New Balance Golf Shoes Review

New Balance golf shoes are among the best footwear on the golf course. Famous for their comfort, with support feature options including NDurance outsoles and REVlite midsoles.

New Balance shoes golf options come at a lower price than what you’d normally see from other brands. This makes them an attractive choice for new golfers, as well. So, let’s dive into our review.

Here’s a quick look at the best New Balance golf shoes:

why choose new balance golf shoes


About New Balance

New Balance was launched back in 1906, Boston by William Riley. The company started by selling shoe accessories, such as arch supports, to improve already-made footwear.

Around the 1930s, the company finally expanded and began producing its own footwear lines. During the beginning, New Balance created shoes explicitly for athletes and active people. Then in 1960, its revolutionary Trackster shoe launched.

Trackster features a few innovative features not common at the time, such as rippled soles and different widths. The choices in width increased the brand’s demographic, allowing more people to wear its footwear.

New Balance has continued to wow us ever since, focusing mainly on high-performance shoes. Among them are its numerous golf series, boasting lightweight constructions and several outstanding comfort features.


Why Choose New Balance for Golf Shoes

We have numerous reasons to bring a pair of golf shoes New Balance to the golf clubs. We’ve explained a few below:


The first benefit of New Balance is comfort. New Balance running shoes are among the comfiest on the market, and most of their golf options are based on this design.

They include responsive midsoles, supporting and balancing your feet as you walk on the course. The uppers are breathable, minimizing odors and increasing your comfort further.

Like most NB footwear, they run true to size and are available in different widths. For more information, read our guide on how New Balance shoes fit.

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Dragging around bulky, heavy shoes on the golf course is a recipe for fatigue. However, the composition of the brand’s footwear makes them ultra-light, even options with spikes.

New Balance achieved a lightweight construction without compromising comfort and support. Features like the REVlite midsoles are designed to be ultra-light while still durable and responsive.


We’ll admit, New Balance has had some misses when it comes to the styling of its golf footwear. But it’s made significant improvements over the last few years.

Today, it offers a range of styles, suitable for young and old golfers. Mesh uppers and low-profile shanks give the shoes a minimalistic, contemporary appearance.

Low Price

Although New Balance isn’t the most affordable brand out there, it does keep the price low compared to other golf shoe brands.

Brands such as Nike offer golf footwear for well over 100 dollars, and New Balance has options for as little as 60 dollars.


Why Wear Golf-Specific Shoes

Just as you wouldn’t run a marathon in your skater shoes, wearing the wrong footwear on the golf course could impact your performance. Here are a few more reasons why golf kicks are essential.

  • Traction control: They come with textured or spiked outsoles that keep you steady on the ground. You need this when swinging to avoid slipping and navigating hilly courses, so you don’t fall. Note that metal spikes are no longer allowed at golf clubs and courses.
  • Support: While you swing, a good golf shoe provides lateral support for your feet. Without this, you could strain yourself or compromise your balance. Running shoes don’t offer this type of assistance as the movements go forward rather than the sides.
  • Style: They complete your look on the course and make you appear more professional. Modern golf footwear looks a lot more wearable than in the early days where they resembled dress shoes.


Reviews of the Best New Balance Golf Shoes


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The NBG 2004 waterproof spiked golf kicks are one of the best options from New Balance. Although they’re an older release, they combine all the right features needed for a day at the golf clubs.

The NBG 2004 includes a REVlite 0.36-inch drop midsole, providing lightweight cushioning and superb responsiveness. It flows with your natural gait, preserving your comfort throughout the day.

With a microfiber leather upper, it’s lightweight and fully waterproof, perfect if you live in a rainy region. The low-profile allows for free ankle movements during your swing, and it doesn’t look bulky on your feet.

It includes a TPU synthetic outsole, which is flexible and enhances your feet’s natural movements. At the bottom, you have Champ Slim-Lok cleats, improving your contact with the ground. These are also removable when not needed.

Size options available range from men’s US 8 to 16 in various widths. You have three colors to choose from, including black.

