Best Skate Shoes

The best skate shoes include rubber outsoles and a comfy, secure fit. This prevents the sneaker from sliding around on the board while securing your foot.

Whether you’re an aspiring skateboarder or simply find the style comfy to wear, we’ve got a treat for you. Today, we’re doing the ultimate review of the best skating shoes by showing you our top 19 skateboarding kicks.

Before we get to that, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about skate shoes and what to look for. So, let’s dive into it.

But first, here’s a quick look at our top 19 best skate shoes:

best skate shoes


What Are Skate Shoes?

Skate or skateboard shoes are designed specifically for skateboarders, although the style is widely popular among non-skaters.

Often confused with sneakers—this type of footwear includes several features to enhance the skater’s performance when doing flip tricks.

A typical skate shoe usually includes either polyurethane or vulcanized rubber sole with a minimal tread pattern. The upper is generally a type of leather with double stitching to extend longevity.

These shoes are also heavily padded, which often contributes to their chunky appearance. But this is crucial for both comfort and protection.


Popular Skate Shoe Brands

Skate shoe brands range from the athletic footwear heavyweights to the smaller names specializing in this type of shoe. Below are a few examples:

  • Adidas: A world-renowned brand famous for its soccer footwear, Adidas has a few notable skate shoes, like the Seeley Sneaker, Adiease Sneaker, and Daily 2.0. If you’re considering this brand, please read our guide on how Adidas shoes fit.
  • Nike: Perhaps some would argue, especially since Nike didn’t release a worthy skate shoe until 2002, it’s still a popular brand. Some of its best skateboarding footwear comes from its Nike SB line, like the Check Solarsoft Canvas.
  • DC Shoes: Another well-known brand within the extreme sports genre is DC. It has blessed us with several praise-worthy skateboarding shoes since the 90s. Two examples are the Court Graffik and Pure High-top Wc.
  • Etnies: Perhaps best known within the skateboarding community, Etnies was founded by a skateboarder. It’s been going strong since the 80s and is now launching vegan options, like the Blitz Skate Shoes.
  • Osiris: Another brand most famous for its contributions to the skateboarding community is Osiris. Among many of its performance-ready options is the Clone Skate Shoe.
  • Vans: This timeless brand echoes back to the early years of skateboarding shoes. Vans have made minimal changes over the decades, but its style has been widely accepted. Two examples are the Slip On Rainbow Chex and Authentic.

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Choosing the Best Skate Shoes for You

It’s easy to confuse skate shoes with chunky sneakers, but there are crucial differences. To help you get the best kicks, we’ve gathered some tips below on things to look for and options to choose from.


Skateboard shoes are available in various materials, with some arguably better than others. Here are three standard fabrics:


Leather is the most common material used for skateboarding shoes. It ticks all the right boxes, such as durability, flexibility, and style.

You generally have three ‘types’ to choose from with leather: action leather, nubuck, and full-grain.

  • Action leather: This type usually comes from low to medium quality leather. It’s pressed or rolled out smooth before being coated with synthetic materials, generally PVC or PU. White leather shoes are typical examples of action leather. It isn’t as durable as others and scratches easily.
  • Nubuck: Mainly produced from quality skin, nubuck undergoes a light buffing process, giving its velvety, soft appearance. The material is durable but quickly attains surface damage, like scratches and stains. It requires maintenance, but a considerable choice if you want something stylish.
  • Full-grain: Grain leather is probably the priciest option, but it’s also the most durable. It can be either flat, raised grain, or embossed with different patterns. The surface can also be dyed, waxed, or polished to obtain various looks.
  • Suede: This can be quite similar to nubuck, but thanks to its durability and style options, it’s the most popular material for skate shoes.


Canvas, or textile, uppers are less popular with modern skate shoes. It isn’t as flexible as leather, decreasing its durability when used on the board.

However, it does have some great qualities. For instance, canvas is lightweight and breathable—it’s perfect if you like a minimalistic shoe.

