How Much Taller Do Shoes Make You?

A few extra shoe inches could be all you need to make yourself appear taller and give you the confidence boost that you need. Shoes can increase your height by as little as half an inch to as much as 5 inches or more, depending on the type of shoe.

This article will highlight tips and tricks you can adopt when wearing shoes to make you look taller. We shall also delve into the different height increments you can achieve from different shoe types. Here’s what we’ll cover:

how much taller do shoes make you
  • How Much Taller Do Different Shoes Make You
  • Easy Hacks for Wearing Shoes to Make You Look Taller
  • Other Creative Ways to Help You Look Taller
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Height Do Shoes Add

Some shoes are generally designed to be a certain height for them to be functional. For example, shoes such as flats are typically half an inch at most from the ground, while others such as boots and heels can be as high as a shoe can possibly be.


It may not be easy to know the average height that different shoes can add. Fortunately, the following section discusses the average inches that different types of shoes can add to your overall height.


One of the most popular footwear varieties is sneakers. Sneakers are must-have shoes known for being unisex, timeless, and dynamic while enhancing comfort and arch support for everyday wear and athletic or sports use.

Part of the comfort these shoes give stems from the raised heel that reinforces foot support. Sneakers typically add about half an inch to an inch to a person’s height.

Height-increasing sneakers can add 2 to 4 inches to the wearer’s height. Puma sneakers, for example, are great unisex sneakers that come with thick rubber soles, thus ideal for making you seem taller.

PUMA Men's REBOUND LAYUP Sneaker, Puma Black-Puma White, 11
2,621 Reviews
PUMA Men's REBOUND LAYUP Sneaker, Puma Black-Puma White, 11
  • TIMELESS DESIGN: Drawing inspiration from the high-top basketball sneakers of the '80s, these PUMA kicks alley-oop the comfort factor to ensure feet and ankles are supported from top to bottom.
  • ENHANCED TECHNOLOGY: Utilizes PUMA's SoftFoam+, a step-in comfort sockliner designed to provide soft cushioning thanks to its extra thick heel.
  • EYE-CATCHING: Features a synthetic leather upper. The iconic PUMA Formstrip stretches along the side and the look is completed with subtle branding embellishments.
  • COMFORT AND SUPPORT: Mid-height with a padded collar adds extra stability and a lace closure for a snug fit.


When looking to boost your height, high heels are an obvious bet, especially for women. There are three options for high heel shoes: low, medium, and high. Low heels add about half an inch, medium heels add 2-4 inches, while high heels add 5 inches and above.

If you would like something comfortable while still slightly increasing your height, kitten heels are the best in this category. An excellent example is the Vionic Women’s Kit Josie Kitten Heel.

Vionic JOSIE0018W Josie Black 8 W
  • Proven to reduce heel pain
  • Full underfoot contact reduces pressure.
  • Optimizes degree of forefoot motion.

On the other hand, if you want something that makes a significant difference to your height, then medium and high would be ideal. There are various heels with medium to high heels, including pumps, stilettos, chunky heels, platforms, and wedges.

For medium heels, a pair of pumps that’s worth looking into is the Clarks Women’s Adriel Viola Dress Pump. For high heels, stilettos such as the Wetkiss Stiletto Heels will give you the height boost that you are looking for.

Clarks womens Adriel Viola Dress Pump, Black Leather, 7.5 US
  • Heel height 3.25"
  • Clarks cushion soft comfort
  • Ortholite footbed

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are flat shoes with an incredibly thick outsole. These types of flats can add up to 4 inches to your height. An excellent example of a platform shoe is the CYNLLION Fashion Block Heel Platform for women.

These shoes make your look taller by lifting you off the ground and making your legs appear longer. For a more subtle look in your elevated soles, long pants or a maxi skirt that covers the tops of your shoe would be an excellent fit for these types of shoes.

kids shoes



Most boots are unisex and can double up as casual and formal wear, making them a favorite to many. Similar to heels, boots come in different heel sizes ranging from low to high.

