When it comes to insoles, Copper Fit is a great brand that has come up with a variety of high-quality insoles to give your feet the best support through extensive research. We’ve looked at the top products in our Copper Fit insoles reviews to find what your feet are looking for. 

Our Copper Fit insoles reviews include:

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Copper Fit Insoles Reviews

Copper Fit is a brand that offers insoles designed to provide stability, improve posture and alignment. The insoles are infused with copper to help enhance comfort while relieving pain. There are various options to choose from depending on your foot needs.


These are low-profile insoles, meaning they can fit in all shoe types. Additionally, you can use these orthotic insoles to treat moderate over-pronation. 

The Copper Fit Balance insoles also help prevent any foot pain or aches. They are easy to clean as they only require you to spot clean and then air dry afterward. This particular model also has a low arch.

When wearing these copper-infused insoles for the first time, you are required to wear them for shorter durations and then gradually increase the period of wear to break them in.



  • Ideal for foot aches and pains.
  • Ideal for mild over-pronation.
  • Low profile.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It may not be ideal if you need a higher arch.
  • Small fit.


Do you struggle to find insoles that fit you perfectly? The Copper Fit Work Gear Comfort Insoles may be what you need. They are one-size comfort insoles, which you can trim to fit your shoe of choice. 

These comfort insoles have three layers that ensure comfort while keeping your feet cool through ventilation. Additionally, the comfortable triple-layer allows your feet to breathe with ease, so you don’t have to worry about smelly feet. 

The Copper Fit Work Gear Comfort Insoles also come with a dual-layer foam that helps in absorbing impact as the insole is contoured to reinforce arch support. That said, these insoles are ideal for people who work long shifts while standing.



  • Absorbs impact.
  • Provides arch support.
  • One-size.
  • Provide comfort.
  • Non-orthotic.

If you need insoles that will provide support for several hours of continuous wear, look no further than the Copper Fit Men’s Work Gear Heavy Duty Insoles. 

These insoles have maximum shock absorption thanks to their 100 percent dual-layer anti-shock foam. They also offer excellent arch support, making them ideal for prolonged walking, running, or standing hours.



  • Maximum shock absorption.
  • Ideal for continuous standing hours.
  • Provide arch-support.
  • Men’s fit only.


If you are looking for insoles to help you prevent plantar fasciitis, the Copper Fit Fascia insoles may be ideal. The arch support in these insoles is designed to reinforce the plantar fascia, thus relieving any pain. 

These Plantar Fascia insoles also have a deep heel cup that acts as a shock-absorbing cushion. Like the Copper Fit Heavy-Duty insoles, these also have a 100 percent dual-layer anti-shock foam. They are ideal for long days spent on your feet.



  • Prevent plantar fasciitis.
  • Maximum shock absorption.
  • Ideal for continuous standing.
  • Provide arch-support.
  • Men’s fit only.

Why You Should Use Insoles

A common misconception is that insoles are only necessary when you have a foot disorder that you’re trying to correct or when you want to improve the fit of your shoe. Surprisingly, insoles have many more benefits, as discussed below.

Enhanced Comfort

You’re probably wondering why you would need insoles to enhance comfort if your shoes are already comfortable. Insoles are designed to absorb any shock and allow for the even distribution of your body weight. The arch support and padding offer a better base for your feet with every step you take.

These perks may not be available with the regular insole that comes with your shoe, so getting yourself a pair will be impactful.

Improved Posture

Our bodies are made up of interconnected muscles and joints that work in unison. When one part starts underperforming, it affects all the other parts.

When your feet are subjected to poor support, other muscles are affected, such as those in your back, leading to poor posture. Insoles ensure that your feet are well supported to maintain proper body alignment, leading to a good posture.

Prevent Foot Conditions

Plantar fasciitis is a foot condition caused by wearing shoes that provide inadequate support. The term is derived from the plantar fascia, a band of tissue connecting your toes and heel. When this tissue gets inflamed, it causes heel pain, leading to plantar fasciitis.

