How Do Jordan 1s Fit?

Wondering how do Jordan 1s fit? They are usually true-to-size lengthwise and a little wider than other sneakers.

Today, there are more than 30 Air Jordans in the market, and this is without accounting for the numerous color variations. That said, this article will discuss the different Jordan 1 colorways and answer the question, “Do Jordan 1s run big or small?”

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How Do Jordan 1s Fit?

Although Air Jordan 1s were launched more than three decades ago, they are still as popular as before. The modern designs have incorporated newer technologies, rendering the shoe outdated. However, collectors and sneaker resellers continue to seek them out for various reasons.


The shoe comes in various sizes for men and women alike. It is wider than most sneakers and runs true to size in length. 

In addition, Jordan 1s come with a thick padding on the ankle and a hollow heel base. For those who wear their shoes fully laced, the high cut will hug their ankles and cup their heels, making them feel secure.


The Air Jordan 1 uses Nike Air cushioning technology, which gives the shoe’s midsole shock-absorbing qualities. However, since the air unit inserted is low, the resulting feeling is not as comfortable as the more modern models.

Additionally, the shoe has deep flex grooves and concentric circles, giving the Air Jordan 1s excellent traction. The circular patterns allow you to pivot easily, while the tracks give you a steady grip. The outer rubber sole is soft and flexible to enhance grip further.

To enhance the performance, consider using the best Nike insoles for your AJ 1s.

Retro Air Jordans


Air Jordan 1s have a unique sneaker design; the high-cut style holds the ankles securely, allowing players to jump uninhibited. In addition, the shoe’s high-cut style makes it ideal for pairing with skinny or tapered pants rather than baggy ones.

The shoe’s laterals bear the Nike swoosh and vintage Air Jordan logo. Since the shoes have different manufacturing dates, you’ll find three heel varieties: the Nike Air logo, Jumpman logo, or nothing at all.


Most Air Jordan 1 colorways use split-grain leather painted with a polyurethane coating, despite the changes in manufacturing sites. Unlike the new, breathable materials, this shoe uses perforations and a nylon tongue as ventilation.


Since their debut, Air Jordan 1s are now available in a wide hue selection range. This range accommodates all variations for men’s and women’s shoes, some of which we shall delve into below.

How to Determine Your Shoe Size

How do I know my Jordan 1 size? This is a question most newbies struggle with. However, this article will help you find the correct Jordan 1 sizing.

Before making your order, it’s essential to get your size right. Doing this will spare you the hassle and inconvenience of returning the shoes, especially if you bought them online. To get you started, you’ll need two sheets of A4 paper, a pencil, and a ruler.

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Place the sheets of paper on the floor with tape or your body weight.
  • Stand up straight with your heel against the wall. It’s best to put on the socks you’ll wear your shoes with before getting started. Doing this will help you get your exact fit.
  • Next, ask someone to trace your foot’s outline onto the sheet below using the pencil. Repeat the same process on the other foot.
  • Once satisfied with the outline, measure the distance between the tip of your big toe and your heel.

After completing these steps, proceed to compare the Air Jordan 1s size chart with the collected data.

Finding the Right Jordan 1 Fit for Women

Initially, women who love sneakers had a difficult time finding the proper Jordan 1 sizing. Fortunately, the designers have continually made the necessary changes to accommodate women too.

Air Jordan 1 Front View

Girl’s sneaker sizes typically range between 3.5 and 7. However, Jordan sizes go up to 9.5, while women’s sizes go up to size 11. 

Our Top Recommendations of Jordan 1s

The Air Jordan 1 Mid is a hybrid of the High and Low Jordan 1s and one of the first signature shoes by Michael Jordan. It is loved by most due to its unrestrictive design, which is prevalent with the high-cut designs. The Air Jordan 1 Mid is also readily accessible and affordable, making it even more appealing to a broader audience.

This Air Jordan 1 Mid SE model comes with smooth white leather detailing, and blue stitching on the sides, and the famous “wings” logo on its collar. Unlike most designs with rubber soles, the AJ 1 Mid has a strong leather sole.

AJ 1 Mid is available in numerous colorways, including the iconic Hyper Royal and Banned models. This shoe is ideal for sports and casual wear, thanks to its comfortable and long-lasting design. 



