How to Dry Wet Uggs With Ease

Are you the proud owner of a nice toasty warm pair of Ugg boots? Have you been unfortunate enough to get caught out in a downpour, your boots are now wet through and you’re wondering how to dry wet Uggs without damaging them?

how to dry wet uggs

Although Uggs are winter boots, most styles aren’t made for rain and snow. The natural suede and sheepskin they’re made of might stain and your investment can be ruined.

Let’s learn how to fix Uggs that got wet and what you can do to keep them looking as good as new.


Why Shouldn’t You Get Uggs Wet?

Uggs are made from a form of leather, called suede, and are lined with sheepskin. Suede is the inner part of an animal’s hide, the part that has contact with the flesh. It’s not as hard wearing as the outer part of the hide, which we know as leather.

woman with ugg boots

Suede is sanded to raise the nap and give it that lovely velvety softness we know and love. It’s much thinner than full grain leather or nubuck and can be damaged if it’s not looked after properly. As it’s not waterproof, it can be stained and stiffened when wet.


How to Fix Uggs That Got Wet

When you left the house the sun was shining, it was a beautiful crisp, fresh winter day. But when you reach the furthest part of your walk with the dog, grey clouds roll in and the heavens open. By the time you get home, your Ugg boots are soaked through to your feet.


You take them off in the mudroom and they leave a big puddle on the floor. Before you start tearing your hair out, thinking they’re ruined, here are some things you can do to dry wet Uggs.

Should you be lucky enough to have got your Ugg boots wet in clean water, you can go directly to the drying instructions below. However, in the real world, this is highly unlikely, so you will need to clean your Ugg boots first.


Cleaning Wet Ugg Boots

fix uggs that got wet

What You Need

  • Cold water.
  • Suede cleaner.
  • A sponge.

What to Do

  • Thoroughly rinse the boots in clean water.
  • Gently wring out as much water as you can and shake off any excess.
  • Dampen the sponge in cold water.
  • Apply a little amount of suede cleaner to the surface of the sponge.
  • Apply cleaner all over the outer of the boots.
  • Work it gently into the suede, starting at the top and working your way down. Rubbing hard can damage the suede, so stay gentle.
  • Make sure you cover all the boots evenly or you might end up with stains once they dry.
  • Rinse the boots in fresh water to remove excess cleaner.


Pro Tips

  • If the sponge gets dirty when applying the cleaner, make sure you clean it often. You don’t want to spread dirt all over the boots.
  • Use a cleaner designed for use on suede boots, like Uggs’ own, included in this kit.


Drying Wet Ugg Boots

Now your boots are clean, you can get to the task of drying them. It’s important to do this naturally and away from direct sunlight or heat. So don’t put them above a heater by a window with the sun streaming through.

What You Need

  • Unprinted paper, paper towels, or a clean rolled up towel or cloths.
  • An area at room temperature, out of the sun, and away from heaters, with air circulation.
  • Optional: A boot dryer.

What to Do

  • Remove as much excess water as you can from inside and outside your boots. You can do this by stuffing them with some paper towels and removing it. Keep going until the paper is no longer soaked. Alternatively, use clean, dry, cloths.
  • Stuff the boots with unprinted paper or a clean, dry towel or cloth. This will help them retain their shape as they dry.
  • Find an airy, shaded place, at room temperature, to dry your boots.
  • Now, be patient. It can take days, or even a week or so, to completely dry your boots. The wetter they were, the longer it will take. To get the best results, you need to play a waiting game.
  • If you have a boot dryer, you can pop the boots in upside down to dry. You could try one like this from DryGuy, which can be set to circulate air without heat. It comes with extension poles and will accommodate boots up to 16 inches long.


You can read our guide to the best boot dryers here.


Pro Tip

When drying Ugg boots naturally, you can put some silica gel sachets inside as well as stuffing them. These will help absorb excess moisture and aid the drying process. These from Pillow Pack are ideal; they change color to indicate they need replacing. They’re rechargeable and can be re-used.



Do I Need to Do Anything Else Once My Boots Are Dry?

At last, your patience has paid off and your boots are finally dry. Now is a good time to consider waterproofing them, to protect them from stains.

What You Need

  • Waterproofing and stain repellent treatment.
  • A suede brush.

What to Do

  • Brush your dry boots to remove dust or dirt with a suede brush.
  • Follow the directions on the waterproofing product. This is generally to spray from a distance of 6 to 8 inches.
  • Make sure you cover all the boots but don’t soak them.
  • Back to being patient, allow the boots to dry
  • Keep them away from sunlight or direct heat.
  • The boots should dry within about 24 hours.
  • Brush the boots lightly with the suede brush, to raise and restore the nap. Do this in one direction.


Pro Tips

  • The kit we mentioned from Ugg contains a stain and waterproofing treatment and a suede brush. You can also buy them separately, like this treatment from Bickmore and this brush from Miscly.
  • Make sure you work in an area that’s well ventilated when applying the treatment.
  • Cover any buckles, bows or other adornments on the boots, which the spray might damage.

Ugg has produced this video which details cleaning and caring for Ugg boots.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Uggs in the Dryer?

Absolutely not. The heat from the dryer can shrink your boots and pull them out of shape. They should be air dried away from heat and stuffed to retain their shape. They might be a little snug when you first wear them again but they won’t be ruined.


Can You Put Uggs in the Washing Machine?

Again this is an absolute no-no. Ugg advises that you should never put your boots in the washing machine. You shouldn’t have them dry cleaned either.


Do Ugg Boots Get Ruined by Rain and Snow?

Inevitably, when it rains this involves mud and dirt; the same applies when it snows. Suede is not friends with rain and snow, they stain it and leave marks which can be hard to remove and clean off. Use our cleaning tips to remove stains.


Rounding It Up

Ugg boots are an investment which can last you several seasons if you treat them with the tender loving care they deserve. In the unfortunate event that you do get caught out in the rain, now you know how to dry wet Uggs.

We hope you enjoyed our tips and tricks on drying wet Uggs. We would love to hear any comments you might have.  Do you know another Ugg lover? Please share our guide with them.


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