The Best Insoles for Sandals and Flip Flops

Are your summer shoes less supportive than you would like? Are you wondering what you can do to make them more comfortable? Read on to find out which are the 5 best insoles for sandals and flip flops.

Yes, you can get insoles for summer shoes to keep your feet happy. We look at why you need inserts for sandals, and what features to look for.



1. Summer Soles Softness of Suede Insoles

These insoles have a soft microfiber upper that looks and feels like suede. They come in a range of colors and widths — some are suitable for flip flops as well as sandals. Made from polyester, they allow your feet to breathe, keeping them fresh.

Summer Soles Softness of Suede Stay-Dry Women's Full Length Insoles - Microfiber Suede Absorbs Sweat to Keep Feet Fresh - Adhesive Shoe Liners
  • SOFTNESS OF SUEDE SUMMER SOLES: Suede-bottomed shoes in an instant- just peel and stick! This plush microfiber suede insole is heaven for any open shoe style - even mules, flats and pumps. Give any shoe the feel of a suede sole in an instant!
  • STOP SWEATY FEET: Summer Soles make open shoes and sandals instantly comfy! For hyperhidrosis sufferers, these liners help stop sweaty feet from severely limiting your summer footwear options by absorbing moisture to promote a healthy foot environment.
  • MODERATE ABSORBTION: Softness of Suede absorbent open-shoe liner has been created to answer the needs of those looking for summer footwear solutions for sweaty feet. At only 1/8 inch thick, the comfortable suede micro-fiber will fit easily in any shoe.
  • UNIQUE FIBER BLEND: Suede is micro-fiber; the top layer of the suede soles is made up of loose, "cushy" fibers - just like you're used to seeing and feeling on real suede. Our special microfiber is made of 100% polyester, for ultra-softness underfoot.
  • FOR VARIETY OF SHOE STYLES: Perfect for sandals, pumps, mules, flats - but just the dressy kind, with leather or shiny synthetic soles. Not for spongy flip flops or fabric-bottomed styles. Usually minor trimming is necessary to fit to your shoe.


2. Medical Arch Support Insoles

Open-style summer shoes are often flat soled with little support for arches. These gel insoles for sandals adhere to the base of the shoe to reduce pressure on your feet. They can be removed, washed, and reused.


3. Travel Feet Sandalmate Arch Supports

These invisible insoles for sandals are opaque so that they take on the color of your existing soles. They have arch support and are held in place by Velcro dots. The thin style makes them a practical choice for open shoes.

Travel Feet Sandalmate Arch Support Insole - Open Shoe Orthotic Inserts - Plantar Fasciitis Relief Shoe Inserts - Thin & Lightweight Insole Pads for Men & Women - Flat Foot & Arch Pain Relief
  • Happy walking! The unique arch support is designed to provide balance & stability to people who love to wear sandals during summertime. The soft material of our comfort insole is ideal for summertime footwear, offering the benefits of improved posture, balance & alignment.
  • Increased balance-ability: Sandal mate foot support insoles fit comfortably in any summertime footwear & are held in place by discrete velcro dots, so your body can experience ‘increased balance stability’ at any time of the year.
  • Thin as a pin: Unlike other orthotic insoles on the market, TravelFeet arch support inserts are very thin & lightweight, ensuring every step is light as a feather with optimum foot support. No more thick & bulky arch insoles weighing you down!
  • Stand tall: Sandal mates arch support insole balances your entire body weight, enhancing your overall body posture. Get the support you need & resolve abnormalities such as ankle pain, back pain, hip pain, flat foot & plantar fasciitis.
  • Made in New Zealand: The Travel Feet range of orthotics has been created using twenty years of experience in foot orthotics design. Made from a worldwide patented blend of materials, the TravelFeet orthotics range is only made in our New Zealand factories to our exacting standards.


4. Footinsole Gel Foot Massage Insoles

The gel inside these footpads for sandals massage your arches as you walk. They help absorb impact and distribute pressure throughout the feet. Thin and discreet, they have an adhesive backing to secure them in place.