Sole Style

There are typically two styles to choose from: vulcanized and cup sole.

  • Vulcanized: These are quite slim, similar to casual footwear. They’re also lightweight, offering excellent flexibility and maneuverability. Traction control is impressive, but this style lacks cushioning, meaning that you’ll feel hard landings.
  • Cup sole: This style offers better shock-absorption and is commonly seen on more professional skate shoes. They encase the feet, providing protection, and even help prevent heel bruising. Cup soles are bulkier and less flexible but have a heavily padded tongue for performing big stunts.


Skateboard footwear should always protect your feet. Look at the:

  • Midsole: Ideally, these should be made of ethylene-vinyl acetate—EVA; this is best for shock absorption, protecting your ankles, shins and knees during impacts. Another material is polyurethane—PU. It’s heavier than EVA but also durable.
  • Heel cushioning: Vulcanized skate shoes usually have double heel cushioning, which enhances shock absorption and comfort. 
  • Padded heel collar: To prevent your foot from slipping out, look for padded heel collars. 

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Skateboarding is all about footwork—you expose your shoes to different terrains, and it’s seldom soft grass, making durable skate shoes imperative.

Many skaters find issues with splitting seams around the upper. Double or triple stitching is the best way to avoid this. Seamless, or one-piece, uppers may also work, but ensure that they’re flexible.

Another place to inspect is the outsole. Deep treads are gaining popularity for their outstanding traction control, but flat soles usually outperform them in durability.


Finding the correct size is always crucial with footwear. Wearing shoes that are either too big or small can cause discomfort and even impact your gait.

With skate shoes, many are relatively narrow; this is to contain your feet better while you move around. To find your fit, we recommend reading our how to measure shoe size and width guide.


Reviews of the Best Skate Shoes



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To kickstart the list, we have one of the best skate shoes, namely the Vans Unisex Slip-On Rainbow Chex Sneaker. This is a colorful, comfy skate shoe designed by a classic skateboard brand.

These sneakers have a padded tongue and collar, providing that classic Vans comfort. Additionally, there’s the dual-elastic midfoot goring, enabling you to slip in and out quickly while supporting your foot. The goring is just tight enough to prevent the shoes from slipping off as you perform stunts.

The upper is a durable canvas material, decked out in a bright rainbow checkerboard design. The low-profile design of the sneakers gives it that timeless, classic Vans skater look.

Thick cushioning for the footbed provides superb shock-absorption. A great feature, however, is the outsole. On this sneaker, Vans includes vulcanized rubber, delivering an enhanced board feel and optimal traction. It sits in its signature waffle tread pattern, which further improves the grip.

Be aware that they require a quick break-in period. Gradually increase the time you’re wearing them to avoid blisters.



  • Padded tongue and collar.
  • Dual-elastic goring.
  • Durable canvas upper.
  • Bright, colorful checkerboard design.
  • Timeless, low-profile style.
  • Cushioning footbed.
  • Vulcanized rubber outsole.
  • Can cause blisters if not broken in properly.


If you prefer something a bit more modern skater-ish, we recommend the DC Court Graffik Skate Shoe.

This is one of DC’s most popular skate shoes—and for good reasons. They offer outstanding comfort, both on and off the board.

These high-quality skate shoes include a cup sole construction; this improves protection and comfort, which is also why many prefer this style for skating.

The outsoles are rubber, finished with a DC trademarked pill pattern tread. It enhances your traction on the board, preventing potential slip-offs.

What we like about these skate shoes is the lightness. Although they appear as monster skate shoes, they include light materials, like their mesh tongue. This also enhances breathability, in addition to the vent holes on the sides.

For the collar and tongue, you have foam padding, increasing overall comfort. The padding then continues along the sides, improving protection as well.

The skate shoes consist of high-quality leather uppers and are available in different colors, including white and grey.

