Do Converse Run Big or Small?

Do Converse run big or small? Converse are usually sized bigger than your average sneaker. 

Converse is, without question, one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in the shoe game. They have some of the most beloved and best-selling designs ever made, and you’re never too far away from the perfect pair. 

If you’re getting your first pair of Chucks or just want a change of style, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together our ultimate guide to ensure your Converse are comfortable and stylish. We’ll cover everything from how your Converse fits, how to style them, and ways to keep them looking as good as new.

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Origin of the Converse Sneaker

Converse has always been prominent from the beginning, and at its peak, it was said to control over 80 percent of the sneaker industry in America. When they were acquired by Nike in 2003 and became a subsidiary, they only made the already great sneakers even better and more famous.

In 1923, basketball player Chuck Taylor began to wear and promote Converse shoes, which made the company go from strength to strength. The sneakers eventually became a must-have on the American basketball scene for players and fans alike. 

Ironically, Charles Taylor was never a professional basketball player, but by the end of the 20s, he was so famous that the shoes got the name Chucks.

By the 80s, the sneakers had become somewhat of a fashion icon. Today, Converse are in many people’s day-to-day wardrobe, and the legendary shoe style is still going strong. 

With Converse sneakers, finding the perfect fit matters, and if you don’t, wearing them becomes a challenge and very uncomfortable. That’s why we’ll provide you with tools to help you determine the perfect size so that you’ll be able to feel comfy and confident.

Do Converse Run Big or Small?

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In general, Converse fits bigger than your usual shoe. The brand states that Converse is usually a half size bigger, although some people prefer to get a full size smaller, especially if you prefer a larger size to start with. 

Converse are unisex shoes, meaning they are the same sneaker for both women and men. According to most people, women usually order two sizes smaller than they are accustomed to, along with another half size down.

So a men’s size 9 can also be a women’s size 11. But because they run a little bit large, it’s essential to put that in mind after you have done your size conversion.

Manually measuring your foot size is a great way to find your Converse size and ensure you get the right fit. You can also choose to look at the sizing charts provided by the company and are also found on their website, if you are confident in your shoe size.

Note: If you plan to purchase the iconic Chuck Taylor All-Star and Chuck 70 sneakers, go down half a US size (for men) or -2 full US sizes (for women) from your standard shoe size.

The only exception to the above is the All-Star Pro BB, which often runs half a size small. In this case, it’s best to size up by half a size from your standard shoe size.

When buying Converse from Amazon, be careful of their ratings as most people who choose Amazon most likely know the best Converse size for them and are confident in their choice. 

Many people say they run big, but others say they fit true to size. However, the feedback from users suggests that many more people found the shoes run too big rather than too small. 

Since Converse has a unique sizing that’s specific to them, it’s challenging to get a clear answer on how they run. The Kids Classic Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers are expected to run a half size large or a size larger. Be sure to use the correct size chart associated with each product.

If your child has broad feet, Converse is featured in our roundup of the best children’s shoes for wide feet.

What Size Converse Should I Get?

In general, Converse fits bigger than your usual sneakers. Although it fits a half size bigger, most people advise you to go down a full size, especially if you want to get the perfect size for your feet. 

Measure Your Feet

Converse sizing is unique and specific to each shoe. While Converse standard sneakers are expected to remain true-to-size, make sure you use the Converse size chart associated with each particular product to get a comfortable fit. 

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Before you start the measurements, stand evenly, ensuring your weight is distributed evenly between your feet. It’s best to wear socks when measuring. Additionally, you should also wear the socks you’d typically wear with sneakers. 

Lastly, the best time to measure your size is in the afternoon, as your feet will swell because of the heat.

A great way to accurately find your Converse size is by measuring your foot. Doing this will give the most accurate measurement and guarantee a perfect fit! So here’s what to do:

Step 1

Stand on a flat, hard surface with your heel against the wall and a piece of blank paper beneath your feet.

Step 2

With a friend’s help, mark the longest parts of your feet on the paper, or you can measure yourself if necessary. Then do the same thing with the other foot. 

You should also measure the width of your feet to ensure a perfect match when deciding to get your pair of Chucks.

If you’re looking to get a pair of Converse brand shoes, it’s best to try them on before buying—especially if it will be your first purchase. If you know the size you usually wear and are interested in getting a new pair of Chuck Taylor’s, you should be fine.

