Best Close-Toed Shoes

Once summer has ended, fingers and toes need to be covered up! It’s then that the sandals are put away and close-toed shoes are the order  of the day.

Check out our review selection of some of the best close-toed shoes available—and our guide on purchasing close-toed shoes.

Here’s an overview of the best close-toed shoes:

1. Best Women’s Sneakers: PUMA Women’s Carina Sneaker

PUMA Women's Carina Sneaker, White White Silver, 7 M US
20,901 Reviews
PUMA Women’s Carina Sneaker, White White Silver, 7 M US
  • RETRO AND TRENDY: 80’s inspired, adapted to fit today’s laid-back sneaker look of Californian beach towns.
  • ENHANCED PLATFORM: New tooling with an elevated platform sole.
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: This shoe contains a premium leather upper.
  • MINIMAL AND TIMELESS: This shoe makes a stylish statement with subtle PUMA branding.

 2. Best Men’s Hiking Shoes: Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof Boot,Dark Brown,10.5 M US
  • WHITE LEDGE MENS HIKING BOOTS feature premium full-grain waterproof leather uppers for comfort and durability, seam-sealed waterproof construction to keep feet dry in any weather, and rustproof, speed lace hardware with hooks at top for secure lacing
  • LOOK NO FURTHER for trail-ready performance and style Our selection of men’s hiking boots, waterproof hiking boots, casual boots, and casual shoes is designed to fit in with your outdoor-ready ensembles, whether you’re heading to the summit or downtown
  • TIMBERLAND BOOTS are synonymous with quality workmanship Whether you’re looking for mens boots, womens boots, or kids boots, Timberland has you covered For the best in hiking boots, rain boots, work boots, casual shoes & boots & more, choose Timberland
  • WHAT YOU NEED IN THE OUTDOORS: Timberland has the gear you need for all your outdoor adventures, including jackets and coats for outdoor activities, backpacks and luggage & outdoor accessories
  • Covered by the Timberland Limited Warranty For complete terms, limitations, and instructions on how to make a warranty claim, please visit the Timberland website

3. Best Women’s Pumps: LifeStride Women’s Parigi Pump

LifeStride Womens Parigi Pumps Black 8 M
  • Womens high heel shoes great for many occasions: dress, dressy, business casual, office shoes, wear to work, wedding guest, prom, graduation, events and more
  • Women’s pumps with traction sole provides you with extra stability
  • Soft System comfort package provides all-day support, flex, and cushioning
  • Pumps for women with linings crafted from partially recycled materials.
  • Faux leather or fabric upper in a timeless dress silhouette.

4. Best Men’s Oxfords: DREAM PAIRS Bruno Marc Moda Italy Men’s Oxford Shoes

Bruno HOMME MODA ITALY PRINCE Men’s Classic Modern Oxford Wingtip Lace Dress Shoes,PRINCE-3-BROWN,14 D(M) US
  • Exquisite new vegan leather with plain toe design delivers a classic style
  • Featuring a classic brogue and wingtip design, the smooth PU upper makes these lace-ups easy to wipe down and care for
  • The cushioned latex insole and sweat-absorbing, breathable leather lining provide you with a comfortable walking experience
  • The unique carved design on the sole is fashionable and avant-garde; the shoe box packaging is classic and elegant, making it a perfect gift for a friend/father/grandfather/husband/boyfriend/brother/son
  • Suitable for various occasions, such as business wear, daily commuting, parties or banquets

