How to Clean Hunter Boots: Removing Bloom, Mud and Scuffs

Are your Hunter boots starting to look dull? Maybe your kids have been out playing in the mud and their boots need a spruce up. Hunters are iconic rubber Wellingtons that require proper care to look their best.

Whether you’re tackling the inside or out, cleaning these boots is straightforward. We’ll show you how to clean Hunter boots correctly to keep scuff marks, funky smells and rubber bloom at bay.

How to clean Hunter boots include:

  • How to remove dirt and scuff marks.
  • How to clean the interior.
  • How to deodorize Hunter boots.
  • What is Hunter boots blooming?
  • How to shine Hunter boots.


How to Remove Dirt and Scuff Marks

How to Clean Hunter Boots


If you’re using your Hunter boots frequently, regular maintenance is necessary to keep them clean. To remove dirt and scuff marks, follow this easy guide for Hunter boots care:

What You Need:

  • An empty spray bottle.
  • Warm water.
  • Dish soap.
  • Two clean rags.
  • A scrubbing brush.
  • An eraser.

What You Do

  1. Before taking the boots inside to clean, knock them together outside to remove any excess dirt. Grab securely onto one side of the top of each boot—then bang the heels together. This will loosen any caked-on dirt or mud.
  2. Fill your empty spray bottle with warm water. Add 1 teaspoon of dish soap and give it a quick shake to mix.
  3. Apply the mixture liberally to the entire exterior of the boots, including soles. Be careful not to spray the insides.
  4. Allow to sit for three minutes.
  5. Take a clean rag and wipe dirt and soap away. It’s best to start at the top and work your way down, finishing off at the soles. If the cloth becomes too dirty, rinse in-between wipes.
  6. Use the scrubbing brush to clean the soles. You can spray more water and soap onto the area if necessary.
  7. Use the other clean rag to wipe the boots one last time.
  8. Place your Hunter boots in an airy place, ideally outdoors, to dry. However, don’t place them in direct sunlight as the heat will damage the rubber.
  9. Use a pencil eraser to wipe away scuff marks. Gently rub it over the marks and wipe the debris away using a clean cloth.

Pro Tips

  • Removing excess dirt and mud outside before cleaning will make the process easier since there’ll be less to deal with.
  • Consider placing your boots in a plastic container or large sink when cleaning. This will minimize the mess and you can quickly dispose of the dirty water.
  • Use a cloth to brush down zippers, if your boots have them. This will help you remove any dirt that might be stuck.
  • Never dry Hunter boots in the dryer.

See the steps in detail in this informative video.


How to Clean the Interior

Keeping the interior clean is more important than the exterior. This is because as we’re walking around, we’re likely to sweat. The heat inside the boots creates an ideal spot for bacteria, viruses and fungi to thrive.

What You Need

  • An empty spray bottle.
  • Water.
  • White vinegar.
  • Paper towel.

What You Do

  1. In an empty spray bottle, mix equal amounts of vinegar and water. Close the bottle and shake it to mix the ingredients.
  2. Spray the entire inside of the boots using the vinegar mixture—try your best to reach the toes.
  3. Use a paper towel to mop up any excess mixture as you go.
  4. Once you’ve covered the interior with vinegar and water, take another paper towel and use it to dry the area.
  5. Leave the boots to dry in a cool place for 24 to 48 hours.

Pro Tips

  • Yes, vinegar is quite pungent in smell; however, it will wear off as the boots dry. Furthermore, it also eliminates any other unpleasant odors that might be present in the boots.
  • Vinegar can kill microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. It’s been used as a natural way to treat warts and nail fungus for decades.
  • If any unpleasant odor persists, you can redo the process, or try out our next trick.
  • Always wear socks with your Hunter boots. They will help to remove excess moisture, which will keep unpleasant odors at bay. Furthermore, they’ll help to keep the interior cleaner.
  • Never leave your wet socks inside the boots. This will become a thriving spot for mildew.
  • If the interior of your Hunter boots become wet, pack them with newspaper. Bundle the pages up and pack them tightly inside each boot. The paper will absorb excess water, preventing mold from forming.
  • For more tips, take a look at our guide on cleaning smelly shoe insoles.


How to Deodorize Hunter Boots

How to Deodorize Clean Hunter Boots

One of the downsides to Wellington boots is the funky smell that often occurs after wearing them for a long period. Luckily, you don’t have to deal with the stench anymore, here’s an easy way to keep the interior fresh.

What You Need

  • Baking soda.

What You Do

  1. Add 2 or 3 teaspoons of baking soda to each boot.
  2. Lean the boot from side to side to spread the powder evenly throughout the bottom.
  3. Leave the boots with the powder inside overnight. The baking soda will absorb excess moisture as well as deodorize any unpleasant odors.
  4. The next day, take your boots outside and give them a good shake upside down.

