common projects chelsea boots sizing

Common Projects’ Chelsea Boots Sizing Guide

Common Projects’ Chelsea boots are stylish, sensible and durable. They make casual clothes into sophisticated ones. With these excellent features comes a hefty price tag, but the price tag is worth it for the quality and versatility—they work for both day and nightlife. But, at such a price, you don’t want to waste time sending …

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kids shoe sizing

Kids Shoe Sizing : Are Your Kids Wearing the Correct Size?

Kids grow faster than smoke clouds from a fire, so finding shoes that fit can be a struggle. It’s tempting to cheat and get shoes too large, thinking that they’ll grow into them. You should never do this! Children’s feet need as much protection and stability as your own, especially as they’re growing. In this …

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Mens to womens shoe sizing chart

Men’s to Women’s Shoe Sizing Chart

Imagine you have your eyes on a stunning pair of sneakers, but to your surprise, you realize it’s for the opposite sex. Don’t write off the pair immediately, though. Many shoe brands offer unisex styles, especially when it comes to sneakers, loafers, sandals and oxfords. This is where our men’s to women’s shoe-sizing chart comes …

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Shoe moulds

Shoe Sizing and Fitting: The Ultimate Guide

Correct shoe sizing comes down to measuring your feet beforehand. But, unfortunately, your feet aren’t going to slide snugly into a pair of Nikes like they will a pair of Timberlands. Different types of shoes, from boots to heels or running shoes, will also require a different fit. You also need to think about whether …

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Birkenstock Size Chart

Birkenstock Size Chart: Everything You Need to Know

They make Birkenstock footwear in European sizes, meaning you must convert to US sizes to find your fit. Birks should have a bit of room in front for your feet as you walk—adding 0.25-inch to your measurement should suffice. Then use the straps to adjust the fit around your foot. Purchasing a pair of Birkenstock …

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Vans Sizing vs Nike

Vans Sizing vs Nike – Why You Should Always Measure Your Feet

Vans sizing vs Nike—not every brand produces uniform sizes, which makes it challenging as a consumer. Sometimes, wearing the wrong size isn’t noticeable until you’ve left the store and taken your new kicks for a walk. Because of this, we’re sharing everything you need to know about Vans and Nike sizing.   Vans Sizing Compare …

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