Arch Support Insoles (4 Pcs) Gel Foot Massage Suede Insoles for Fallen Arches - 2 Pairs Brown
  • UNPARALLELED ARCH SUPPORT - Our arch support flat foot insoles provide unparalleled support to your feet arches and help you get relief from pain while making it easy for you to walk around. These orthotic inserts help distribute and minimize pressure in the foot by providing the additional arch support and by improving their ability to absorb impacts and shocks without excessive stresses. The insoles come in a pair of 2, i.e., 4 pieces.
  • COMFORTING MASSAGING ACTION - The soft PU gel arch support insole provides an effective massage to your foot throughout the day. This helps improve your blood circulation and recover faster from any fatigue, injury or stresses. The insoles also make it possible to wear even those shoes which are uncomfortable but look stylish and elegant - simply slip these arch supporting insoles in the shoes and you are good to go.
  • IDEAL FOR EVERYDAY USE - The insole is ideal for everyday casual or professional wear, sports or athletic activities. The superior quality insole discourages growth of any odor causing bacteria and helps keep your feet dry and comfortable, even when worn for long durations.
  • EASY TO USE - The foot massage arch supporting flat foot insole could be easily sticked inside any shoes with the help of self adhesive base. More importantly, it could also be taken out easily without damaging your shoes, thus making it extremely easy to use. The insoles could also be washed every 6 months to maintain high level of Hygiene.
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that these insoles will prove to be a corrective flat feet or splay feet measure and you will love these for their ability to reduce pain, evenly distribute pressure and help in faster recovery from fatigue.


5. NatraCure Gel Insoles for Flip Flops

Designed to fit any toe-post-style sandals, these gel insoles for flip flops are transparent and low profile. They help stop feet slipping and minimize friction. These insoles are hypoallergenic, sticky-backed, and can be trimmed to fit.

NatraCure Gel Sandal Sole Insert (FBA8122-U CAT) - Self-Adhesive, Anti-Slip Gel Cushion for Your Feet
  • Instantly makes your favorite sandals or open-toed shoes more comfortable with low profile, transparent gel design.
  • Absorbs shock: Low profile, transparent gel design absorbs shock along entire bottom of foot.
  • Minimizes Friction: Neutralizes friction and shear forces with innovative gel construction.
  • Never Slip: Patented 'Never slip' technology reliably holds in place and keeps feet from slipping and sliding.
  • Easy to Use: Self-adhesive and Trims to fit any size. Washable & Reusable. Hypoallergenic. Includes one pair. One size fits all.


Reviews of the best sandal inserts

Going barefoot in sandals can have its challenges. Your feet might slide around or get sweaty. Here are our choices of inserts for summer shoes to keep your feet comfortable.

1. Summer Soles Softness of Suede Insoles

The Summer Soles company is the brainchild of Shannon McLinden. Fed up with slippery, sweaty feet in the Texas heat, she came up with these innovative suede-like inserts.



Designed for women’s sandals, heels, and flip flops, these adhesive-backed inserts come in a range of colors and two widths. You can choose from black, brown, white, or a variety of patterns, including a zebra print.

Not all colors come in different widths, and not all are suitable for flip flops — check the description before you buy.

The insoles are a trim-to-fit design with markings on the base you can cut around. Those suitable for flip flops have a pre-cut slit where the toe post sits.



Moisture absorption prevents feet sliding around and keeps them dry and fresh. The upper layer is a soft 100 percent polyester to cushion your feet.

These insoles are designed for dressier sandals and flip flops, and might not adhere to fabric bottomed or spongy footwear.

Men are not left out either. Summer Sole produces a wool-topped insert for your topsiders which will keep sweaty feet at bay.



  • Range of colors.
  • Two widths.
  • Moisture absorbing.
  • Soft suede-feel microfiber upper layer.


  • Only specific colors have a choice of width and flip flop compatibility.
  • Not suitable for spongy or fabric-soled sandals.
Summer Soles offers a range of colors and widths with these microfiber suede insoles for sandals. Some are also suitable for flip flops. They feel soft underfoot and absorb moisture to keep feet dry and fresh.


2. Medical Arch Support Insoles

Sandals often have flat footbeds, which can lead to a lack of support for your arches. This can result in pain in your feet, ankles, and legs. A solution could be these arch support insoles for sandals from Dr. Eagle Footcare.


There are two pairs (four insoles) supplied in each pack, and they’re suitable for men and women’s shoes. Two of the inserts are clear, and the other two are beige.