Unfortunately, the interior lacks padding and is a little thin, decreasing the support.



  • Lightweight and responsive midsole.
  • Microfiber leather upper.
  • Waterproof upper.
  • Low-profile design.
  • Flexible TPU outsole.
  • The interior lacks padding.


The New Balance Minimus SI golf shoe for women is a prime example of this brand’s outstanding comfort. It consists of a breathable, lightweight mesh upper, finished with synthetic overlays for support and appearance. You also have six colors to choose from.

A great feature is the Ortholite Insole, especially if you’re at the golf course most of the day. It consists of proprietary polyurethane, providing long-lasting cushioning and comfort by wicking away moisture. This prevents odors and fungus, increasing the longevity of the shoe.

The Ortholite Insole also provides excellent airflow for your feet, keeping you cool for better performance.

Moving on to the midsole, similar to the NBG, the Minimus comes with a REVlite construction. This innovative foam enhances durability and responsiveness. However, it’s lightweight without compromising cushioning and support.

As opposed to the NBG above, this shoe is spikeless, and instead, offers an NDurance rubber outsole. It’s impressively durable, with additional strength in high wear spots. The outsole is textured, though, so don’t worry about slipping on the grass.

Size options range from women’s US 6 to 11. Half sizes are also available and various widths.

With that said, the included laces could use improvement. They’re quite stiff, causing them to come undone easily. Also, they aren’t waterproof, so on a wet day, your socks may get drenched.



  • Breathable, lightweight upper.
  • Synthetic overlays for support.
  • Ortholite Insole.
  • REVlite midsole.
  • NDurance outsole.
  • Stiff laces.
  • Not waterproof.


The Striker New Balance mens golf shoes are another waterproof option, sporting a microfiber leather upper. It even includes a two-year waterproof warranty.

The upper is skeletally engineered to provide optimal lateral support and fit. It’s ultra-light and consists only of two thin materials, attached using a no-sew method.

Another great feature is the exoskeleton TPU outsole. NB designed it to move with your feet as you walk, providing customized support and stability. Above this, you have a REVlite midsole, comprising a highly responsive piece of foam, offering durability without adding on weight. It’s ultra-comfy for your feet, excellent when on the course.

Inside, there’s a Cush+ insole. This innovative foam compound enhances the shoe’s responsiveness while providing a soft, cushioning feel. Size options are available from a men’s US 8 to 16. Each size also comes with width options.

The low-top profile is minimalistic and won’t feel restrictive. You can choose between three colors, including grey, navy, and white.

However, the upper is a little stiff and requires a break-in. Another potential drawback is the durability of the tongue. It rips easily from the upper, so be careful.



  • Waterproof upper.
  • Upper provides superb lateral support.
  • Exoskeleton TPU outsole.
  • REVlite midsole.
  • Cush+ insole.
  • The upper is stiff and requires a break-in.
  • The tongue isn’t durable and rips easily from the upper.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does New Balance Make Golf Shoes?

New Balance makes golf-specific shoes. Although it often remains in the shadow of larger brands, like Nike and Adidas, it’s definitely worth a try. It combines style and comfort into a reasonably priced product.

Where To Buy New Balance Golf Shoes?

You can buy a New Balance golf shoe from any authorized seller. Amazon is a popular choice, especially since it often offers free shipping. You can also purchase them directly from the brand’s website; however, styles and color options are often limited.

Do Beginners Need Golf Shoes?

Golf-specific shoes can help your performance on the course. For beginners who may not be so serious yet, they aren’t essential. You can easily wear a pair of cross-trainers, which also provide lateral support during swings.

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Final Verdict

New Balance golf shoes are perhaps the underdogs in the category, but they’re well worth a look. With years of amazing athletic footwear behind it, this brand doesn’t disappoint with its golf options.

The overall best golf shoe from New Balance is the New Balance Nbg2004 Waterproof Spiked Golf Shoe. It’s an oldie but a goodie, offering outstanding lateral support and a waterproof upper. The spikes are removable, and the REVlite midsole is highly responsive, helping you complete the course in comfort.

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