Best Black Sneakers for Men

Every man needs a pair of black sneakers. They’re subdued and versatile kicks that can get you from the gym to the grocery store, and home to walk the dog before dinner. However, finding the right shoes isn’t as easy as it may look, and the wrong shoes can cause pain and injury, athletically and in general. That’s why you need to pay careful attention to what you wear on your feet. These kicks may all look the same, but they’re actually very different. We’ll examine them in detail later. However, if you’re in a hurry, here are the top all-black sneakers for men in 2020: Best Black Sneakers for Men

What Should I Look for in All-Black Footwear?

Regardless of how you’re going to use your new kicks, there are a few things to look for:


There are 250,000 sweat glands in your feet. Hot, sweaty feet cause discomfort, athlete’s foot and footwear odor. To avoid this, opt for mesh uppers, and clean your footwear regularly. To learn more, read our article on how to clean shoe insoles Forgoing mesh, full-grain leather, or suede uppers with some ventilation holes will suffice.


You need reliable traction to avoid accidents when walking and running. Tough, rubber soles add grip to the base of your footwear. You should also consider an aggressive tread pattern. Smooth soles are best avoided.


Several factors play into comfort, including size and cushioning. If your shoes don’t fit correctly, you’ll be uncomfortable and experience potential problems. But without cushioning, you’ll face equal or worse discomfort and pain. Flexibility also plays a role in comfort. If your feet can’t bend, your gait will be incorrect and problematic. You can find out how to overcome sizing issues in our article on how to wear shoes that are too big.

How to Style Black Sneakers Mens?

As we’ve mentioned, this footwear is versatile. They’re not solely for work use, running or the gym, and can be considered for fashion. Here are a few ideas on what to wear with your new trainers:
  • Dark chinos with a navy crewneck, and a white collared shirt underneath.
  • Casual jeans and a button-down shirt, patterned and untucked.
  • Monochrome outfit—jeans, a fitted t-shirt or polo neck, topped off with a jacket.
  • Casual, light-colored suit with no tie. Consider a subtle plaid or striped pattern on the suit. If the suit is grey, the dark footwear will pair excellently with it.

Reviews of the Best All-Black Sneakers — Our Picks of 2020


steves top choice badge

Vans are classics in footwear, made for skateboarding and similar activities, dominating the fashion footwear world since 1996.

These aren’t gym sneakers s in any way, but can be used for light exercise elsewhere. They’re a unisex brand of footwear, running in sizes 4 to 16 for men and 5 to 15.5 for women.

Vans are made of breathable yet durable canvas material. Also iconic for Vans is their original waffle outsole, which provides traction and an interesting footprint.

These kicks don’t have much in terms of cushioning for comfort, but the rubber sole is thick. This should offer enough support and buffer between your feet and the ground. You’re unlikely to feel any discomfort with them because they fit snugly and don’t put much pressure on your feet.



  • Light.
  • Durable.
  • Suitable for wide feet.
  • May take a while to break in.


Under Armour came onto the scene recently in terms of brands, in 1996. It’s an American company known for sportswear and casual clothing.

This sporty footwear has a lightweight polyester and elastane mesh upper, which offers breathability and doesn’t weigh you down.

The rubber soles feature a prominent tread pattern, allowing a reliable grip. It’s also thicker at the heel, making these a great pick for runners. When you run, you push off with your toes and land on your heels. A thicker heel absorbs the impact of the extra weight.

Did you know when you run, your feet take three times your bodyweight?

An EVA sock liner provides extra cushioning and support, even when you’re not working out. The charged cushioning midsole also uses foam to obtain the most responsive, comfortable footwear.

They run in sizes 7 to 15 in half-size increments, with wide options available.



  • Suitable for a neutral gait.
  • Charged cushioning midsole aids response and durability.
  • Price low in comparison to quality.
  • Sole may separate from the upper more easily than others.


Sketchers has been around since 1993, focusing exclusively on footwear. They’ve become well-known for all types, both casual and athletic.

Although this footwear sports an athletic-style look, it’s actually for work. The upper is mostly woven knit mesh to keep your feet cool, and the memory foam insoles, plus Relaxed Fit technology add to the comfort factor, for those long days on your feet.

Elastic bungee laces make for easy on/off and are hugely convenient for the fast-dressing fashion wearer. These all-black (with white sole optional) kicks also possess slip-resistant approved rubber outsoles, which makes them a suitable choice for men working in the catering industry.

The padded collar should aid in comfort for men working on their feet all day, too.

Sizes range from 7 to 16 with wide and extra-wide options.



  • Highly breathable.
  • Shock absorbing midsole.
  • Stain and water-resistant.
  • Lacks arch support.


Adidas is a German-founded manufacturer of activewear, founded in 1949. They’re well-known for everything from shoes to tracksuits, and they’ve become a staple in athleticism since their founding.

In terms of new gym or casual shoes, these simple, old school design kicks look more appropriate for fashion than for a workout.

The rubber sole has a herringbone tread pattern for traction, and it’s thick to cushion the blow of your footsteps. There are also synthetic, rubber-like patterns on the footwear.

The upper is suede leather and lacks ventilation, so they won’t be suitable for sweat. However, the shoes will be sturdy and durable with this desirable material.

Even though they’re all-black, they still feature the recognizable three stripes trademark of the adidas brand.

These kicks are available in sizes 4 to 14.



  • Solid color.
  • Sleek leather look.
  • Herringbone tread pattern for secure footing.
  • Toe cap is thicker than the average shoe, making it somewhat inflexible.


Our second pick of Adidas, but with a synthetic mesh this time. The upper is one continuous piece of breathable woven fabric. This tongue-less design is meant to give a sock-like feel to these trainers.

The soles’ shape is built for a runner. Although, some might say the bottom isn’t as robust as it should be for this purpose.

Adding onto that for-runners construction, they possess a cloudfoam midsole for cushioning comfort. However, their simple design does make them both fashion and gym-ready.

These are available in sizes 7 to 14, including half-sizes in a regular fit.

If you want to match “his” and “hers” footwear, they also do this adidas shoe for women.



  • Subtle design allows for wear in and out of the gym.
  • Lightweight.
  • Extremely comfortable, even on harsh concrete ground.
  • Outsole durability might disappoint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions about wearing and styling this footwear. If you want some general shopping tips, read our article, shoes: everything you need to know.

What Are Fashion Sneakers?

These are athletic kicks you don’t wear to the gym. Converse or vans are a great example of this garment for fashion, and canvas styles are too.

Sometimes people looking for style trends grab that sweet “price high” of buying something with a ridiculously high price. But you don’t need to pay a high price for your new footwear to look fantastic, as well as be functional. A lower cost isn’t exactly going to give you a “price low” now, is it?

Should I Get White or Black Sneakers?

If you’re here, it looks like you’ve chosen your color for your new kicks. But maybe you’re reading a similar article on white and can’t quite decide.

Dark kicks can be worn all year and will go with almost any outfit. They also don’t show the dirt easily, so you can clean them less often.

White may not be the smartest color choice in winter and fall. They, too, go well with any outfit, but in contrast, they aren’t so forgiving in the dirt department.

For more white footwear aftercare information, try reading our article on how to clean white mesh shoes, so they look like new.


Put Your Best Foot Forward

Well, there you have it. You’re ready for the gym, work or the runway because any one of these pairs of kicks should suffice.

For fashion, all you need is durability, comfort and a flair for style. For the gym, you want your feet to be able to breathe when you run, walk or play sports. And, for work, you want something that’s going to cushion your feet for those long periods standing on them.

We hope you’ve found your perfect pair somewhere on this list. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Let us know your comments, and please share.

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