With that said, the materials used aren’t as durable as hoped. If you’re an avid skater, looking to wear them daily, they may not last that long.



  • Suitable for use on and off the board.
  • Supportive cup sole construction.
  • Rubber soles with a pill pattern tread.
  • Leather upper.
  • Mesh tongue and vent holes.
  • Padded tongue and sides.
  • Not as durable as hoped.
  • Sizes run small—you may need to go up a full size.


For those looking for a high-top skate shoe, we suggest looking at the Clone from Osiris.

Suitable for skating as well as daily activities, the Clone is an excellent choice to include in your arsenal of skateboard shoes. It’s available in several eye-catching colors, including bright green, pink, and silver. Of course, there are also more subtle options, such as black, grey, and brown.

Besides its look, the Clone has a lot to offer. For starters, the high shaft design provides superb support for your ankles as you skate. It also protects you from impacts with your board, which is fantastic if you perform tricky stunts.

Additionally, Osiris designed the upper with reinforced anti-abrasion areas, increasing durability.

The best features are the lightweight padded collar and tongue; they provide fantastic support while increasing your comfort. You have rubber for the outsoles, preventing you from slipping off the board or on the ground.

Sizes run a bit small, so you may have to size up for a better fit. Another thing to be aware of is that these skateboard shoes are quite bulky. If you prefer a more subtle look, this may not be right for you.



  • Several colors and prints available.
  • Supportive high shaft.
  • Durable upper.
  • Lightweight padded tongue and collar.
  • Rubber outsoles.
  • Sizes run small.
  • The skate shoes are quite bulky on the feet, which may not suit everyone’s style.


Another candidate for the best skateboard shoes is the DC men’s Pure High-Top Wc.

This is one of those classic DC high-tops—featuring the colorful accents and that DC trademark.

The Pure high-top skate shoes consist of synthetic materials, but other color variations include leather, suede, or nubuck. Additionally, it displays a premium textile quarter, showing the classic DC quality.

They come with a mesh lining, providing some breathability, which is perfect when exercising.

Under your feet, you have a wrap cup sole construction, increasing your protection and support for your feet. This is attached to an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole, finished with DC trademarked pill pattern tread.

With that said, the skate shoes are quite narrow. It’s not available in wide sizes, so to compensate, you may need to go up a size if you have wide feet.



  • Classic DC high tops.
  • Synthetic leather upper.
  • Foam padded collar and tongue.
  • Mesh lining.
  • Wrap cup sole construction.
  • Pill pattern tread.
  • Sizes run narrow.


Whether you’re going to the skate park or looking for comfy everyday shoes, we suggest the Adidas Daily 3.0.

Adidas is a world-renowned brand and is behind some of the comfiest and most innovative sports shoes. So we had to include it on our list.

The Daily 3.0 is a bit nostalgic—giving you a refresh on the 90’s skater style, and the canvas twill upper, with the classic Adidas lines, brings this sneaker to life. It’s available in several colors and combinations, although all are quite subtle—no crazy colors.

What makes this one of the best skate shoes is the breathable feel. The canvas twill is lightweight and allows air to enter.

For the interior, you have an OrthoLite insole. It has moisture-wicking abilities that help draw sweat away from your feet, providing a cooler and drier environment for your feet. Thanks to this insole, it may even increase the longevity of the shoe.

Additionally, the outsole consists of rubber with a vulcanized look. The shoes allow you to remain firm on the ground and board, even in wet conditions.

The Daily 3.0 is available in sizes ranging from men’s 6.5 to 14.

However, these skate shoes aren’t as durable as expected. Considering they’re advertised for everyday wear, they should last longer.



  • Nostalgic style.
  • Breathable feel.
  • Canvas twill upper.
  • OrthoLite insole.
  • Rubber outsoles.
  • Not as durable as hoped.
  • Lacks in terms of padding.


