Brown leather shoes

How to Stretch Leather Shoes at Home in 9 Ways

If you’re wondering how to stretch leather shoes at home, the first thing you should do is wear them indoors for a couple of hours, or stuff them with some newspaper and wait 24 hours. There are many ways to stretch shoes at home, from freezing and heating to dampening and spraying alcohol. You can also invest …

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lace shoes

How to lace dress shoes 5 different ways

Here are 5 different ways to lace dress shoes: Criss-cross. Diagonal. Straight bar. The bow tie. Double-back. It’s said that you can tell a gentleman’s worth by his shoes. A lesser-known expression is that you can tell even more by the way a gentleman laces his dress shoe. You might have never considered that there’s …

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Gentleman Tying Laces

How to Lace Shoes: 7 Different Ways Explained

As a child, you learn how to tie shoes, and as an adult, you learn how to lace shoes. However, there are actually several effective ways to lace shoes. Plus, it sometimes depends on what type of footwear you’re lacing. We’ll take you through several of these techniques. Also, you’ll learn a thing or two about …

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Shoe Care

Shoe Care: Tips and Tricks

Are you one of those people who cares about your shoes? In our experience, that’s not a universal thing. Some people just throw their shoes on until they fall to pieces, then buy another pair. That sounds barbaric to you, of course. You want to know all about shoe care and have ample questions that we’re here …

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