They’re made from a medical-grade gel and the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material is soft, durable, and supportive. Having the right support at the arch might also prevent feet from slipping forward in your sandals and relieve pressure on your heels and forefoot.



These inserts are self-sticking, and they can be washed and reused.

The company offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with these insoles for any reason.

Don’t be surprised if the package you receive tells you they’re ball-of-foot inserts. The company does this when they run out packaging. Rather than delay your order, they use alternate wrapping.

These inserts don’t stick onto cloth or other fiber shoe inners. It seems they only stick to smooth surfaces like leather.



  • Four insoles supplied.
  • Gel construction.
  • Massage arches as you walk.
  • Can be washed and reused.


  • Not suitable for sandals with material inner soles.
Supporting arches can be a challenge in sandals which tend to be flat. These gel insoles help support this part of your foot relieving pressure. They have a sticky backing to hold them in place and are washable and reusable.


3. Travel Feet Sandalmate Arch Supports

Made in New Zealand, these orthotic inserts for sandals are backed by Foot Supports International’s 20 years of manufacturing and design experience. The company aims to correctly align your feet, ankles, and knees to provide you with better balance.



Sizes available for women’s sandals are 5 to 13, and men’s 5 to 12. The material is transparent, which means they take on the color of your existing sandal insoles, making them very discreet.

The three-quarter length style fixes to your sandal’s base with small Velcro dots. Stick one side on your sandals, and the other on the insert, and line them up.

Their slim design means they won’t take up excessive room in your sandals while supporting your arches and balancing your body. They’re also a flexible silicon type material, making them comfortable to wear.



The inserts come with one set of Velcro dots, so if you want to move them between different sandals, you will need to purchase more sticky-backed Velcro. The dots might also not stick to fabric-style shoe beds.

This video from a biomechanics expert highlights the way this type of insole works.



  • Thin design.
  • Opaque color.
  • Stick with Velcro dots.
  • Three-quarter length with arch support.


  • Can’t be moved between shoes unless you purchase more Velcro.
These slimline orthotic inserts for sandals provide arch support and aim to correct the balance in your body. They’re opaque, making them discreet, and attach to the footbed of your sandals with sticky-backed Velcro dots.


4. Footinsole Gel Foot Massage Insoles

Footinsole brings us these gel insoles for sandals. They’re designed to provide relief from fallen or low arches by helping distribute the pressure on your feet.



You can choose from a pack of two or four insoles. Many find these are a good option for both flat and high-heeled sandals.

These insoles will massage your feet as you walk improving your circulation, thanks to the soft polyurethane gel and fabric uppers.

Attaching them to your sandals is easy. Peel off the protective film and press the sticky backing against the soles to hold them in place. Remove them without damaging the footbed of your sandals.

The construction and materials discourage bacterial growth, keeping feet odor-free. You can wash them and place them back in your sandals.

A 100 percent risk-free guarantee accompanies your purchase of these insoles. If you aren’t satisfied, return them no questions asked.

It might take a bit of trial and error to get these insoles in the correct place. They also might not offer a lot of support if you have high arches.



  • Massaging polyurethane gel.
  • Soft material upper layer.
  • Suitable for flats and heels.
  • Arch support.


  • Might take a few attempts to position correctly.
Designed to relieve foot pain, these soft, gel insoles for sandals support and massage the arches of your feet. They have a material upper layer and fix with sticky backing. Remove and wash them as you see fit.


5. NatraCure Gel Insoles for Flip Flops

Whether you call them flip flops, thongs or ship-ships (that’s the Arabic slang for them), these lightweight sandals are a summer favorite. However, the flat soles often give your feet little support and shock absorption.

These inserts from NatraCure come in one size, and packs of one or two pairs. They’re trimmed to fit your flip flops.



Thin and transparent, the gel is designed to lessen the impact on your feet. They also reduce friction keeping your feet from sliding and give extra cushioning.

The patented “Never Slip” technology ensures that the insoles, once in place, don’t move around. They have also been dermatologist tested and are hypoallergenic.

If they get dirty, you can remove them, wash them, and then put them back.


It’s not just flip flops these can be used for. You could pop them in any sandals, with or without a toe post.

Wearing these insoles for flip flops in the rain might not be a good idea. You could find they become very slippery and start peeling off.