5. Best Kid’s Sneakers: TOEDNNQI Boys Girls Sneakers

TOEDNNQI Boys Girls Sneakers Kids Lightweight Breathable Strap Athletic Running Shoes for Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid Grey Size 10
  • SURPRISING COMFORTABLE AND DURABILITY SOLE: These premium athletic kids shoes for girls and boys are crafted with incredibly soft soles and breathable materials.Offers ultra-lightweight support,suit for kids running,walking,play tennis or another sports.
  • NON-SLIP FEATURES: The grip of the MD sole can effectively prevent slipping, and ensure the safety of kids.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS: Our shoes for boys and girls are incredibly lightweight and stylish. We are not clunky and heavy as most childrens running shoes.We would rather it be lighter than a feather.
  • SHOCK ABSORBING DESIGN: The soles of our kids athletic sneakers have a shock absorbing technology that protects against bone and muscle strains, and keeps your kids knees, ankles and spine supported.
  • WITHOUT TIE UP LACES: Hooks and straps on the instep, no need to tie shoes, making it easy for kids to put on or take off shoes. These Kids Sports Sneakers is perfect for Tennis,walking,hiking,playing,dancing,jogging,running exercise.


Benefits of Wearing Close-toed Shoes

Close-toed shoes will protect and keep the entire foot warm, while also providing more support than sandals or flip flops. They’re also usually more practical and professional looking for work and play.

Factors to consider when buying close toed shoes


Close-toed footwear is practical for everyday wear and specific use, e.g., hiking, running, sports and office wear.

Some industries need workers to have their feet completely covered to avoid being injured by heavy objects or hazardous substances, making open-toed shoes inappropriate.

Close-toed shoes also protect you from day to day hazards on the path like loose grit, stones or glass.



Comfort and Support

Most casual close-toed shoes have more cushioning than open-toed shoes. This provides firmer support to the user for rigorous activities like running or sports.

Close-toed shoes (apart from high-heels) are also usually preferable when you’re on your feet for several hours, such as when running errands or working.

If you have any problems with your feet, such as plantar fasciitis, heel spur or claw toe, it should be discussed with a healthcare expert (such as a podiatrist) before buying any kind of shoes.


If you’re like me, you will likely need to replace your flip flops or sandals a couple of times before you need to replace your sneakers or Oxfords.

Give a Professional Look

Close-toed shoes, such as Oxfords, or even low-key sneakers, exemplify a more professional look than open-toed shoes.

Factors to Consider When Buying Close-Toed Shoes

Because close-toed shoes envelop your whole foot, keep in mind comfort and health when buying. Some of the key aspects to consider are discussed below.

Time of Day

Our feet tend to expand as the day progresses due to heat. So, if you are shopping for close-toed shoes in the morning, you may need to leave a small allowance for foot expansion during the day.

The best time to shop for close-toed shoes is the afternoon or evening when your feet have already expanded.

Type of Activities

Consider the purpose your close-toed shoes are intended for. For example, runners should look for additional padding at the ball of the foot and heel cup to ensure maximum shock absorption and comfort.

If you are looking for close-toed shoes for winter, look for ones with an insulating material to ensure that your feet retain as much warmth as possible.

shoes for skating



A breathable shoe allows moisture (sweat) to escape, while still repelling entry of water. These shoes are made using microporous materials, i.e., small enough to release vapor but not big enough to let water molecules through. This prevents a build-up of sweat, which can lead to bacterial or fungal infections

Breathable footwear is ideal for regular use, especially for sportsmen and women, or those who generally spend most of their time on their feet.

There are numerous breathable shoe designs and varieties for men, women, and children.

The Shoe Fit

When buying close-toed shoes, leave some allowance at the end of the shoe. To determine whether you have sufficient room, you can measure using the tip of your index finger to ensure you have approximately half an inch between your longest toe and the front end of the shoe.

If you’re purchasing close-toed shoes at the retail store (or trying before buying on-line), perform a test run by walking several lengths of the floor wearing both shoes to determine how comfortable they feel.

Our Recommendation of the Best Close-Toed Shoes

Best Women’s Sneakers: PUMA Women’s Carina Sneaker

PUMA Women’s Carina Sneaker is a very popular model from the renowned brand’s line. This shoe has a couple of great features that make it a good pick for casual wear.



The shoe has a leather upper with a perforated vamp and the signature PUMA form stripe for starters. It also offers maximum comfort and sufficient foot support, thanks to its slightly elevated platform and additional texture in the toe and heel area.