Vans are a staple piece in street culture and are famous for its countless skateboard shoes. The Atwood trainers are the perfect example of Vans’ tribute to the skating community.

Everything in these skate shoes makes them excellent for skating, and the low-top design is fantastic if you prefer a more minimalistic and less restrictive shoe.

The upper consists of a lightweight canvas that offers excellent breathability; we appreciate Vans because they specifically design the uppers to be flexible, durable, and well-fitted.

For the footbed, you have separate sock liners to accommodate custom orthotics. There’s ample room and support, even if you don’t add your own insoles.

Another noteworthy detail is the overall fit—this is where Vans usually receive some mixed feelings. As opposed to the classic Vans shoes, the Atwood provides a great fit, even for wider feet. Sizes are suitable for both men and women.

You also have several colors to choose from, including our favorite, the textile black and white. Styles range from textured to smooth uppers, like the marshmallow brown.

The outsole consists of sulfur butadiene rubber (SBR.) When on the board, you’ll notice the flexible yet grippy ability of the outsole, providing superb stability. If you aren’t on the board, the Atwood makes excellent everyday walking shoes.

With that said, they aren’t the comfiest shoes from Vans. The footbed lacks some cushioning and may require a brief break-in period.



  • Simple low-top style.
  • Easy to lace up.
  • Lightweight and breathable canvas upper.
  • Allows for custom orthotics.
  • Several colors to choose from.
  • Excellent grippy outsole.
  • Lacks padding and cushioning.
  • Not suitable for very wide feet.

Up next, we have another viable option from Adidas, namely the Seeley skate shoes. This is a take on the Gazelle—one of the most famous soccer shoes globally—it blends modern style with that classic Adidas swag.

The Seeley sneaker is designed to be a ready-to-wear shoe, requiring no break-in period. Adidas recommends it explicitly for skateboarding.

What’s great about the Seeley skate shoe is the abrasion-resistant upper. It consists of synthetic suede, capable of withstanding some abuse from the skate park, and it sports those classic Adidas stripes on the sides.

You have multiple color combinations to choose from. However, there are also single-color variants, like grey and blue.

On the inside of the shoes, you have a textile lining, optimizing your feet’s comfort both on and off the board.

We like that these skate shoes are low top—they go well with almost any attire and allow your feet to move freely.

You have pivot-point vulcanized rubber construction for the outsole, offering a great grip on the board.

Unfortunately, the durability is questionable. The upper is glued to the sole, which deteriorates quicker than stitching. Another thing to be aware of is that it runs a bit narrow.



  • Ready to wear—no break-in required.
  • Abrasion-resistant synthetic suede upper.
  • Several color combinations available.
  • Low profile fit.
  • Pivot-point rubber outsole.
  • Glued upper may prematurely come apart from the sole.
  • Sizes run narrow.


If you want to splurge a bit on a high-quality skate shoe, one of the best skateboard shoes is the DC men’s Pure. DC stresses that it designed the Pure sneaker specifically for skateboarding, including several good-to-have features.

What’s great about these skate shoes is the comfort. They include ample padding throughout, encasing your feet in a cushioning environment. The shoes feature mesh linings, offering breathability and a lightweight feel.

These are durable skate shoes—the leather upper can easily withstand rigorous stunts and wear. Another benefit of this high-quality material is that it conforms according to your feet over time. So, as you wear the shoe, the fit tailors, eventually creating the perfect size.

You have several color combinations to choose from—our favorite is the wheat and black shoes. On the side is DC’s trademark.

Moving on to the outsoles, here you have grippy rubber, fitted in a pill pattern tread.

However, the interior isn’t as durable as hoped. The mesh linings wear fairly quickly, especially with frequent wear. Also, the sizes seem to run small.



  • Ample interior padding.
  • Durable leather upper.
  • Multiple colors to choose from.
  • Pill pattern tread.
  • Mesh lining wears quickly.
  • Sizes run small.

