how to remove blood from shoes

How To Get Blood Out of White Shoes?

It is such a pain to remove dried bloodstains because they are one of the most difficult stains in existence. You’ll always need to remove bloodstains as long you continue to live, breathe, and get injured. Skinned knees, paper cuts, and the occasional unplanned injury all have bloodstain as a common denominator. Shoes seem to …

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Make Your Big Shoes Fit

8 Ways To Make Your Big Shoes Fit Smaller

Are your heels slipping out of your shoes or your toes sliding forward? We’ve all encountered this problem before—in the excitement of finding an amazing pair of shoes, you’ve purchased the wrong size for your feet. You may be wondering how to make big shoes fit smaller, so you can enjoy your new footwear. Apart …

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Mens to womens shoe sizing chart

Men’s to Women’s Shoe Sizing Chart

Imagine you have your eyes on a stunning pair of sneakers, but to your surprise, you realize it’s for the opposite sex. Don’t write off the pair immediately, though. Many shoe brands offer unisex styles, especially when it comes to sneakers, loafers, sandals and oxfords. This is where our men’s to women’s shoe-sizing chart comes …

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