Italian Shoes Sizing – The Ultimate Guide

The majority of all high-end designer shoes follow European sizing since most of them are made in Italy, Spain, or another European country. The famous designer brands that Americans love such as Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Valentino Garavani, Golden Goose, Scarosso and many more use the European or Italian shoes sizing system.

if you’re into high-end Italian designer shoes, it’s important to know which size to try on, as EU, UK and US shoe sizes are very different. If you want to order online or head into a store and make a purchase quickly and efficiently, you need to know which Italian size corresponds to your US size.

To make your shopping for Italian shoes easier, check out our guide below on Italian shoes sizing. Here we’ll discuss:

  • Men’s Italian shoe size conversion chart.
  • Women’s Italian shoe size conversion chart.
  • Kids Italian shoe size conversion chart.
  • Italian shoe sizes vs. American shoe sizes.
  • Why are Italian shoes the best?
  • Do Italian shoes run small?
  • Why are Italian shoes so expensive?
  • What is the difference between Italian and American shoes?

Italian Shoes Sizing-Infographic


Italian Shoe Sizes to US Conversion Charts

Italian shoe sizes generally follow the standard European sizes, although they tend to run a bit smaller than, for example, French or German shoe sizes. If you’re planning a trip to Italy or just getting a pair of Italian designer shoes here in the US, it’s good to have a conversion chart with you.

italian shoes fit

We made a conversion chart that includes the Italian, UK and US sizes with measurements.

Check the conversion charts from Italian to US shoe sizes for men, women and kids below.

Men’s Italian Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Italy US UK Length in centimeters Length in inches
40 7 6 24.3 9.5
40.5 7 6.5 24.5 9.6
41 7.5 7 24.9 9.8
41.5 8 7.5 25.4 10
42 8.5 8 25.8 10.1
43 9 8.5 26.1 10.3
43.5 9.5 9 26.6 10.5
44 10 9.5 27.1 10.6
44.5 10.5 10 27.4 10.8
45 11 10.5 27.9 11
45.5 11.5 11 28.3 11.1
46 12 11.5 28.7 11.3


Women’s Italian Shoes Size Conversion Chart

Italy US UK Length in centimeters Length in inches
35 5 3 21.3 8.6
35.5 5.5 3.5 21.6 8.8
36 6 4 22.5 9
37 6.5 4.5 23 9.1
37.5 7 5 23.5 9.3
38 7.5 5.5 23.8 9.5
38.5 8 6 24.1 9.6
39 8.5 6.5 24.6 9.8
40 9 7 25.1 10
41 9.5 7.5 25.4 10.1
42 10 8 25.9 10.3
43 11 9 26.7 10.6
44 12 9.5 27.6 11


Kids Italian Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Italy US UK Length in centimeters Length in inches
18 2.5 1.5 10.2 4
18 3 2 10.5 4.1
19 3.5 2.5 10.8 4.25
19 4 3 11.4 4.5
20 4.5 3.5 11.7 4.6
20 5 4 12 4.7
21 5.5 4.5 12.7 5
22 6 5 13 5.1
22 6.5 5.5 13.3 5.2
23 7 6 14 5.5
23 7.5 6.5 14.3 5.6
24 8 7 15 5.9
25 8.5 7.5 15.2 6
25 9 8 15.5 6.1
26 9.5 8.5 15.9 6.25
27 10 9 16.5 6.5
27 10.5 9.5 16.8 6.6
28 11 10 17.5 6.8
29 11.5 10.5 17.8 7
30 12 11 18 7.1
31 13 12 19.1 7.5
32 1 13 20 7.9
33 2 1 20.5 8.1
34 3 2 21.5 8.4
35 3.5 2.5 21.9 8.6


Italian Shoe Sizes Vs. American Shoe Sizes

Italian shoe sizes run smaller than American and also smaller than French and German. Although they generally follow the standard European sizes, they’re still slightly smaller compared to some other European countries. So don’t be surprised when you check the charts above if your Italian shoe size is a size or two smaller than your average US shoe size.