If you prefer a chunkier look for your shoes, the Fader skate shoes from Etnies might be worth a look. Etnies was established in 1986 by skateboarders who had a vision to push the limits of skateboard footwear. It has since delivered innovative skate shoes, perfectly suited for the board.

These skate shoes consist of leather and synthetic materials for the upper, offering style and durability. Keeping the upper attached to the sole is stitching, increasing longevity.

This is a low-top style, which is excellent if you prefer having some freedom in the ankles. Another fantastic feature is the egg-crate midsole, providing superb support and cushioning for your feet.

For comfort, this skating shoe offers a die-cut EVA insole and a padded interior. On the sides are vent holes, helping to keep the interior relatively cool. Lastly, the 300 NBS rubber sole offers great grip on and off the board.

Sadly, it gets very wet in rainy weather, especially by the vent holes. You could treat it with a water-resistant coating just to prevent it from getting soaked. But ensure you use one suitable for leather.



  • Low-top shaft.
  • Stitching all-around—not glue.
  • Leather and synthetic upper.
  • Egg-crate midsole.
  • Die-cut EVA insole.
  • Padded collar and tongue.
  • Not waterproof and absorbs water easily.
  • Sizes run a bit small.
  • Wide fit—if you have narrow feet, it may sit too loose.

DC is famous for its aggressive street look, and the DC Men’s Net skate shoes are no different. These skateboard shoes are a sure head-turner thanks to their chunky silhouette and classic DC bold logo. They’re available in a range of color combos, but we’re all here for the white.

These shoes consist of a high-quality leather upper with mesh details on the sides for ventilation. They’re comfortable in all weather, even during a sweaty session at the park. The Net is also a fantastic option if you’re not a skater—it pairs easily with sweatpants or denim.

DC includes a padded collar and tongue, offering cushioning and protection.

Around the front and sides are vent holes, increasing the shoe’s breathability. Then the thick, round lacing allows you to customize the fit for your foot.

Inside, the cup sole construction cradles your foot, providing a comfortable fit and some protection. Then for the outsole, you have DC classic pill pattern tread.

A potential drawback is that the toe box seems narrow, which may not suit wide feet. It requires a brief break-in that might fix this issue.

Another con is that the durability isn’t the best. If used every day, the skate shoes wear down rather quickly.



  • Classic skate silhouette.
  • Leather upper.
  • Mesh sides and ample vent holes.
  • Thick lacing.
  • Cup sole construction.
  • The toe box is narrow.
  • Requires a break-in.
  • Durability isn’t the best.

The Vans Authentic is an old classic skate shoe. Thanks to its timeless silhouette, it managed to transition from a strictly skating shoe in the 60s into a must-have lifestyle sneaker.

The Authentic is a fantastic shoe if you prefer something a little more minimalistic. With its sleek canvas upper and low-top shaft, there isn’t much distraction. But for those desiring some color, it’s available in several hues, prints and colorways—some variations even include suede uppers.

Its thick gum rubber soles sport a signature waffle tread. It’s time tested and proved to help the skater gain a better grip on the board. Even off the board, it provides a steady feel on different grounds, especially when it’s wet.

Although the Authentic is a slim fit, the cushioned die-cut EVA midsole enhances its comfort, and the cotton drill lining offers superb breathability.

One thing that the Authentic lacks is arch support. Despite the cushioning midsole, it doesn’t offer a lot if you have low arches.

These skater shoes may also not hold up for rigorous everyday use on skateboards. Canvas shoes lack some flexibility required to perform certain tricks, which puts a strain on the material.



  • Classic skate low-top shoes.
  • Sleek canvas upper.
  • Several colors available.
  • Thick rubber sole and waffle tread.
  • Comfortable die-cut EVA midsole.
  • Cotton drill lining.
  • Lacks arch support.
  • Susceptible to wear and tear.
  • The canvas stains easily.