Whatever the case, it’s best to try both the whole and half size down to see what size fits and what you like better. For any other models you may be unsure about, try to fit them on before getting them.

If you can’t try on a pair at the store, simply refer to the Converse official site’s size guide. The easiest way to check Converse’s recommended shoe guide is to do the following:

  • Go to the official Converse website.
  • Once you’re in the search box, type the SKU or the Style number of the shoe you want to purchase.
  • Once on the product page, Converse will either tell you one of the following: “Runs a half-size large” or “Runs true to size.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Should Converse Shoes Fit?

Converse sneakers are meant to feel a bit tight at first, hence why they are made of stiff and robust materials like canvas and rubber. But even when tight, it’s best to ensure there’s some space between your feet and the sides of the shoes.

Converse shoes will rarely ever stretch out with time, but they do eventually lose stiffness and rigidity. They become flexible and pliable with time making them highly comfortable. This transformation takes around two weeks or longer, depending on the model you get.

It is not recommended to initially wear a newly bought pair for an extended period as it tends to cause chafing and blisters. Wear thick socks with new Converse shoes around the house for about an hour a day until you feel that they get more pliable.

If you have bought a pair of Converse that are too big, you could try adding in an insert. Here’s a roundup of the best insoles for Converse.

How to Style Converse

Converse provides customers with a classic style that has never stopped looking cool. It has remained iconic since the 80s and has never gone out of style. 

Today, the brand has an extensive range of distinctive models in different styles and colors. You can get the Converse Chuck 70 high top, All-star Hip-hop, and the all-star low classic and still have so many others in their catalog to choose from.

Converse gives customers a sneaker to suit every person’s style, whether men or women. So choose your favorite pair, and we’ll guide you in pairing them whether you want to go old-school or prefer a modern look. 

Although these comfortable shoes pair well with various outfits, they go best with your off-duty clothes. Giving you a slight edge for whatever apparel you choose, they predominantly work well with casual clothes with a slightly battered and rough look. 

If you have a black and white Converse, it’s best to pair them with your favorite casual jeans. You don’t have to worry about your top; whatever you choose will work. 

If you prefer, Converse also allows you to get customized shoes instead of going for the standard colors. Best of all, you can do this with nearly all the models, giving your pair a different look compared to other Chucks and making you stand out. However, this obviously comes at a cost.

How Should I Wash My Converse?

Converse should rarely ever be washed. Usually, a wipe is enough to remove the dirt and let them shine again. However, if you find it necessary, you can follow the steps below to do it yourself:

  • Separate the laces from your shoes.
  • Dip a fabric brush in some warm water and mild soap, as this will make the bristles gentler.
  • Use the brush to scrub away any dirt on the canvas and rubber sole.
  • Avoid using too much water as it can cause water stains and make them harder to dry.
  • Put the laces into a bowl of water and soap, and wash them with your hands.
  • Place the Converse and lace out to air dry. Fill the shoes with paper to make sure they retain their shape as they dry.

What Is the Difference Between All-Star and All-Star 70 Models?

The 70s styles are designed to be more rigid and structured. They come with a thicker sole with extra cushioning and are created from a thicker canvas giving them a stiffer, more structured style. 

The rubber on the 70s varieties come with a glossy off-white coat, different from the regular All-Stars, giving them a classic Americana vintage feel.

What’s the Difference Between All-Stars and One Stars?

While the All-Star started as a basketball shoe, the One Star has its start in skating. Thicker soled and generally made from a material other than canvas, the One Star styles are a more modern version of the classic Converse styles, updated in new materials and patterns. 

If you’re looking to increase your Converse collection, why not try a One Star?

Legs criss-crosssed


Converse Chuck Taylors are classic unisex shoes and are known for running a little large size-wise. Women should order two sizes down, then another half size down for a snug fit. Men should order a half size down from your actual size. 

For example, a women’s shoe that’s typically a size 7 would be a 5 in Converse Chuck Taylors; then it might be best to order another half a size down to size 4.5. Men’s shoes usually size 11 would be a 10.5 in standard Converse.

Converse is a fantastic brand; the shoes they make are comfortable and still highly stylish. You can’t make a mistake with a pair of Converse in your wardrobe as they go with just about anything such as jeans, shorts or even skirts. Getting the perfect fit for your feet might be tricky with their sizing options, but we hope we’ve been able to help.

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