  • Classic, hip style.
  • Its design is versatile to match any style.
  • Made from robust and durable materials.
  • A comfortable design ideal for casual wear and sports.
  • Some customers said they have inconsistent colors that don’t match the colors on the websites.


Like its male counterpart, the Women’s Air Jordan 1 also has a leather sole. 

This shoe was exclusively designed for women, hence its warm “Barely Rose” color. Besides its appealing color, the shoe is appealing to women due to its close resemblance to the AJ 1 for men.

Women’s Air Jordan 1 Mid also comes with the black leather Swoosh on both sides and the “wings” logo branded on the collar. Fans of the black Jumpman will be pleased to see the brand stitched right onto the white nylon tongue.



  • Designed for women.
  • The design can match any style.
  • Made from robust and durable material.
  • Ideal for casual wear and sports.
  • Rose color may not be ideal for everyday wear.


For starters, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High is loved for its numerous colorways in blue, red, grey, green, midnight navy, black, etc. Also, like most AJ 1s, the Retro High model runs true to size, making it ideal for online shoppers.

Its high-cut design provides sufficient ankle support and protection. The shoe also has excellent traction patterns, perfect for indoor and outdoor courts.



  • Numerous colorways to choose from.
  • The high-cut design offers protection and ankle support.
  • Provides excellent flexibility when flexing and standing.
  • Shoe ages beautifully.
  • It doesn’t offer sufficient ventilation.
  • Not as comfortable as other basketball shoes.

Air Jordan Wings Logo


Why Is Air Jordan 1 So Popular?

The controversial history of Air Jordan 1 brought the shoe much-needed press, in addition to the ads that were already in place. However, a lot of hard work and innovation have gone into the shoe to make it a game-changer in the shoe and fashion industry.

The original Air Jordan 1 series had six color variations. Today, Nike has released hundreds of colorways including Midnight Navy, Chicago, Obsidian, Hyper Royal, Neutral Grey, Mocha, and many more. 

These progressive designs and improvements combined with the premium-quality materials used, meticulous craftsmanship, and performance continue to put Air Jordans on the market.

Below are reasons why the shoe is still popular today and why you should get yourself a pair:

  • Variety: From the onset, the Jordan 1 has had numerous colorway selections for its fans. This variety allows sneakerheads and fashionistas to match their clothes with their shoes. Even sneaker resellers have gained tremendously from the multiple choices available.
  • Fitting: Most people agree that Jordan 1s fit to size, making them a trustworthy and convenient purchase.
  • Support: The shoe has a high cut and a sculpted heel, giving you excellent ankle support and protection.
  • Traction: The Air Jordan 1s have great traction, both indoors and outdoors. This versatile feature makes them ideal for everyday wear.
  • Comfort: Some basketballers have praised Jordan 1s for providing great comfort thanks to the soft outsoles.
  • Toe room: The shoes allow enough toe flexibility to allow users room to flex their toes.
  • Aesthetics: Some users claim that the shoe gets better as it ages, thus explaining why the resale values are high.
  • Press: The fact that Michael Jordan wore these shoes to basketball games is enough reason for his fans to keep buying Air Jordan 1s.
Air Jordan 1 Noble Red

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jordan 1 True to Size?

Yes, they are. However, flat-footed individuals who prefer a snug fit should go down a half-size. This will help avoid toe-creasing.

Are Jordan 1s Comfortable?

Yes, they are. You can wear them for sporting activities and casual wear. The sneakers are soft and well-padded, making them ideal to wear all day.

How Do Jordan 1s Fit Compared to Vans?

Like Vans, Jordan 1s fit true to size. They also expand with time to fit wider feet more comfortably.

Should I Size Up in Jordan 1?

Air Jordan 1 sneakers fit true to size, so there’s no need to size up or down—your regular shoe size should fit like a glove. This is the case for lows, mids, and high silhouettes. Regular customers love the reliability of the shoe and how it fits. 

Conclusion: How Do Jordan 1s Fit?

Although there are countless sneaker brands available online, Air Jordan 1s still stand as some of the best shoes in the market. The best thing is you can wear and style your shoes however you like.

Air Jordan 1s are also available in numerous colorways and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. Men and women alike can find their desired shoes online so long as they know their size. Fortunately, AJ 1s are true to size, meaning you will not go wrong with whichever design you select.

Moreover, Air Jordan 1s are also versatile and can be interchangeably worn for sports and casual wear. What other shoe can beat this?

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