During the 2000s and the height of skateboarding in the US, Adidas launched its Skateboarding division—an offshoot of the Originals. Among the many notable skate shoes within this line came the Adiease shoes.

It’s highly recognized for its seamless upper, made from a single piece of lightweight canvas. Adidas designed it for performance on the board, offering you an airy feel thanks to its breathable upper.

While wearing, the upper expands and conforms to your foot. It should also resist damage during tricks due to its flexibility, but only to a certain extent.

When it comes to style, the Adiease is essential to include in your sneaker arsenal. It works as an everyday shoe, pairing seamlessly with a range of styles, from jeans and cargo pants to shorts and skirts. You can rock them barefoot or with low-top socks.

The shoe offers great traction on the board, thanks to its grippy vulcanized rubber outsole.

This is a unisex shoe, so all are according to men’s sizing. For women, Adidas recommends sizing down one to one and a half sizes.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer a lot of padding. The interior is thin, decreasing its comfort slightly.



  • Sleek, seamless upper.
  • Lightweight shoe.
  • Very fashionable.
  • Superb traction.
  • Not a lot of padding.
  • Not available in women’s sizes.


For those who prefer a retro skate look, we have the Globe Tilt sneaker. This low-top, chunky shoe delivers all the right street-ready vibes.

The Tilt offers a nubuck upper with a molded TPR collar and a sleek cheetah print on the sides. On the toe box and around the heel are perforations providing breathability as you conquer the ramps.

Some great details include the flush PVC stitched eyelets complemented by classic flat, thick laces. The Tilt also offers hidden lacing options, providing additional security and keeping the shoe on your foot.

Perhaps a tribute to its retro roots, it includes heavy padding around the tongue and collar; this enhances your comfort while emphasizing the overall look.

Globe includes a full cup sole construction, finished with padding for support. The rubber sole offers excellent traction. With that said, the insoles don’t provide a lot of cushioning, but you can easily remove them and replace them with your own.

However, sizes are only available for men, so women may have to size down half to one size for a fit. Also, keep in mind that the shoe is quite stiff when new and requires a break-in.



  • Chunky, retro shoes.
  • Durable nubuck upper.
  • TPR collar.
  • Perforations on the toe box and heel.
  • Fully padded interior.
  • Flush PVC eyelets.
  • Insole lacks support and cushioning.
  • The shoe is quite stiff when new.
  • Sizes are only available for men.


The Adidas Daily 2.0 skate shoe is simplicity at its best—it’s classic Adidas, suitable for on and off the board.

Its upper was inspired by a basketball-sneaker silhouette; it consists of an ultra-soft, premium canvas, finished with those iconic three stripes woven onto the sides. You can choose between five colors, including black, blue, grey, and white.

A great attribute is the OrthoLite sock liner; this allows the interior to breathe, wicking away moisture from your feet, increasing your comfort and the longevity of the shoe.

The 2.0 has heavyweight, vulcanized rubber soles that add some weight but give ample cushioning. The traction control is superb, providing an optimal feel on the board and ground.

Adidas describes the Daily 2.0 as a classic street shoe, and we agree. The clean, sleek look of its low-profile, yet heavyweight make up offers some flair that goes well with almost any look.

You can get the skate shoes in sizes ranging from 6 to 14 for men and 5 to 11 for women—all in medium width. They come with a lace-up construction that includes flat cotton laces, providing a customized, snug fit.

Sadly, the fit isn’t the best. It seems that the toe box is quite narrow while the heel cup is too loose. Another small issue is the lack of padding—again Adidas—around the tongue and collar.



  • Heavyweight canvas upper.
  • OrthoLite sock liner.
  • Thick rubber outsole.
  • Classic look.
  • Flat cotton laces.
  • The fit is odd—narrow toe box and wide heel cup.
  • Lacks padding by the tongue and collar.
  • The rubber sole is a little stiff—may require a few wears to loosen up.