Although you’ll still find open-toed boots like the Vince Camuto Women’s Open Toe Ankle Boot, most boots are closed in design.


Closed-toe boots are very comfortable even when high, making them an appealing option for men and women. Popular designs in this category include Chelsea boots, hiking boots, combat boots, cowboy boots, etc.

Boots can increase your height from anywhere between an inch to 5 or more. The Dr. Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 Fashion Boot should give you about an inch of height boost, while the Soda Glove – Ankle Boot (for women) will increase your height by roughly 3.5 inches.

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Smooth Black Combat Boot, Fleix Rub, 6 UK/US Men's 7 Women's 8 D US
  • Vegan
  • Goodyear welt stitching
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Slip resistance
  • Two tone synthetic leather upper
Soda Glove - Ankle Boot w/Lug Sole Elastic Gore and Chunky Heel (7.5, Black (PU))
  • Latest Fashion and Trend for Stylish, Sporty & Sexy look
  • Imitation Suede / Man Made Leather
  • Both side Elastic Gore for easy in and out of the boot
  • Combat Boot with Lug Sole Platform and Chunky Heel 3.5 inches

Elevator Shoes

Elevator shoes, like platform shoes, have extra material added to the soles to raise them higher off the ground.

Elevator shoes, also known as lift shoes, have a recognizable, fancy look and are ideal for formal wear. What makes you look taller is the thickly layered insoles and outsoles. The double-layered shoes can add between 2 to 5 inches of height.

These shoes are designed to lift the entire body structure, unlike high heels, which only highlight a woman’s leg shape, thus making elevator shoes suitable for men and women.

Chamaripa Shoes are elevator shoes designed to give men a high-quality professional look. On the other hand, Mario Bertulli elevator collection offers a wide variety of women’s elevator shoes.

CHAMARIPA Men's Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes-Genuine Leather Dress Brogue Shoes-2.76 Inches Taller H91D33D071D
  • Invisible Taller -- Hidden heel for height increasing 2.76 inches instantly.
  • Material:Genuine Leather Upper Material;Rubber sole & Soft Padded Leather Insole.Premium leather bottom men’s shoes is a lightweight option for the man who wants to add a little height.
  • Build Confidence: These elevator shoes are for formal wear, wedding party, public speech and so on, with stunning brogue detailing and seam-tracing. The WHOLE Insole Elevator Layer conforms to the arch foot,Extra Comfortable and Durable shoes;Help people gain confidence by increasing their height.
  • Soft Padded -- Premium natural rubber for outsole, flexible and high wear- resistant, without pungent odor of inferior rubber.
  • Trend Design -- Classic Oxfords Dress Shoes, with exquisite and detailed hollow design to increase the breathability, suitable for daily life.


Flats are an everyday shoe type for men and women due to their convenience. However, they are not usually the most flattering when looking to appear taller.

Beach flats can add up to half an inch or more if you have shorter stature. A great example for women is the Reef Women’s Cushion Breeze Sandals, while the Men’s Flat Sandal Summer Comfortable Leather is, as the name suggests, ideal for men. These shoes are appropriate for daily use, so you won’t look out of place at the beach.

Mens Flat Sandal Summer Comfortable Leather Open-Toe Sandal Beach Walking Shoes for Outdoors Slippers Brown 9.5 D(M) US
  • ♦HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS -- The upper is premium genuine leather. The insole is breathable massage insole, which Finely durable dress sole for comfort and traction.
  • ♦AMPHIBIOUS -- Excellent water resistance, suitable for water and land activities. Keep your feet cool and dry.
  • ♦COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE -- The irregular vein of insole which anti-slip and massages your footsteps. let your footstep for all-day comfort.
  • ♦FASHION DESIGN -- They are easy on and off, wear-resistant and anti-slip. Two style design, As a slip-on indoors or as a walking shoe outdoors.
  • ♦MULTI- FUNCTION -- Can wear almost anywhere. Suit for both Business and leisure activities. Perfectly suitable for walking, hiking, traveling, playing in the beach.