Insoles also prevent overpronation and over supination. Pronation is a natural body movement whereby the foot rolls inward when landing to distribute impact and absorb shock. Overpronation occurs when the foot rolls significantly inward, which may cause severe damage to your foot and body in general.

Supination is the opposite of pronation, and it refers to the outward rolling of the foot when in motion. Over supination leads to excess strain on the ankles and may lead to other effects such as bunions (painful swelling on the big toe) and calluses (hard, thick skin) on the outer part of the foot, as well as pain in your feet.

Powerfeet insole vs superfeet insole

Facilitate High Performance in Athletic Activities

Most sports and athletic activities are high-impact, and most pressure is usually exerted on our feet. Insoles, especially orthotics, can make your sports experience thoroughly enjoyable as they ensure that your shoes absorb as much pressure and shock as possible to enhance comfort. 

They also give you motion control, minimizing any additional unnecessary foot movement. Additionally, they help reduce muscle fatigue to ensure that your muscles are not entirely worn out from the activities.

Lead To Longer Shoe Lifespan

Since insoles minimize pressure and shock impact on your feet, this subsequently reduces the pressure and shock that your shoes have to sustain. In turn, your shoes last longer and provide you with lots of wear before having to switch them for new ones.

Help Fight Foot Odor 

Smelly feet can become a nuisance, especially when nothing seems to work. A solution to fighting food odor is through the use of medicated insoles. These specialized insoles neutralize the bad smell while absorbing sweat. 

Another advantage of using insoles is that they are removable. You can take them out if they are smelly and clean them thoroughly before your subsequent use. 

Types of Insoles

Insoles can either be described as full-length or partial insoles. There are a variety of insoles in the market, depending on your foot needs and preference. If you are stuck on where to start looking to purchase one, we’ve got you covered!

Full-Length Insoles

These types of insoles cover the entire bottom area of the foot. They include heat-moldable insoles, cushioned insoles, arch-supporting insoles, and orthotic arch-supporting insoles.

Heat-Moldable Insoles

These insoles are designed to custom fit your foot. There are two ways through which you can custom make heat-moldable insoles.

The first way is through a professional medic, which is recommended for people with foot conditions that you are trying to remedy. The other alternative is to make them yourself as they usually come with instructions attached. 

If you have flat feet and the insoles mold themselves into that shape, this would only be aggravating the situation. Nonetheless, moldable heat insoles provide some extra support that would not be there without them.

Cushioned Insoles

Cushioned insoles, just as the name suggests, are meant to cushion your feet. They don’t usually provide any arch support.

Cushioned insoles are also known as replacement insoles, as they are what we essentially go for when replacing a worn-out insole that came with a pair of shoes. They are also the thinnest form of insoles, with numerous varieties depending on the material used, e.g., foam, gel, leather, etc.

Gel insoles feature gel padding, which is excellent for shock absorption. They are also generally heavier than other materials used to make insoles. Foam insoles, also known as memory foam insoles, are among the softest insoles, making them a good option if you are looking for something soft. 

Arch-Supporting Insoles

These are the best type of insoles for your feet. Arch-supporting insoles not only cushion your feet but also give them the appropriate support that they need.

They relieve heel pressure by evenly distributing weight across the various foot pressure points. Arch-supporting insoles also act as excellent shock absorbers and help limit any foot, ankle, or other related aches.

Orthotic Arch-Supporting Insoles

These insoles are also known as orthopedic insoles and are prescribed by a doctor. They are custom-made to suit your specific needs for your feet.

Orthotic arch support can either be rigid or semi-rigid. Semi-rigid arch supports are flexible, while rigid arch supports are stiffer. Rigid arch-supporting insoles may take some time to adjust and are ideal for seasoned arch-support users.

Partial Inserts

Partial inserts are made to target a particular area of the foot. They include heel lifts, metatarsal pads, heel cups, and two-third-length shoe inserts.