Pro Tips

  • This method can be followed whenever you feel it’s necessary. We recommend doing it more often if you use your boots regularly, especially in warmer weather.


What Is Hunter Boots Blooming and How to Get Rid of It

What Is Clean Hunter Boots Blooming

Rubber blooming is a common occurrence in Wellington boots. It looks as if your boots have turned white, as if they’ve aged. The “bloom” itself is a milky dusting of a powder present on the surface of the rubber. It’s caused by unused vulcanizing agents that gather at the surface.

Have your Hunter boots turned white? Here’s how to fix it.

What You Need

Hunter Leather and Rubber Care Kit for Footwear, Boots Surface, Matte, Gloss, Neon, Metallic, and Pearlised Finishes
  • ALL-IN-ONE KIT: Keep your Hunter Rubber boots immaculate with this Hunter Rubber Care Kit! Our all-in-one kit provides you with boot shine, a rubber buffer, and a cleaning cloth for easy care
  • BOOT SHINE: Restore your old worn-out Hunter boots to their original shine using our Hunter boot shine that is suitable for cleaning both leather and rubber footwear
  • CLEANING CLOTH: Use our branded cleaning cloth, provided in the kit, alongside the Hunter boot shine to help clean and polish the surface of your boots
  • RUBBER BUFFER: Bring back the finish to your Hunter rubber products and boots with the Hunter rubber buffer, suitable for matte, gloss, neon, metallic, and pearlized finishes
  • TIPS: Kit is specifically designed to clean Hunter boots. Test spot first if using a different brand. NOTE: Excessive use of the rubber buffer on metallic or pearlized boots may affect finish


What You Do

    1. Start with the Hunter boot spray and apply it to the included cloth.
    2. Take the cloth and rub the buffer spray into the rubber using small, circular motions.
    3. Set your boots aside to dry.
    4. Once dry, apply a small amount of boot shine to the boots using circular motions.


Pro Tips

  • If you don’t want to purchase a Hunter boots care kit, you can use a tire cleaning product instead. Simply spray a small amount onto a cloth and buff it into the boot. Allow the boots to dry.


You can view this video for more info on the Hunter boots cleaning kit.


How to Shine Hunter Boots

Glossy Hunter boots are famous for that bright shine, but how do you keep it up? By polishing and caring for Hunter boots the right way, you can easily retain the shine—here’s how.

What You Need

  • Olive oil.
  • Clean cloth.

What You Do

  1. Pour a small amount of olive oil (about 1 teaspoon) onto a clean cloth.
  2. Use the cloth to rub the oil all over the exterior of the boots. Avoid the soles since the oil will make them slippery.
  3. Allow the boots to dry thoroughly in an airy location.

Pro Tips

  • Olive oil is an effective moisturizer and shiner. It’s also highly effective at removing blooming.
  • Don’t worry about your boots becoming greasy. They will absorb the oil, so any greasiness will be gone once dry.
  • If you don’t want to use olive oil, you can use a shiner, such as this from Hunter.
  • Read our article on how to shine boots without polish.


Here’s an informative video detailing how to remove rubber blooming and restore shine using olive oil.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean Mud off Hunter Boots?

Start by knocking the boots together outside—this will get rid of any loose mud. Next, consider using a hose or other running water to remove the worst of the dirt. If the mud coverage is only minor, use a water and dish detergent mixture and wipe with a cloth.

Use a dry, clean cloth to wipe the exterior before letting them air-dry.


How Do You Get Scuff Marks off Hunter Boots?

You can use a pencil eraser in gentle motions to remove them.


Why Are My Hunter Rain Boots Chalky?

If your Hunter boots have turned white, they’re likely blooming. You can fix this by using a Hunter rain boot cleaner, such as a buffer spray and shiner.


Do Hunter Boots Crack?

Unfortunately, yes, Hunter boots can crack with extended wear. If a crack occurs, you might notice water seeping into the boots, rendering them useless.

You can prevent this by caring for your Hunter boots properly. Furthermore, they shouldn’t be worn out in temperatures below freezing.

If you want to know more about how to fix cracked rubber boots, we’ve written an article explaining how to repair rubber boots.


How Should I Clean My Matte Hunter Boots?

Cleaning matte hunter boots is similar to glossy boots. You can clean them using water and dish detergent. Due to the finish, you won’t need to use a shiner, however, a buffer spray will help remove blooming.


Cleaning Wellies

Clean Hunter Boots Wellies

We hope you enjoyed our ultimate guide on how to clean Hunter boots—maybe you even learned something new. Polishing and caring for Hunter boots is crucial to prevent blooming and cracks.

We love classic Hunter boots, whether they’re glossy or matte; therefore, proper care is essential to us. Consider investing in a Hunter boots cleaning kit to keep your wellies clean and polished.

How do you care for your Hunter boots? Leave a comment below with your tricks. Feel free to share this article with other Hunter owners.


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