Grey New Balance Sneakers

New Balance vs Nike Sizing: Finding Your Perfect Fit

When shopping for athletic footwear, the question of sizing between brands is a common dilemma faced by consumers. Sizing can often vary significantly from brand to brand, which can be confusing. Specifically, in the case of New Balance and Nike, two leading sportswear giants, their approach to shoe sizing is not identical. Understanding the nuances …

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Mens to womens shoe sizing chart

Men’s to Women’s Shoe Sizing Chart

Imagine you have your eyes on a stunning pair of sneakers, but to your surprise, you realize it’s for the opposite sex. Don’t write off the pair immediately, though. Many shoe brands offer unisex styles, especially when it comes to sneakers, loafers, sandals and oxfords. This is where our men’s to women’s shoe-sizing chart comes …

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Nike Roshe Sneakers

Is it True That Nike Roshes Run Small?

After his lonesome design journey, Dylan Raasch, with Nike’s backing, officially debuted the Nike Roshe Run in 2012. Their lightweight feel, combined with the simple yet sleek design and, of course, the affordable price point, meant Nike Roshes were snapped up quickly. Here, we give an insightful look at the ever-so-popular Nike Roshes and how …

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Bowling shoes

How Much Bigger Is a Half Size in Shoes?

While a difference of half a size might not sound too bad in reality, it can be disastrous as it makes breaking in shoes painful and uncomfortable.  Shoe sizes aren’t as straightforward as we tend to think, especially with all the measuring systems used worldwide. That said, it’s essential to note that this doesn’t include …

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Converse selection

Do Converse Run Big or Small?

Do Converse run big or small? Converse are usually sized bigger than your average sneaker.  Converse is, without question, one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in the shoe game. They have some of the most beloved and best-selling designs ever made, and you’re never too far away from the perfect pair.  If you’re …

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