Suede sneakers

H&M Shoes Review

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) is a fashion clothing company that also makes shoes. You’ll find H&M stores in over 70 countries, most of which have online shopping and delivery services available.  Being a fast-fashion company, H&M sells some of the most affordable and stylish shoes you can find. They have 369 different shoe designs available …

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Clarks vs Rockport

Clarks and Rockport are top choices if you’re seeking long-lasting footwear made mostly of leather or suede. Both brands are well-known for their formal and casual leather shoes, and both guarantee top-notch quality. Given their similar shoe lines, most buyers are curious as to who will win the Clarks vs. Rockport debate. We’ll compare the …

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Nike Roshe Sneakers

Is it True That Nike Roshes Run Small?

After his lonesome design journey, Dylan Raasch, with Nike’s backing, officially debuted the Nike Roshe Run in 2012. Their lightweight feel, combined with the simple yet sleek design and, of course, the affordable price point, meant Nike Roshes were snapped up quickly. Here, we give an insightful look at the ever-so-popular Nike Roshes and how …

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Running Shoes Insoles


When it comes to insoles, Copper Fit is a great brand that has come up with a variety of high-quality insoles to give your feet the best support through extensive research. We’ve looked at the top products in our Copper Fit insoles reviews to find what your feet are looking for.  Our Copper Fit insoles …

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Powerstep vs. Superfeet

Are you conscious about your foot health? If so, you should consider getting the best insole to support your feet in your shoes. A suitable insole can benefit you in so many ways and can rid you of pain in your hips, feet, and other body parts. Your feet carry your weight as you walk, …

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Superfeet Green foam insoles for feet

Superfeet Green vs Orange

Superfeet is a brand of insoles designed to provide comfort and pain relief as you go about your day-to-day activities. Superfeet insoles come in various shapes, with each type targeting a particular need. The multiple colors help differentiate the Superfeet models. Two popular insoles in the Superfeet line are the Green and Orange models. We …

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Grey New Balance Sneakers

New Balance vs. Nike Sizing

Nike and New Balance are among the most popular running shoes out there. You probably know that most brands don’t follow the same sizes across the board, so when comparing these two brands, you might be wondering how to get the perfect fit. The most significant difference between Nike vs New Balance sizing is that  …

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Man holding red sneaker

How Do Jordan 1s Fit?

Wondering how do Jordan 1s fit? They are usually true-to-size lengthwise and a little wider than other sneakers. Today, there are more than 30 Air Jordans in the market, and this is without accounting for the numerous color variations. That said, this article will discuss the different Jordan 1 colorways and answer the question, “Do …

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