Our Favorite New Balance 574 Shoes

The New Balance 574 shoe range has an eye-catching classic look that’s reminiscent of old-school running days.

If you haven’t tried New Balance shoes before, these are well-cushioned, durable and double-up as sports shoes or casual footwear.

While we could talk about NB shoes to death, we’ve reviewed three of our favorite New Balance 574 shoes today. There’s something for everyone—men, women and children.

Our top three New Balance 574 shoes are:

  1. Men’s V2 Evergreen
  2. Women’s 574 New Balance V2 Sneaker
  3. Kids’ 574 V1 Evergreen Lace-up


New Balance 574 Shoe Varieties

In 1988, New Balance released the 574 shoe, which was originally designed as a running shoe for better comfort. However, the 574 would gain general popularity over the years.

The 574 running classics are still popular, and NB has remodeled them into a variety of New Balances 574 shoe ranges, from the 574 V2 Evergreen, the women’s New Balance 574 V2 sneaker to the 574 running classic shoe.

Each 574 shoe has a casual design for either running, walking or even playing golf.


How to Buy the Right Pair of Shoes

Our feet need constant protection and comfort, especially as they tend to swell as the day progresses.

To buy the right running classics shoe for you, try them on in the afternoon to get the best fit.

Besides this, focus on these decision points to help you find a shoe that fits and feels good:


The shoe will give you the proper foundation you need for the activity you’re doing, be it walking, running to stay fit or playing basketball a few times a week.

But, we advise against having one pair to cover all purposes. The activity you do most often will determine how much support and cushioning you’ll need. Having the right shoes will help prevent injuries, offer more support and flexibility in your chosen activity.


Some people like to feel like they’re walking on clouds with a responsive shoe with more padding. Others may prefer a more natural feel where they can feel the road beneath them.

The padding is there to protect the joints, tendons and tissues by reducing the impact.

For example, a lightweight shoe may have less cushioning but would be best for races or faster workouts. Everyday running shoes would have more cushioning to absorb the repetitive impact.


While all 574 shoes are expertly crafted from high-quality materials, they use various materials, from leather to suede.

The material won’t only determine the shoe’s lifespan but also the level of comfort, breathability and how much flex your foot has.

For example, if you’re doing trail running, you want your running classics to hold up to the rough, uneven terrain without falling apart. The sole of the shoe will always experience wear and tear first—a harder rubber sole with a flatter outsole will last longer than that of a softer rubber.


While the shoe’s style is important to some, you shouldn’t solely base your decision on aesthetics.

Sneakers won’t offer the same support as running shoes, as manufacturers optimize running shoes for constant impact and forward motion. On the other hand, training shoes are designed to move in multiple directions and have more traction on the sole.

You may want a shoe that resembles the iconic classic running shoe or may want a more modern-looking shoe. Whatever your decision, it’s important that the shoe be the right fit for the activity you’ll be doing and that it molds to your foot’s shape.



Reviews of Our Favorite NB 574 Shoes

We’ve narrowed it down to 3 pairs of New Balance 574 shoes that we particularly like, including one for men, one from the women’s 574 range, and even a New Balance shoe for kids. 

Our Rating


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The V2 Evergreen has the look of the New Balance running classics and consists of a soft combination of suede and mesh, allowing for foot flexibility. This combines well with the removable inserts, allowing you to add an orthopedic insert.

It also has a textured rubber outsole that provides grip on most surfaces. The midsole and heel are molded-resilient foam made from EVA—ethylene vinyl acetate. This allows for a more comfortable fit as the foam will mold to the shape of your foot and absorb shock.

There’s additional stability and support from the shoe as the heel is strongly reinforced with New Balance’s EnCap Technology. This can help reduce the drop from heel to toe.

The only thing that isn’t great is that the tongue isn’t padded, which could cause discomfort, especially if you’re playing sport or doing something very active.

The V2 Evergreen is available from size 4 to 20 in regular, wide or extra-wide.



  • Removable insert.
  • Wide sizes available.
  • Supportive sole.
  • Breathable mesh.
  • Tongue isn’t padded.


These iconic running classics come in a variety of colors to match any woman’s wardrobe. The shoe design makes it easy to dress up or add a bit of personality to your casual fashion style.

The upper is expertly made from soft, breathable suede and mesh that allows your foot to move comfortably throughout your day. This provides all-day support due to the n Balance 574 technology that combines soft, contouring foam with the strong polyurethane rim.

New Balance’s 574 V2 sneakers also feature a hard, textured rubber sole that doesn’t wear quickly, and you can use it on a variety of surfaces.

Measure your size carefully before buying, and beware; these shoes seem to run both small and narrow.

These are available from size 5 to 12 and are available in regular or wide.



  • Soft upper.
  • Foam cushioned heel.
  • Hard rubber outsole.
  • Encap Midsole.
  • Seem to run small in size and narrow


The New Balance Kids’ 574 V1 Evergreen is available for children from as young as a few months to 12 years. These have lightweight uppers that allow for flexibility as your child’s foot moves, which is as close your child can get to being barefoot while getting full protection.

With a textured outsole that provides grip on multiple surfaces, they’ll prevent your child from slipping in school hallways or on the playground. On top of this, the lace-up closure will allow your child to build confidence as they learn to tie their laces.

If your child is very active, it might not be long before the suede begins to look dull and worn. But, apart from that, this is a sturdy shoe for energetic kids.



  • Textured outsole.
  • EVA cushioning.
  • Lace-up closure.
  • Lightweight upper.
  • Suede can look worn.


FAQs about the 574 Range

red sneakers

What Are New Balance 574 For?

The New Balance 574 are for a variety of purposes. This series of New Balance shoes was originally designed to be a running shoe. Over the years, the range has evolved to include sneakers, golf shoes and the 574 classic running shoe. You can use shoes from this New Balance range for running, walking, golfing or just for leisure.

What Is the Difference Between New Balance 574 and 515?

The difference between New Balance 574 and 515 is small but noticeable. The classic running shoe inspired the New Balance 515, and it still has the vintage look and a padded tongue, but with new technology that New Balance utilized in all the new shoes.

Also, the 515 has a lower profile than the 574 and has Fresh Foam that keeps the shoe lightweight without compromising on the support.

The 574 has evolved with a more evocative look and feel with a contrasting logo and non-padded tongue. The 574 also has less mesh than the 515 and the 574 shoes consist of leather, mesh and textile. This ensures that the shoe has a soft upper that still allows for flexibility and breathability.

What Is the Difference Between New Balance 373 and 574?

The difference between New Balance 373 and 574 isn’t massive. While both shoes may appear similar, there are subtle differences between the two. The 574 has a heel reinforcement that features the New Balance logo at the back of the shoe, whereas the 373 doesn’t have this.

The side finishing by the ankles differs, as the New Balance 574 has a piece of leather that separates the mesh from the suede, while the 373’s leather overlaps with the nylon.

The shoes’ sides between the toe cap and the side reinforcements overlap on the 574, while the 373 has nylon separating the suede.

Going to the back of the shoe where the leather logo is, the 373 has a less-shaped line, while the 574 has a distinctive dip in the suede where it meets the leather.

The new balance 574


Final Thoughts

The New Balance 574 range covers a wide variety of shoes. We’ve only chosen three to review in more detail, but if you like New Balance’s shoes, you won’t have trouble finding something to suit you.

Whatever your activity and fitness level, be it walking, playing, golf or running marathons, there’s a 574 classic running shoe that will fulfill your needs.

If you spend most of your day on your feet and are looking for a shoe that’s not only comfortable but offers support, the 574 range is definitely worth a look.

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