Although these shoes are superior for providing comfort, they only add about a quarter-inch to your height. They are a great option if you feel a bit too tall in most shoes and don’t want that extra lift to your body.

Vertically challenged individuals still have an excellent alternative: the Puma Women’s Platform Slide Sandal. This shoe is perfect for casual indoor and outdoor wear.

PUMA Women's Platform Slide Sandal, Quarry, 8.5
  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • EVA Midsole
  • EVA Outsole
  • Item Package Weight: 1.0 pounds

high heels


Easy Hacks for Wearing Shoes to Make You Look Taller

Besides getting the perfectly-sized heeled shoes, you can still adopt a few tricks to deceive the eyes, making you seem taller.

Wear the Correct Colour Combination

The right color combination for your outfit plays a fundamental role in your overall appearance, including your height.

The idea is to blend in your tops and bottoms as much as possible. For example, if you’re wearing dark-colored pants, wear dark shoes. If you’re wearing light-colored pants, blend in your bottoms by wearing light-colored shoes.

Wear Shoes with Short Necks

This is a subtle yet effective hack to make you look taller. A high neck shoe hides a part of your leg, making short people appear even shorter than they are.

Conversely, a short neck shoe shows more of the leg, if not all, thus creating the illusion of being taller.

Using Insoles

A pair of insoles are a convenient accessory if you’re not interested in buying new shoes but still wish to look taller.

Height-increasing insoles, also known as shoe lifts, can add between 1 inch to 3.5 inches of height. They come in different colors and styles like fabric, gel, and silicone.

To use them, all you do is slide them into your shoes, and you’re ready to go! If you wish to buy a pair, you can order them online or find them at your local footwear store.

Other Creative Ways to Help You Look Taller

Stylists and fashion gurus propose alternative ways to make you seem taller. These options are not shoe-related but are still very effective.

Wearing Vertical Stripes

Prints can either make or break your look when attempting to appear a few inches taller. Vertical stripes, due to their cascading nature, make the eyes focus on the up and down outline of the prints creating the illusion of being taller.

On the other hand, horizontal stripes make you appear shorter as they run in an almost circular direction.

Wearing Fitting Clothes

Going for clothes that fit you properly makes you appear taller and gives the impression of being in good shape. To ensure that you get well-fitting garments, you can have your clothes tailor-made or visit a physical store instead of shopping online.

womens shoes


Maintaining Good Posture

When it comes to appearing taller than you are, maintaining a good, upright posture can do wonders for your appearance. Slouching your shoulders makes you appear shorter and could lead to terrible muscle aches.

Additionally, poor posture leads to long-term effects on your overall health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Converse Shoes Make You Look Taller?

The classic All-Star Converse only gives you 0.7 inches of additional height. If you would like a significant height increase without compromising your style, you can switch to Converse Platforms.

Converse Platforms add twice the height of the All-Stars, making you look taller while still maintaining the signature Chuck Taylor’s appeal. The Converse Run Star Hike turns things up a notch by adding 2 inches of height. They also come with thick orthotic insoles, making you look taller while staying comfortable.

Converse Run Star Hike Hi Sneakers, Black/White/Gum, 13.5 US Women/12 US Men
  • Fabric: Canvas
  • Rubber sole
  • Round rubber cap toe , Logo patch at sides, Embossed logo at heel
  • Heel: 2in / 50mm, Platform: 1.5in / 40mm
  • Lace-up closure

Can I Get Taller By Stretching?

No. There’s currently no evidence to prove this. However, you may seem taller or shorter at different times of the day, thanks to the compression and decompression of your spine’s disc cartilage.


Shoes come in different heel sizes that increase your height by various lengths. Some shoes such as flats and sandals are generally designed to be low profile shoes thus do not boost your height by a significant amount. On the other hand, heels can make you taller by as little as half an inch to as much as 5 inches.

Besides going for high profile shoes to increase your height, you can also use other hacks such as wearing insoles, picking the right color combination, or wearing shoes with short necks to help you appear taller.

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