Is it True That Nike Roshes Run Small?

After his lonesome design journey, Dylan Raasch, with Nike’s backing, officially debuted the Nike Roshe Run in 2012. Their lightweight feel, combined with the simple yet sleek design and, of course, the affordable price point, meant Nike Roshes were snapped up quickly.

How to keep your Nike Roshes in excellent condition

Here, we give an insightful look at the ever-so-popular Nike Roshes and how to get the right fit. Here’s what we cover:

  • The Origin of Nike Roshe Sneakers
  • Do Nike Roshe Sneakers Run Small?
  • Are Nike Roshe Shoes Good for Long Distance Runs?
  • How to Clean Nike Roshe Sneakers
  • The Best Nike Roshes for You
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The Origin of Nike Roshe Sneakers

Nike Roshe sneakers were released in 2012. Their distinctive features were the streamlined design offering a modern look, minimal lacing, a one-piece outsole, and a two-piece upper sole. They were an instant hit in the sneaker market.

Nike Roshe Sneakers


Dylan Raasch designed the renowned shoes as a personal project; he revealed that Buddhist temple gardens had inspired him. The simple design offered a fresh aesthetic in the increasingly saturated world of lifestyle sneakers.

They debuted at a modest price of $70, which did wonders for their sales as they flew off the shelves and became a fan favorite overnight.

Despite a minimal marketing campaign, it was no surprise that Nike Roshes became a cornerstone of many sneakers’ designs until 2014, inspiring several copycats.

Nike Roshe shoes retain a vital position in the history of Nike as they hold the honor of being the first lifestyle sneaker to feature the classic airy mesh upper with a Lunarlon sole. Many sneakerheads rated Nike Roshe shoes ideal to provide adequate support for light intensity activities and cardio.

Because of their cost and ability to fit a wide range of demographics, the shoes quickly grew popular. Nike, over time, released Roshe variants in 85 different styles, colors, and variants to meet the high demand.

Do Nike Roshe Sneakers Run Small?

No, typically, Nike Roshe sneakers run true to size. This makes them an ideal item to pick up while internet shopping. Some wearers advise that it takes a couple of days to break in the shoes, however,  it is smooth sailing afterward, and the comfort is refreshing.

We recommend that you consider the intended use of your Nike Roshes while trying to figure out sizing. If you want to use Nike Roshe sneakers for general light exercising, or want to wear them without socks go true to size for a snug fit—if you prefer them for casual wear or a loose fit, go half a size up.

Are Nike Roshe Shoes Good for Long Distance Runs?

One of the lesser-known backstories of Nike Roshes is that they were originally called “Nike Roshe Run.” The shoe has all the design makings of a typical running shoe; a breathable mesh upper that allows flexibility for natural movement and lightweight materials that lessen leg, foot, and ankle fatigue.

Woman wearing a Nike Roshe Sneakers

However, they are not technically sound athletic shoes, which was ironic, given that name. So, we suspect, this was the reason for the name change to the Nike Roshe One.

The midsole cushions are incredibly dense and unresponsive, as they do not give you the spring or bounce effect required for typical running shoes.

The Nike Roshe toe box can be pretty thin for people with wide feet. Additionally, the shoes don’t provide ample support for serious running; thus, you can end up feeling pain in the arches of your feet.

Therefore, we primarily recommend Nike Roshe sneakers for casual wear, light exercises, and cardio workouts at the gym.

How to Clean Nike Roshe Sneakers

Here are vital steps to follow to keep your Nike Roshes in excellent condition:

  • Clean the sole. To do this, we recommend buying a pack of magic erasers to retain the original Nike Roshe white sole color.
  • Take out the laces and hand wash them separately.
  • Take out the shoe liners and hand wash them by lightly scrubbing them with a soft brush.
  • Lastly, use a soft-bristled brush and gently scrub the outside and insides of your shoes. If you’re using a washer, use a small amount of detergent and put on the cold-water setting option.

Once done, we recommend air drying your shoes, but not in direct sunlight, as this might compromise their color.

The Best Nike Roshe Sneakers for You

Owing to the shoes’ popularity, Nike has produced several variations and styles of the Roshes. Here are our top recommendations.

The women’s Nike Women’s Roshe One Print Medium are perfectly stylish, thanks to their colorful, charming exterior. The black meshed upper allows for breathability, while the limited release makes them a collector’s favorite.

The Nike Roshe One LD-1000 Serena Williams is a woman’s sneaker that is done up with a custom marble print. At $180, the black upper boasts a premium leather classic Nike Swoosh.

We recommend the Nike Roshe One NM QS Polka Dot Sneakers for a pop of stand-out color. They have a very distinct bright green background covered in white polka dots that offer a singular look. They also feature the Roshe’s breathable mesh upper and the padded midsole, making them the go-to Roshe for casual comfort.

No products found.

Nike Roshe Sneaker

The Roshe One N7 is dressed in its official navy-blue palette, with turquoise, black and red aesthetics. Their silhouette is slightly different from the classic Roshe but offers a fashionable look.

Additionally, Roshe N7 sneakers were designed to enable more than a million Native American and Aboriginal youth to participate in sports and other physical activities. This was worked towards through a leadership program that helps the youth embrace their heritage and work towards building it.

The Nike Roshe LD-1000 is a unisex shoe that boasts of being one of Nike’s first nylon shoes. These sneakers come in red and black and feature a lightweight mesh upper for an airy feel. Forefoot flex grooves allow for better, more natural motion.

No products found.

The Roshe NM Flyknit features the classic Nike Roshe silhouette, with a rubber sole, and mesh upper for breathability. They come in their classic pearl-white color and, owing to their lightweight characteristics, are perfect for short workouts and cardio. They are also, easily, the most popular variation of the Nike Roshe range.

Nike Flyknit Rosherun Mens Running Trainers 677243 Sneakers Shoes
  • nike flyknit rosherun mens running trainers 677243 sneakers shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nike Roshe Sneakers Cheaper Than Other Nike Shoes?

Yes. Nike Roshes run a little cheaper than most Nike shoes. Their initial debut price of $70 significantly contributed to their raving popularity.

How Do I Style My Nike Roshes?

Nike Roshe sneakers, though initially designed for light sportswear, are primarily intended for casual wear. They are available in various colors and themes and pair well with jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses, etc. Most sneakerheads have several pairs of Nike Roshes to complement starkly different elements of their wardrobes.


Nike Roshes can easily be described as Nike’s most famous pair of shoes—this has eventually led to the production of an array of color and design variants to meet the demand of the reasonably priced shoes.

Your Nike Roshe will typically fit true to size, making it perfect for online purchasing.

If you would like to use your shoes for light exercise and cardio, we recommend going true to your typical sizing. If you prefer a ‘baggy’ feel or have particularly wide feet, we recommend going half a size up.

That said, Nike Roshes are timeless sneakers that will likely never go out of style!

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