The Etnies Kingpin is another suitable skate shoe if you like the chunky, retro style. While designing this, Etnies borrowed some inspiration from its previous style, Fader. However, the Kingpin has many unique features, making it one of the best skateboard shoes.

The Kingpin skate shoes offer superb comfort by including a Sole Technology Institute—STI—Foam cushioning footbed and a puffy interior. There’s also an internal EVA midsole, which enhances the cushioning interior and provides shock absorption.

Another notable feature is the 400 NBS rubber cup outsole. It works together with the EVA midsole to absorb impact as you perform tricks. It also gives the shoes a lighter, bouncier feel.

The overall style factor of Kingpin shoes is worth mentioning. It’s another retro skate shoe, also delivering versatility, allowing you to pair it with almost any outfit. We like the brown and gold color combo, but it’s available in white and black, too.

On the side, you have Etnies ‘E’ logo, which seconds as perforations, allowing the shoe to breathe.

Despite its chunky look, the Kingpin skate shoes are surprisingly narrow—if you have wide feet, size up. They require a thorough break-in for ultimate comfort.

Another drawback is durability. Despite the stitched construction, the shoes may suffer damage after a month of flip tricks and stunts.



  • STI Foam cushioning footbed.
  • EVA midsole and NBS rubber outsole.
  • Light, bouncy feel.
  • Versatile shoe to style.
  • Vent holes on the sides.


  • Narrow fit.
  • Not as durable as hoped.

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If you’re looking for a skate shoe to wear off the board too, the New Balance All Coasts 210 V1 shoes are one of the best.

The All Coasts skate shoes come with a canvas and suede upper, giving them a sleek, textured appearance. New Balance was inspired by Pro Court shoes, giving them a classic silhouette and some of that athletic flair.

The upper is lightweight and has an airy feel, perfect when being active, and the low-profile fit provides freedom for your ankles.

The shoe includes a traditional herringbone vulcanized rubber outsole, finished with a deep tread for traction control. This material is durable, too, and emphasizes the clean, fresh overall look.

Sizes range from a men’s 4 to 20, and you have multiple colors and combinations to choose from.

However, the fit seems to be very narrow, especially toward the toe box. The shoes may not be suitable if you have particularly broad feet.

They also lack cushioning. The insoles are thin, and due to their narrow fit, they could be tricky trying to fit customized orthotics.



  • Stylish, low-profile silhouette.
  • Sleek canvas and suede upper.
  • Lightweight and airy feel.
  • Traditional rubber outsole.
  • Deep tread.
  • Very narrow fit.
  • Lacks cushioning.
  • May squeak on certain surfaces.

Despite its large footprint in the athletic footwear industry, Nike had a hard time breaking ground in the skater community. Until 2002 when it launched its sub-brand, Nike SB—skateboarding. From this division, we got the Check Solarsoft canvas sneaker.

The Check Solarsoft is a versatile and stylish option, designed to enhance your performance on the board. The shoes have a seamless toe cap that’s flexible, allowing your feet to bend and flex on the board.

For the sole, you have a Hyperfeel tech-infused vulcanized rubber, optimizing your grip on the board. The sole is thicker toward the heel to increase comfort and protection, while the front is thin for a better board feel.

On the inside, you have a Solarsoft insole; this creates a plush, supportive feel around your feet, keeping them securely inside.

The shoes’ fit is slightly narrower, but they offer sufficient room in the toe box, and their low-top collar works to protect your ankle.

With its canvas upper, the Check Solarsoft provides excellent ventilation, even with all-day wear. It’s lightweight and has a great bouncy feel.

However, the outsoles aren’t as durable as you’d expect from Nike. They become susceptible to wear and tear rather quickly on the board if you use them every day.



  • Flexible, seamless toe cap.
  • Tilted heel design, offering optimal board feel.
  • Solarsoft insoles.
  • Breathable canvas upper.
  • Narrow fit.
  • Outsoles may wear out quickly.

