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3 Actionable Ways to Darken Leather Boots

Darkening leather boots is a minefield. There are a million leather darkening products on the market, and many of them have overlapping purposes. If you’re wondering how to darken your leather boots, we’ll provide actionable information that you can use.What product should you use in the first place? Will a particular treatment or chemical ruin […]

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Fix Heel Slippage In Boots (Simple Yet Innovative Tricks)

Don’t Risk By Standing On A Slippery Base. Fix Heel Slippage In Boots & Shoes ASAP. Don’t you just hate it when your’s brand new pair of boots fit perfectly but the heel slips and the pair keep coming off? While this problem is common, it can become embarrassing if it happens in public.Recommended Products […]

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7 Ways To Keep Boots From Slouching (At The Ankle)

Actionable Guide To Keep Any Boots From Slouching At The Ankles Those long calf boots look very attractive on others but when do I wear, they slouch. Is it the case with you?Don’t fret; it is the case with everyone, and I will tell you everything about how to keep your boots from slouching at […]

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How To Get Salt Stains Out Of Leather Or Suede Boots

You Can Get Salt Stains Out Of Boots. Moreover, You Can Prevent Them As Well Winter, boots and salt stains is a scary combination. On a snowy ground, the footwear is highly prone to get some salt deposition on the surface. It may trigger desaturation causing multi-colour spots on the surface or, in a worse […]

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How To Shrink Leather Boots (All You Need To Know)

Are You Shrinking Your Off Size Leather Boots The Right Way? It is quite painful that you buy a new pair of footwear and just found them to be a little off the size. It happens to many that they buy the product, out of their excitement, without finding the right fit and end up with […]

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How To Measure Foot Size For Boots (Step By Step)

The Expert’s Guide For Measuring Foot Size For Boots If your work boots are not fit to the feet correctly, it will inevitably affect your productivity and more importantly, it will cost you comfort and health. You can wear in different sizes to find a perfect fit for yourself but that’s not practical, in case, you […]

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