Redback Boots Sizing Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Redback boots sizing is expressed in AU size, equivalent to UK men’s sizing. All the models by this Australian boot company are EEE extra wide. To get your size, you’ll need to go one size smaller than your US size, or 2 ½ sizes smaller for women.

But are they true to size? Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Redback Boots sizing.

These are some of the things we’re covering in this Redback sizing guide:

  • Are Redback boots good?
  • Top Redback styles.
  • Redback boots sizing chart.
  • Fitting Redback boots.
  • How do you break in Redback boots?
  • Do Redback boots run big?

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Are Redback Boots Good?

Redback boots are high-quality, versatile and durable. If you need a tough work boot that’s also comfortable for hours on end and lasts a long time, you should definitely try this brand.

What makes Red backs different is that they’re incredibly comfortable. They’re all EEE extra wide and have an anatomic sole that’s designed to reduce fatigue in your feet and, consequently, your legs and back. The outsoles are tough but flexible, and they’re also relatively light, so you don’t tire yourself out on them.

Despite their heavy-duty purpose, the look of many of their models is adaptable for managerial-level meetings or the street. They’re also slip-resistant, even when your work environment includes dangerous spilling liquids. For these situations, you can also opt for no-lace models to keep your feet dry.

Top Redback Styles

These are some of the most popular Redback boots styles and how they fit.

Easy Escape

Redback’s ultimate, laceless work boot model Easy Escape comes with or without a secure steel tip. It’s generally about half a size smaller than true to size.

These boots have a lightweight polyurethane sole that’s slip resistant on oil, acid or water, making the boot safe in hazardous environments. The non-laced model doesn’t let spilling liquids inside the shoe over the tongue.


The Outback is ideal for those who prefer a lace-up model, but want the same durability and protection. They’re a favorite of many first responders, as well as auto mechanics and other professionals who prioritize safety and support. They’re slip-resistant, come with a steel toe cap and meet ASTM standards in electrical hazard protection.

These boots fit wide but not long, so if you’re between sizes, you may want to go up half a size.


Bobcat from Redback is a slip-on ankle boot with the same sleek look as the Easy Escape, but with a soft toe. They have the same comfortable insole and quality outsole as the work boots models, but they’re also wearable on the street or for a rough hike.

These Redback boots tend to fit true to size, according to users.

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Redback Boots Sizing Chart

This chart will help you convert your US shoe size into your Redback boot size, with half sizes included. Note that Redbacks are in UK men’s sizing only, so there is no separate women’s size chart.

Redbacks boots models are all EEE. If you need more information on what shoe width letters mean, check out this one to find your size.

UK sizes are about one to one and a half size smaller than your US size. In women’s boots, you’ll need to go two and a half sizes smaller than your US size to get your UK size.

US men’s size US women’s size UK (Redbacks shoes) size
4 5.5 3
4.5 6 3 to 4
5 6.5 4
5.5 7 4.5
6 7.5 5
6.5 8 5.5
7 8.5 6
7.5 9 6.5
8 9.5 7
8.5 10 7.5
9 10.5 8
9.5 11 8.5
10 11.5 9
10.5   9.5
11   10
11.5   10.5
12   11
12.5   11.5
13   12
14   13
15   14
16   15

Fitting Redback Boots

Here are some tips for when you’re trying on new Redback boots, so you get the size just right. Also, check out our complete shoe sizing and fitting guide for more tips.

  • Swelling: Always try on new boots in the afternoon or at night, when your feet are more likely to be swollen. This way, the boots don’t end up being too small.
  • Prepare: Think about what you’re going to be wearing with the shoes. Orthotic inserts or thick socks might take up a lot of space, so it’s key to wear them when trying on the boots.
  • Toes: Make sure the toe box isn’t too tight and that your toes aren’t crammed at the front. This is especially important with Redback’s steel tip models.
  • Heel: With laceless models, you should have enough room to slip the boot on without too much discomfort. When you walk, the heel may experience a bit of movement, but it shouldn’t feel like it’s falling off. Lace-up models should fit more snug.
  • Overall comfort: Walk around with the boots on and pay attention to how you feel. If there’s any pressing, pinching or discomfort, you’ll probably need to size up.
  • Arch: This brand has a pretty high arch, so if you have flat feet, you may have some discomfort in the beginning. Make sure it’s not too uncomfortable.

Pro tip: For extra comfort, you can also switch to moisture-wicking, shock-absorbing Redback leather insoles. You’ll have to order them separately, but they do add a bit more comfort to the boot. They also take up some more space in the shoe if they’re feeling a bit too loose.

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How Do You Break in Redback Boots?

Redback boots are natural leather, so they have a bit of natural give. Breaking them in won’t take much more than wearing them a couple of times, but if the shoe is feeling too tight, you might need an extra trick or two.

Remember that trying to widen a pair of shoes always carries a small risk of taking it too far, damaging the leather or deforming the shoe.

Also, note that models with a steel tip won’t stretch as much as a boot made entirely out of leather. If the Redback boots model you’ve bought has a safety tip, you should make sure the fit is right from the start.

Thick Socks

The easiest way to break in a new pair of boots is by putting on a pair or two of thick socks when you’re at home and wearing the shoes for a couple of hours. The socks should make them feel tight, but not so much that you’ll cut circulation to your feet.

When you take off the thick socks and try the shoes on with your regular socks, you should feel the shoe a bit looser.

Hairdryer Trick

This trick is the same as previous, but it speeds it up with heat. You’ll also be able to target precisely the point of the shoe where you need more support.

Put on the shoes with thick socks, and grab a hairdryer to direct warm air to the shoe. Move it around and make sure you don’t heat up one spot too much to damage the leather.

When you feel nice and comfortable, turn off the hairdryer but keep the boots on until they’ve cooled down.

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How Long Do Redback Boots Last?

Redback boots, with the right care to the leather, can last you for years, even in tough use. This is what makes them a favorite of professionals, whether you work in construction, industry or farming. The steel tip on some of their work boots also makes the boot both more durable and safe.

Do Redback Boots Run Big?

Redback boots are generally true to size or half a size smaller in the sole, but they may feel a bit loose on the upper. They’re also EEE extra wide, made to be worn with thick work socks. Those with narrow feet may need an insole to take up some of the room inside the shoe.

Are Redback Boots Comfortable?

Redbacks are, according to many users, the most comfortable boots you’ll ever wear. They’re tough to work in, but the leather and inner lining are very soft and comfortable. If you’ve got the right size, you should have no problem with a pair of Redbacks.

Do Redback Boots Fit True To Size?

In general, Redbacks run between true to size to a maximum half size smaller, but remember that they’re measured in UK men’s sizes. That means you’ll need to go about one size smaller than your US men’s size, and 2 ½ sizes smaller than a US women’s size.

Bottom Line

Redback is an Australian boot company that makes top quality work footwear. Sure, you can wear them on the street, and they’ll be right in their element on a tough trail, as well. They’re known to be comfortable, durable and made for heavy-duty use.

When buying, check out the Redback Boots sizing chart above to convert your boot size from US to UK sizing. Remember that these boots are made to be worn with thick socks and are EEE extra wide.


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