For additional cushioning, the PUMA Women’s Carina Sneaker has a soft foam sock liner.


  • Stylish design.
  • Comfortable.
  • Great foot support.


  • They don’t offer adequate arch support.

Best Men’s Hiking Shoes: Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

If you are looking for some hiking boots for your next adventure, Timberland’s Men’s White Ledge Boots will not disappoint you.


These boots are built from tough leather that is fully water-proof to withstand harsh conditions. They also come with rust-proof hooks and eyelets to ensure that your laces are firmly secured once tied.

Timberland’s Men’s White Ledge Boots are made with a solid rubber outsole with a thick, multi-directional tread to give the shoes a firm grip.


  • Water-proof.
  • Sturdy.
  • Rust-proof.
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable.


  • Relatively expensive.
High-heeled shoes


Best Women’s Pumps: LifeStride Women’s Parigi Pump

If they do not provide the right amount of support, pumps can be uncomfortable. However, the LifeStride Women’s Parigi Pump is designed to offer comfort while not compromising on style.


These pumps have additional arch and heel support for maximum balance. Their soft system technology reinforces comfort by providing cushioning and sufficient flex. The shoe also has a traction sole for stability.

The LifeStride Women’s Parigi Pump has a 2.6-inch heel which is an ideal height for many. Moreover, it is pretty versatile as it comes in more than ten colors.


  • Good arch and heel support.
  • It has a traction sole for maximum stability.
  • Adequate cushioning.


  • The low heel may be unappealing to some customers.

Best Men’s Oxfords: DREAM PAIRS Bruno Marc Moda Italy Men’s Oxford Shoes

A good pair of Oxfords can give your outfit a very sleek and professional finish.

Bruno Marc Moda Italy Men’s Oxford Shoes are no exception. These shoes have a classic brogue wingtip design which makes them exude elegance. They are also durable due to the leather material and wood sole.

A latex cushioned footbed makes them very comfortable to wear, and the lace-up design on these shoes ensures that your feet are always well secured.


  • Elegant design.
  • Cushioned footbed for comfort.
  • Durable.


  • Not ideal for people with wide feet.

Best Kid’s Sneakers: TOEDNNQI Boys Girls Sneakers

Kids’ feet are still growing, so they require appropriate support. A good choice for kids’ sneakers is TOEDNNQI Boys Girls Sneakers.


These unisex shoes come in toddler size 5, up to a little kid size 2. They’re lightweight so they won’t weigh down youngsters as they play. Their shock-absorbing technology helps alleviate any muscle strains on the knees and ankles.

The hook and eye strap fastening make them simple to wear and take off. This saves parents the hassle of constantly tying shoelaces.

For safety, these sneakers have non-slip features that help reinforce grip. They are also made of durable material and have a breathable upper.


  • Lightweight.
  • Shock-absorbing.
  • No tie-up laces.
  • Anti-skid.


  • They may be narrow for wide feet.
baby shoes


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Keep Close-Toed Shoes from Smelling?

Ensure that you clean and aerate your shoes after each wear. It’s best to alternate your shoes to give each pair a minimum of a day of aeration before the next wear.

You can also buy deodorising products or use a laundry fabric spray. Activated charcoal, baking soda or a white vinegar and water mix will also eliminate extreme odor.

Are Close-Toed Shoes Better than Open-Toed Shoes?

No, not always. Close-toed shoes are ideal for running or in a professional setting, while open-toed shoes are the go-to footwear on a hot summer afternoon by the beach.


When it gets too cold for sandals or flip flops, you want to play your favorite sports, or a more formal look is needed, it’s time to protect your feet with close-toed shoes. The market is saturated with choice, all designed to suit different occasions or activities.

Having well-fitting close-toed shoes that are designed for your activities, whatever they are, will ensure that your feet are well-protected and enjoy the utmost comfort.

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