thorogood boots vs redwing

Thorogood Boots vs Red Wing—Here’s Why Both Brands Are Worth Your Time

The Thorogood boots vs Redwing discussion is a long-running dispute over which brand makes the best boot. These two names are heavyweights within the rugged work-boot genre. Although similar, each brings their own unique features to the table. Both boots have their following of wearers who swear by them, which makes it difficult for others …

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Orthopedic Work Boots

The Best Orthopedic Work Boots Review and Buyer’s Guide

Are your feet starting to dread the workday? Investing in the best orthopedic work boots can help make your feet feel more comfortable. Gone are the days where you’d have to sacrifice style for comfort. Today, functional, yet stylish work boots are available, and we’ve found five of them.   Here are the 5 best …

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Vegan Work Boots

The Best Vegan Work Boots for the Eco-Conscious

Are you vegan and abstain from using any animal products? Do you struggle to find work boots that aren’t made from leather? Depending on your profession, you might need work boots that have protective toes or can shield you from electrical hazards. Maybe you work outdoors and want something waterproof. We’ll show you what to …

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