

Are you looking to give your shoes a wow factor? Enter, shoe clips! They range from elegant to chic and trendy and can save you from buying a new pair of shoes.

With so many shoe clips on the market, though, how do you choose? Well, why not go online and see what others think?

We’ve comprised a buying guide and reviewed some of the best shoe clips on the market in 2020. Here’s a “quick pick” list:

The Facts On Shoe Clips


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Shoe Clips?

Shoe clips are costume jewelry for shoes. They’re the perfect way to take something basic to the next level of fashion or formality, or add some fun. They also make an ideal gift for any women in your life who like to accessorize.

The clips come in many forms, from basic clips to draped bracelets.

The clips we’ll be reviewing today are the regular clip kind, which slide on and attach to your shoes and other accessory items.

Most often, you’ll find shoe clips on stilettos or a pair of cute pumps.

Do Shoe Clips Hurt Feet?

No decent quality shoe clip will hurt your feet. If one does, return it.

Clips for shoes will not take up a lot of space inside the shoe. They slide on with thin backs.

Consider putting a bandaid over that part of your foot if you’re worried about the metal backs against your feet. However, high-quality shoe clips will only cause issues for the most sensitive of skin.

Despite shoe clips being harmless and painless, there may be another question on your mind.

Are Shoe Clips Comfortable?

What good are pretty clips with free shipping, if they feel unpleasant to walk in? Even without the pain, discomfort is a bad sign.

The comfort of a shoe clip depends primarily on where you place them. They’re not uncomfortable normally, unless your shoes are extremely tight. Then you may feel like there’s a foreign object in your shoe, and technically there is.

So long as you have room for a minimum of movement in your shoes and don’t place them where they can dig into your foot when you walk, you have room for comfort with shoe clips.


Reviews of the Top 5 Best Shoe Clips

Accessories for women shoes


Starting strong, the first fantastic thing you’ll notice about these shoe clips is that they’re practically regal in appearance and quality. These rhinestone shoe clips from ElegantPark can add some class to many accessories.

As well as being simple to slip on, they’re also visually stylish. The combination of pearls and crystals is an elegant look that you can wear to any formal event—even your wedding.

If you’d rather use them away from shoes, they also work on clutches, scarves, hats, purses and handbags.



  • High-quality.
  • Come in a range of elegant colors.
  • A little too small for some, at 1.9 by 1.4 inches.


steves top choice badge

Nothing beats a classic bow. ElegantPark reinforces this opinion with this royal blue bow, also available in several other colors.

A selection of these might be your best bet if you want accessories that go from elegant to cute with one quick color change.

The handmade satin bows feature shiny crystals and a range of colors to work for any shoe or occasion. They will also enhance any other accessory of your choosing.

While working to enhance, they’re not so big that they’ll overwhelm an accessory’s look. At 2.75 inches long they should neatly embellish the front of any shoe, but avoid looking garish.



  • Ideal size for most shoes.
  • Selection of colors.
  • High-quality clasp.
  • Slightly heavy.


These rose shoe clips are beautiful; they’re a perfect addition for bringing springtime to your shoe to celebrate the budding flowers.

Douqu’s Chiffon Rose Shoe Clips are fun, fancy and fantastic for a variety of shoes. The chiffon on the clips is high quality in strength and appearance.

The chiffon ribbon on these shoe clips strongly resembles the roses it’s trying to imitate, as you can see, especially in the black color. It’s a lightweight material that won’t overburden any shoe you wear it on.

The grey option works wonderfully to brighten up darker shoes. These can make a dull shoe into an exciting one in seconds, and they add plenty of elegance.

A highly versatile set of shoe clips.



  • Pair well with a myriad of colors.
  • Chiffon is strong.
  • May flatten if stored incorrectly.


If you prefer your flowers made of rhinestones, this shoe clip may be more to your liking.

ElegantPark’s fashion rhinestones are tiny, but make a bold statement when used in groups. Their small diameter makes them quaint enough to fit up to 10 of them on each shoe.

They’re another choice that can go from elegant to cute in a color change, and often double as both.

At 1.5 inches in diameter, it seems small, but think about it: flowers aren’t usually solitary, are they? Imagine a shoe covered in these shoe clips, heel to toe in any of the 16 available colors.

Because they’re so small and versatile, you can adorn almost any accessory or garment with them.

They’re worth thinking about if you want to stand out or have fun under a spring or summer sun.



  • Work wonderfully on dresses.
  • Very secure and immovable.
  • One clip is tiny on its own.

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There was an elegant bow earlier, now here’s a one for fun, not formality. This leopard print bow is enough to spice up any everyday shoe, from ferocious heels to fine flats.

These Douqu bows bring more fun to the table than formality. They’re great for a night out on the town and for pairing with muted, everyday shoes.

However, these are quite large for a shoe clip-on. So you will want to use them as the centerpiece, not the accent.

That being said, try to use these shoe clips with your plain shoes in muted colors. The leopard print doesn’t pop and is muted by itself. Pairing the shoe clips with exciting, vibrant shoes may make the shoe clips look washed out and cheap.



  • Durable material.
  • Rhinestones are high quality.
  • Weaker clasps than some shoe clips.
  • Color doesn’t stand out well against other bright colors.

Final Thoughts

Shoe clips are such variable accessories that it’s impossible to pick the best one. The most anyone can do is point you towards some fashionable accessories for any occasion, with tons of variety and fun involved.

You can turn a dull shoe into something stunning with a simple clip. We hope you found one that you like in this guide, and if not, don’t worry. There are hundreds, if not thousands, more shoe clips out there!

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