Chelsea Boots Fitting: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want to walk in the steps of the Beatles and own a pair of Chelsea boots? Before you make a purchase, read our guide on how should Chelsea boots fit to ensure you get the right size.

how should chelsea boots fit

These stylish boots have been worn by the rich and famous, as well as men and women on the streets for many years. Their classic style can be both dressed up or dressed down.

Let’s look at the sizing of these boots and give you some tips for fitting them.


Chelsea Boots Sizing

The design of these pull-on boots is credited to the personal shoemaker of Queen Victoria. Usually made of leather, they are crafted with elasticated sides, to make taking them on and off easier and ensure a closer fit on the ankle.

These boots tend to run true to size and there are many brands to choose from.

Common Projects Chelsea boots combine suede uppers with a crepe sole. Made in Italy and designed by New York-based Prathan Poopat, an art director, and his creative consultant Flavio Girolami, these boots have a celebrity following.

The boots are available at many online outlets, including Barneys. The sizes range from 6 to 13, with a medium width fitting.

This video shows the Common Project Chelsea Boots’ features.

Sorel also offers a Chelsea style boot for women in their Joan of Arctic wedge boots. You can check out their size chart here.

Another popular brand of Chelsea boots comes from Dr. Martens. Their more rugged style boots come in designs and a range of sizes for men, women and children.

Blundstone has a wide range of Chelsea boots to choose from. The sizing on these boots is reflected in UK/AUS sizing, however, there is a conversion size chart for the USA, to make sure you get the right fit.

Another brand with a wide selection of more dress-style Chelsea boots is Frye. The company sells boots for men and women, and a size chart is available on each product on the website.


Fitting Tips for Chelsea Boots

Unlike lace-up style boots, Chelsea boots cannot be adjusted by tightening or loosening laces or fastenings. As a result, it’s important that you get the right fit for your feet.

chelsea boots sizing and fitting tips

When buying Chelsea boots:

  • Wear the right thickness of socks when you try your boots on. If you use socks that are thinner than you normally wear, the boots could be too small. Likewise, if you try them on with thicker socks than you ordinarily wear, they will be too big.
  • Do you have insoles or orthotics in your shoes? If so, take those with you as well and put them in the boots when you try them on.
  • Don’t force your feet into the boots, there should be a small amount of resistance as the elastic sides stretch to allow your feet into the boots.
  • Talking about the elastic sides, these are what hold the boot on your ankle. They should feel quite snug once on.
  • Go for a walk around the shoe store in your boots. There should only be a small amount of slip on the heel. This will likely stop once the boots are worn in.
  • Make sure you have enough room for your toes. You should be able to move your toes easily and they should not hit the front of the boots or feel pinched.


Pro Tip

Check out the quality of the elastic on the side of the boots. You need this to be to a high standard so it doesn’t stretch too easily after a few uses, leaving your boots loose around your ankles.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Tighten My Chelsea Boots?

Chelsea boots should fit snugly. Sometimes you might not get a perfect fit. When this happens and it’s about a half size too big, there are a couple of things you can try.

You can either wear thicker socks, as these will take up some room inside the boots. The other option is to use a pair of insoles, like these from Superfeet. They will not only help the boots fit better, but also give your feet some support.


Do Chelsea Boots Run True to Size?

While this can vary from brand to brand. On the whole, the consensus is that they run true to size.

The important thing to remember is it’s the fit on the ankle that keeps these boots on your feet. Try on several brands so you can get a pair which are a perfect fit for you.


I Have Wide Feet, Can I Still Wear Chelsea Boots?

Yes, you can. By shopping around, you should be able to find a pair to fit comfortably. Some brands have a variety of widths available, and others have designs available  especially for wide feet.

You might be better looking for Chelsea boots that have a more rounded toe. These will give you more room for the wider part of your foot and your toes.


How Should I Put My Chelsea Boots On?

Chelsea boots have either one or two tabs attached to the boots, at the top of the shaft around the ankle area. Use these to ease your foot into the boot and pull it into place. That way you won’t be pulling on the elastic sides, which could cause them to stretch.

Alternatively, you can use a shoe horn to help your foot slide into the boots seamlessly.


Rounding It Up

Chelsea boots have become a staple addition to many wardrobes. Made by many designer labels, they are a celebrity favorite. Timeless and versatile, there are Chelsea style work boots, styles you can wear to the office, and casual boots.

Generally running true to size, they should fit snugly around the ankle and give you some wiggle room in the toes. If you have wide feet, choose a round-toed style rather than a more pointed one.

This video tells you all you need to know about Chelsea boots and their origin.

We hope you found our guide on how should Chelsea boots fit useful and enjoyed reading through it. Please leave us a comment with your insights and experiences, and don’t forget to share.


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