measure shoe size and width

How to Measure Shoe Size and Width

You can measure the size and width of your feet at home using a simple measuring tape, a pencil and a piece of paper. Having your foot measurements helps you find shoes that fit well. According to a study by the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, nearly 90 percent of US women wear too small …

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How to Waterproof Shoes

How to Waterproof Shoes in Two Simple Ways

You have several methods available to waterproof your shoes. You can apply anything from beeswax to a professional waterproofing spray. Not all boots and shoes can keep you dry in the rain. And since wet socks can lead to blisters, solutions are needed. So today, we’re exploring ways on how to waterproof shoes. We’ll walk …

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Bobs Shoes vs Toms

Bobs Shoes vs Toms – The Differences You Need to Know

Bobs shoes vs Toms—these names have been subject to much confusion, ridicule and perhaps even disappointment from consumers. Today, we’ll make some sense of it by comparing the two brands to see if one is better or if they’re too similar to distinguish. Our comparisons for Toms vs Bobs : Quality. Comfort. Styles available. Memory …

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Bearpaw Boots vs Uggs

Bearpaw Boots vs Uggs – What’s The Difference

Bearpaw Boots and Uggs are renowned cold-weather boots, both known for their comfort, style and similarities. Although each brand has its bells and whistles, they’re often confused. There are, however, a few crucial differences—price is one example. Today, we have a heavyweight show-down of Bearpaw boots vs. Uggs to simplify which is better for you. …

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