Mens to womens shoe sizing chart

Men’s to Women’s Shoe Sizing Chart

Imagine you have your eyes on a stunning pair of sneakers, but to your surprise, you realize it’s for the opposite sex. Don’t write off the pair immediately, though. Many shoe brands offer unisex styles, especially when it comes to sneakers, loafers, sandals and oxfords. This is where our men’s to women’s shoe-sizing chart comes …

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Nike Roshe Sneakers

Is it True That Nike Roshes Run Small?

After his lonesome design journey, Dylan Raasch, with Nike’s backing, officially debuted the Nike Roshe Run in 2012. Their lightweight feel, combined with the simple yet sleek design and, of course, the affordable price point, meant Nike Roshes were snapped up quickly. Here, we give an insightful look at the ever-so-popular Nike Roshes and how …

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Person wearing white Nike sneakers

Is It a Fact? Do Vapormax Run Small?

After seven years in the design phase, the Nike VaporMax made its official retail debut in 2017. And this is after an apparent 11 tries from conception to making the design and functionality just right. The VaporMax boasts as the first sneaker to be foamless, maintaining its form through its elasticity. The sole is its …

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Bowling shoes

How Much Bigger Is a Half Size in Shoes?

While a difference of half a size might not sound too bad in reality, it can be disastrous as it makes breaking in shoes painful and uncomfortable.  Shoe sizes aren’t as straightforward as we tend to think, especially with all the measuring systems used worldwide. That said, it’s essential to note that this doesn’t include …

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