Heel Lift Insoles

As the name suggests, these insoles lift the heel, relieving pressure on injured or sore calf muscles. You can also use them in length correction, where one leg may be longer than the other.

Metatarsal Pad Insoles

These insoles are made of gel and are placed behind the ball of the foot, making them ideal for women who wear high heels.

Heel Cup Insoles

Heel cup insoles support the heel and relieve pain by protecting the heels from any shock. They can be made of either plastic or gel.

Two-Thirds Shoe Insoles

These insoles are pretty straightforward. They are two-thirds of the length of your foot and are primarily used with flat shoes to provide arch support.

Factors to Consider When Getting CopperFit Insoles

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in good quality insoles, it’s essential to get things right from the onset. Below are crucial factors to consider:


The most important thing to keep in mind when getting insoles is what you intend to use them for. If you engage in high-impact activities such as sports, athletic insoles are ideal. However, if you need extra support to make your heels more comfortable, metatarsal pads will do the job.


Full-length insoles usually come in larger sizes, giving you the option to adjust to your shoe fit. Usually, they have markings along which you can easily cut the insole to your size. Two-third inserts typically come in a fixed size depending on your shoe size.

Type of Shoe

Sport shoes work well with full-length insoles as you can easily place the insole on top of that which came with the shoe. On the other hand, flats have limited space and can only be used with two-third inserts.

Foot Shape

For people with flat feet, getting flat insoles will only aggravate the situation. Instead, you should opt for arch-supporting insoles if you have flat feet.


The end result determines the material you go for. If you are seeking insulation, a wool insole will not disappoint you. On the other hand, if you want to enhance shock absorption, you can go for a gel insole.

How To Maintain Your Copper Fit Insoles

Sadly, sometimes we neglect the level of care that we give our feet until we start experiencing backaches or joint pains. The foundation of a good and healthy posture starts with appropriate foot support. At the same time, it’s also crucial to take care of your insoles.

Below are ways to keep your shoe insoles in good shape:

  • Wearing timeframe: Foot insoles may take some time to adjust to, especially if wearing them for the first time. Start by using them for a few hours per day and gradually increase the duration over time.
  • Cleaning: The cleaning of insoles largely depends on the material. You should wipe leather and foam insoles, but clean plastic insoles with running water.
  • Drying: Make sure that if cleaned, the insoles dry thoroughly before use. It’s best to dry insoles at room temperature as high temperatures may damage them.
  • Wear with clean, dry feet: Ensure you use your insoles with clean feet that are completely dry.
  • Airing: Remove insoles when you are not using your shoes for air circulation and for the insoles to dry out any moisture they may have absorbed while in use.
  • Alternate insoles and replace when worn out: Ensure that you alternate your Copper Fit insoles in between wears and replace them if worn out.


How Long Do Copper Fit Insoles Last?

Like most insoles, Copper Fit insoles will usually last 6 to 12 months with regular use. Most users report they are well-made and effective inserts.

Can You Wash Copper Fit Insoles?

Yes, you certainly can. Use a mild detergent to spot clean the insoles when you feel they need a wash. Refrain from putting them in the washer or immersing them fully in water. Allow them to air dry before placing them back in your shoe. 

Do Copper Infused Insoles Really Work?

Copper insoles are effective at supporting and rebalancing the feet. This way, you’ll have a better posture and foot alignment to ease the pressure from other parts of your body such as your joints.

Final Thoughts: Copper Fit Insoles Reviews

When it comes to copper-infused insoles, Copper Fit offers something for everyone. Whether you need orthotic insoles like the Copper Fit Balance Copper Infused Orthotic Insole or heavy-duty insoles like Copper Fit Men’s Work Gear Heavy Duty Insoles, they’ve got you covered.
Alternatively, if comfort is all that you are looking for, don’t hesitate to grab yourself a pair of the Copper Fit Work Gear Comfort Insoles. Copper Fit has something for everyone.

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