FootJoy Golf Shoes: Everything You Need to Know

FootJoy golf shoes’ key features:
  • Deep history: A forerunner of the modern golf shoe.
  • Professionals love FootJoy: Adam Scott and Louis Oosthuizen, for example.
  • Fantastic quality: From mesh to leather to synthetics, the quality doesn’t waver.
  • Accessible prices: Ranging from under $100 to $300.
  • Shoes for the people: Men, women and kids can all enjoy FootJoy.
Golf shoes can be one of the most frustrating types of shoes you can buy. There are so many variables that it can be difficult to know what to pick. But, FootJoy makes some of the best golf shoes. Considered as the number one golf shoe brand globally by many, Footjoy golf shoes are comfortable, functional and worn by many golfing pros. Let’s explore the global brand more closely…

About the Brand

Early Golf

The first form of golf was invented in Scotland in the 15th century. Back then, shoes weren’t made for function—only fashion. In particular, well-to-do folks liked to show off their status with shoes, wearing baggy, leather boots, often lined with fur. Other times, they’d wear Crakows—shoes with ridiculously long toes, which were the very height of fashion in the mid 15th century.

FootJoy’s Inception

It wasn’t until the 19th century that players began optimizing their shoes for golf—in Scotland again. Golfers took matters into their own hands and began hammering nails into the soles of their no longer baggy, furry, or pointy boots. Not long after that, across the ocean in Massachusetts, the Burt and Packard Shoe Company was born. Starting in 1857, the soon-renamed Field and Flint Company started pumping out golf shoes. Less than a century later, in 1927, FootJoy became the official shoe work by players in the American Ryder Cup. No doubt, the shoe line’s success gathered some help from the golf shoe revolution in 1891. That year, players stopped nailing spikes into their shoes, and metal spikes were screwed into the soles instead.

Changing With the Times

These days, metal spikes are all but illegal, but FootJoy has evolved with the changing trends and rules, with the new shoes resembling the classic Saddle Oxfords at first. Now, they often look like any other athletic shoes, sans the metal spikes but with soft ones instead. It’s not just FootJoy that has pivoted with its modern shoes. Nike golf shoes are a close FootJoy competitor, along with Skechers and adidas, but in the second decade of the 21st century, FootJoy is the biggest golf shoe brand in the world. Plus, FootJoy has extended its expertise beyond shoes—the American company has become a go-to for many accessories for the Scottish-founded sport. hhhhh

Where Are FootJoy Golf Shoes Made?

FootJoy golf shoes are made in China. The shoe-making part of the company once had two locations: one in its founding state of Massachusetts, and the other, in China. But, in 2009, FootJoy’s Brockton, MA factory shut down. Other FootJoy products are manufactured elsewhere. For example, gloves are made in Thailand. However, non-US made doesn’t mean lesser quality. Many shoes are crafted in China now, such as golf shoes Nike, Puma and New Balance. footjoy golf shoes features

Does FootJoy Manufacture Other Shoe Styles?

Unisex shoes aren’t really a thing with FootJoy, nor are there any kids’ options, but you do have some male and female choices.

For the Guys

Other than sneaker-style golf shoes, in the FootJoy men’s range, there are:
  • Casual loafers.
  • Slides.
  • Golf sandals.
  • Golf boots.
In particular, the casual loafers are great to wear around the clubhouse. They’re fashionable, straight-forward, semi-casual shoes for gentlemen who like to look their best.

For the Ladies

For women:
  • Casual loafers.
  • Golf sandals.
  • Golf boots.
Even though there aren’t any slides marketed toward women, they’re still viable if you can get the right fit. Check out our men’s to women’s shoe sizing chart to get the right conversion.

Do FootJoy Shoes Run True to Size?

Although you may know your size, brands differ in the molds they use to size their shoes. FootJoy seems to do rather well in this department, as shoes are true to size more often than they’re not. If you shop in-store, you’ll be able to ensure a better fit. But, foregoing that, we have a comprehensive guide on shoe sizing and fitting for you to check out. FootJoy also offers a quick guide on sizing FootJoy men’s shoes.

What Color Golf Shoes Should I Get?