  • Suitable for flip flops and toe post sandals.
  • Cushioning.
  • Transparent gel.
  • Can be trimmed to fit.


  • Might not stand up well in wet weather.
Suitable for all flip flops and sandals, with or without a toe post, these gel insoles provide extra cushioning for your feet. They’re self-adhesive and are trimmed to fit.


Why Do You Need Insoles in Your Sandals?

People wear insoles in shoes for many different reasons. Maybe there are medical issues, and your feet need support, or perhaps you want more padding.

Whichever is the case here are some factors which influence why you need insoles in your sandals:

  • Sandals are often flat and have little support for arches. This can make your feet feel tired and cause ankles and knees to ache.
  • Comfort is another factor often sacrificed in summer footwear. Insoles designed specifically for sandals can help make them more comfortable.
  • We often wear sandals without socks, and this leaves your feet open to blisters from friction. Some insoles for sandals can help prevent this from happening.
  • Insoles help support arches and relieve pressure on your feet — features you might not find in sandals, especially flip flops.

This video explains why wearing flip flops without support for your feet might be bad for you.


Things to Consider When Buying Sandal Inserts

There are a few important things you might want to consider before buying insoles for your sandals. These include:


1. How Much Support You Need

Insoles for sandals tend to be a lot thinner than traditional ones for shoes and boots. They won’t offer much support for your heels, but they can support arches and the forefoot. Some cushion the whole foot while others target specific areas.


2. What Type of Sandals You Have

You need to choose the right insoles for the type of sandals you have. Most insoles for summer footwear are self-adhesive, making them easy to fit. Decide whether you want small inserts just for your arches or ones that cover the whole footbed.

How to choose Insoles for Sandals and Flip Flops

Some insoles can also be trimmed to fit. You can cut them shorter so they don’t cover the exposed toe area of your sandals. This way they’re not visible when you’re wearing them.

The thickness of the insoles also comes into play. Most for sandals tend to be thin so they shouldn’t take up too much room or make your sandals tight.


Features to Look for in the Best Insoles for Sandals

Let’s look at some things to consider when choosing the best insoles for your sliders, flip flops, wedges, flats, or slingbacks:

  • Insoles won’t stay put in your shoes if they don’t adhere to the footbed in some way. Look for sticky backs or things like Velcro dots.
  • Moisture-wicking. Feet without socks in sandals can get sweaty. Look for materials that help wick moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and fresh.
  • Insoles that incorporate gel tend to be thinner, and it’s a popular choice of material for sandal inserts. It can also have the effect of giving your feet a massage as you walk improving circulation.
  • Arch support. Sandals are often lacking when it comes to arch support. Insoles to support the arches can be small and discreet, but still effective. They help relieve pressure on other parts of your feet by keeping them aligned.
  • Shock absorption. The soles on some sandals are very thin, and they don’t offer any protection from impact. Insoles that cushion your feet and absorb shock will make them more comfortable.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Insoles in Sandals?

Yes, absolutely! The insoles we’ve detailed are all great choices for sandals and/or flip flops. They all have adhesive to hold them in place and will help cushion and support your feet.


How Long Do Insoles Last?

Insoles should last about three to four months before they need replacing. A lot will depend on how often you wear your sandals. If you feel they’re no longer giving your feet support, or are showing signs of wear, replace them.

Insoles for Sandals and Flip Flops for men


Can You Cut Insoles so They Don’t Show in Sandals?

Some insoles are designed as trim to fit. This means you can cut them as you want to fit into your sandals. If you want to see the footbed of the sandals in the toe area, trim them a bit shorter.

Alternately, you can get three-quarter length insoles or ones that target specific areas like your arches. These types of insoles will be encompassed under your feet and won’t be seen.


Time to Hit the Boardwalk

When the sun shines, and you want to get some air to your feet, you get your summer footwear out. However, you might have forgotten how little support they provide. The best insoles for sandals or flip flops will put a spring back in your step.

The ones you choose will depend on the type of sandals you have and the level of cushioning you need. All the inserts we’ve featured have benefits for your feet.

We hope you enjoyed our guide and found it informative and useful. Maybe you didn’t realize you could put insoles in sandals. Now you know you can. Please share so others can benefit too.


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