If you’re conscious of where your shoes come from, we suggest the Etnies Blitz sneaker. This is part of Etnies Vegan Shoe Collection, featuring materials free of any animal derivatives.

It’s also a stylish option. The Blitz sports a sleek canvas upper and a low-profile, slim silhouette. There’s a wide choice of colors available, including grey and light grey, navy, and gum. They all have an earthy, relaxed vibe.

Around the upper are reinforcements for durability and slight padding for comfort. Although, it doesn’t have as much padding as other Etnies shoes. The tongue and collar are lined with mesh, providing a lightweight, breathable feel to the sneaker.

Another great feature is the Foam Lite insole if you’re on your feet for long periods. This provides all-day comfort, even off the board.

The shoe includes a six-eyelet lace-up closure with tonal cotton laces. Sizes range from 5 to 14 US men in a standard D width.

Sadly, though, it seems there’s room for some improvement. For instance, the upper is susceptible to scratches, which can occur rather quickly when skateboarding. Another drawback is the lack of foot support.



  • Vegan option.
  • Canvas upper and slim silhouette.
  • Several colors available.
  • Mesh lining on the tongue and collar.
  • Foam Lite insole.
  • Upper is susceptible to scratches.
  • Lacks foot support.
  • Narrow fit.


Combining style and comfort, the DC men’s Trase TX skate shoes are great candidates for the best skate shoes. They boast a canvas upper, available in several colorways and singles, ranging from the colorful to the more subdued. However, they provide endless styling options.

At the front, you’ll have a classic DC one-piece toe cap, enhancing its clean, fresh look. The upper sits on a vulcanized gum sole, finished with a line of textured foxing tape. Underneath, you have DC’s usual pill pattern tread.

A great detail is the brightly colored outsole on some of the color options. It’s eye-catching for onlookers as you perform your stunts.

The Trase TX sports a low-top construction, enhancing ankle mobility. It’s a unisex option, with sizes ranging from men’s 4 to 14 with a standard width—half sizes are also available. For women, DC recommends going for a size that’s one and a half to two sizes smaller than usual.

They feature a four-eyelet lace-up closure, allowing you to fine-tune the fit. However, be aware that the shoes run a little narrow, so avoid going too small.

The shoes also lack padding. They’re quite thin and have minimal arch support.



  • Lightweight canvas upper.
  • Stylish and several color options available.
  • One-piece toe cap.
  • Vulcanized gum sole and pill pattern tread.
  • Unisex option.
  • Sizes run narrow.
  • Doesn’t include a lot of padding.
  • Lacks arch support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vans Skate Shoes?

Vans are skate shoes and are often favored among many skaters today. The brand has a rich history within the skateboarding community and continues to release lines suitable for the board.

Although canvas isn’t the best material, Vans’ durable stitching and lightness make them great for this sport.

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What Is the Best Skate Shoe?

Although it depends on your personal preference, we’ll say that the best skate shoe is the Vans Unisex Slip On Rainbow Chex. They’re lightweight, breathable, yet steady on the board.

But if you want shoes with more protection, the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoes are the ones to pick.

Are Converse Skate Shoes Good?

Although Converse isn’t in our top 19 countdown, it’s still a decent skater shoe. Converse CONS is a line of skateboarding shoes, featuring all the necessary components for the board. An example is the Converse Men’s Courtlandt Cons Force sneaker.

Is It Better To Skate in High-Tops?

High-top shoes are fantastic for skateboarding as they offer more protection and padding around the ankles. However, they aren’t a requirement, and many skate shoes are low-tops.

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Final Thoughts

Investing in a pair of skate shoes is essential for the best performance on the board. They protect your feet from hard impacts while keeping a steady grip.

Today we reviewed 19 of the best skate shoes, but our top pick is the Vans Unisex Slip On Rainbow Chex. They’re lightweight and flexible—the canvas upper offers breathability while the thick rubber sole provides excellent traction.

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