What color golf shoe you should get is up to you. There are no rules surrounding this. Traditional golf shoes were often black and white. But now, there are traditional footwear variants in a range of vivid colors, almost like bowling shoes, so you can show off your personality through your shoes, stylistically and color-wise. If you want to come across as a more formal player, black, white and brown are classy and classic. To show off your modern golfer status, perhaps match the shoe colors to your bright-collared golfing T-shirt.

What Are the Best FootJoy Golf Shoes? FootJoy Golf Shoes Review

Since FootJoy shoes are so varied, you can’t nail down which pair is the overall best. Each pair has something to place them on top. Over a century of designing the perfect shoe comes into play with each new release. This ensures each pair has everything you need to play well.

The Best FootJoy Golf Shoes

Here are our recommendations for the best FootJoy golf shoes: We’ve already reviewed the women’s model as one of the best golf shoes, so the focus here is on the Pro|SL Carbon Boa for men. These shoes are made for stability. They feature a wide, synthetic base with soft spikes to keep you steady on slopes. However, they’re also crafted for a connection to your shoe, despite the large sole. This doesn’t just improve stability but also performance. FootJoy achieves the connection via a thin but extensive fine-tuned foam. This means you’ll feel close to the ground while remaining padded and protected. The Boa’s uppers are protected from impact, too—the supple leather is durable and waterproof. Yet, it’s flexible enough to bend when needed, despite its robustness.


  • Great traction for slippery grass and grip when swinging.
  • Extensive comfort and padding, which is great, as you’ll be walking for hours on the course.
  • Breathability so you don’t get sweaty.
  • Optimal support in the heel and sides.
  • Stable and wide base.
  • They’re lightweight so won’t drag you down when walking the course.


  • The sizing is a little small, so they’ll fit tightly with some socks.
See our article on how to stretch tennis shoes, as it applies to all athletic shoes.

Who Are the Best Footjoy Golf Shoes For?

FootJob’s golf shoes are for everyone, of any level. What may be the determining factor in who specific shoes are for is the price. Here are some elements that determine the price-factor:
  • Size: More material means more expensive. That’s why some FootJoy men’s golf shoes may be more expensive than women’s.
  • Material quality: Premium leather will cost more than synthetic ones.
  • Spiked or spikeless: Spineless shoes will be cheaper.
  • Padding and comfort: The less there is, or the less technology that goes into the shoe, the cheaper it will be.
Keep in mind; a shoe being more expensive doesn’t always mean better. In some cases, it may indicate a higher quality and longer-lasting shoe. The higher quality is why the pros tend to go for the upper end of the cost bracket.

What Pros Wear FootJoy?

Two pros who’ve worn the FootJoy Pro|SL are Adam Scott and Louis Oosthuizen. Adam Scott has also worn the DryJoys Casia and StaSof shoes. Louis Oosthuizen has worn the DryJoys Casual and SoiFlex. However, that’s just two pros who’ve worn the current most popular shoe. The list of professional players who’ve worn FootJoy is extensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Buy FootJoy Golf Shoes?

You can buy FootJoy men’s and women’s golfing shoes in most reputable stores or from various online retailers, including FootJoy’s website and Amazon.

How Much Are Golf Shoes?

The price of golf shoes varies by brand. For FootJoy, the least expensive shoe is the FJ Slide at a budget-price. Sneaker-like golf shoes start at under $100, and the most expensive are in the $300 area. In contrast, the golf shoe Nike range goes from under $100 to around $200.

Should Golf Shoes Fit Tight?

Shoes should never be too tight—or they’ll cause pain and affect your game—but they need to fit snugly. Golf shoes are meant to prevent your foot from sliding inside the shoe during your swing. Also, try to leave half an inch between the shoe’s tip and your longest toe. fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

The Takeaway

FootJoy is an old brand worn by new players and seasoned professionals alike. FootJoy golf shoes are made of the finest materials and crafted to feature what every golfer needs in a shoe. There are many incredible golf shoes by other brands out there, but FootJoy still stays on top. Perhaps it’s due to reputation, or maybe it’s because there’s something for everyone with FootJoy. Regardless, it’ll probably be a long time before another company beats FootJoy in the realm of quality golf shoes.  

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