Since you can’t rely on your standard US size, it’s best to measure your foot size and check the chart’s length measurements and then the correct Italian/European shoe size.

Measure Your Feet

measure your feet before you buy an italian shoe

Take a blank piece of paper that’s larger than your foot and place it on the floor. Use your larger foot for measurement and step on the paper wearing socks of medium thickness. Take a pencil and draw a small line at the tip of your longest toe and then draw another line at your heel.

Measure the length between your longest toe and heel with a measuring tape or a ruler. Check the charts above to find your correct Italian size.

If you want to learn more tips and tricks about correctly measuring your feet and getting the perfect fit, check out our guide on shoe sizing and fitting.

You can use the same method with your child, or you can simply sit them on a chair and use a ruler to measure from the outside of the heel to the tip of the big toe. If you want to learn more tips and tricks for measuring your kids’ feet, check our complete guide on kids shoe sizing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Italian Shoes the Best?

Italian fashion, and of course Italian shoes, have a reputation of being one of the best around the world. Italian shoes are well-known for their quality stitching, handcrafted leather, elegance and durability.

The majority of Italian shoes are Blake stitched, which means that the stitching is found on the inside of the shoe, so the stitches are not visible on the outside. This makes the shoes also much more flexible, and along with high-quality leather, the shoes are extremely elegant and comfortable yet durable.

Since Italian shoes are made of high-quality handcrafted leather, it’s essential to know how to take care of them properly. Check out our guide on tips and tricks of shoe care.

Do Italian Shoes Run Small?

Yes, Italian shoes are smaller in size compared to US shoe sizes. In fact, all of the European shoe sizes run slightly smaller, so even though a US size 9 is European size 39, it might still be a bit too small, so don’t be surprised when trying on Italian or any other European shoes.

This is why it’s best to measure your feet and follow the length measurements in the charts above, rather than just relying on your standard US shoe size.

Why Are Italian Shoes so Expensive?

Italian shoes are more expensive, but there’s a good reason for that. The first reason why the prices run so high is the handcrafted Italian leather that’s made by tanners who work with a long-time passion and tradition.

In addition to the high-quality handcrafted leather, several different stitching techniques are another reason why Italian shoes are so pricey. All Italian shoes are put together with one of these three stitching techniques: Blake stitching, Goodyear and Black Rapid stitching, which are the best if you want durable and flexible shoes.

Because so much work and time go into crafting these shoes, it’s no surprise they are priced on the higher side. But remember, Italian shoes are a long-time investment, as they’re not made just to look nice and elegant, but also to last for a long time.

What Is the Difference Between Italian And American Shoes?

There are several differences between Italian and American shoes:

  • Weight: English shoes tend to be heavier than Italian. In the US, the weight of a shoe is sometimes seen as a sign of good quality. But Italians see things differently, they prefer lightweight shoes that are flexible and much more comfortable.
  • Stitching: High-quality US shoes tend to be stitched using Goodyear welting, but quality Italian shoes are mostly made using a Blake stitching method, which makes the soles much more flexible and comfortable.
  • Width and length: Italian shoes tend to run narrower and smaller than American. So before you buy Italian shoes, it’s good to measure your feet and check the conversion charts.
  • Price: Most Italian shoes will cost you quite a lot, whereas a classic American shoe brand will probably cost you less than half, and you’ll still get a good quality pair of shoes.
  • Leather: Italian shoes are most famous for their handcrafted, durable and quality Italian leather, which you can, of course, only get in an Italian tannery.



If you’re planning a shopping trip to Italy or just ordering Italian shoes online, it’s important to know Italian shoes sizing since they tend to run smaller than standard US shoe sizes.

With the conversion charts above, you can now be prepared before getting your new pair of shoes and order the correct size of Italian shoes.

We hope the conversion charts above will help you, getting the perfect size and fit for your new Italian shoes. Please leave a comment below and feel free to share our guide.


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