How To Combat And Remove Scratches From Leather Boots

No More Scuffs. Remove Scratches From Your Leather Boots With Ease

You are all set to make an outing or attend a party. At the moment, you notice some foul lines all over your favourite pair of boots.

Or you were brave enough to pass through a crowded place making your way to home. Having reached home, you are left with nothing else but a scuffed boot surface.

Or you put your pair carefully in its intended place, but your sweet pet is not as friendly to the boots and scraped it with his claws.

Oh damn! Such awful situations leave you with a shock and a thought flashing over and over again in mind- How To Remove Scratches From Leather Boots.

No doubt, there is nothing more daunting than dumping an otherwise sturdy and wearable pair just for it got scratches. It might amaze you, but many easy solutions can repair such leather scuffs restoring its integrity, charm and shine.

Although the article is intended around How To Get Scratches or Scuffs Out From Leather Boots yet, you can take the same measures to combat against scratches on any other leather covered material such as sofa, wallet, jacket, etc.

Essentially, it’s all about fixing the leather scrathes.

How To Get Scratches Off Your Leather Boots (A-Z Guide)

So you were careful enough but still got a scratched and scuffed appearance for your boots.

No worries, Although you can’t cure these lines yet you can disguise them, in a way, that nobody can notice.

In the nutshell, leather is an animal’s skin. To pampering your feet, the animal is dead, and a dead skin can’t recuperate itself.

So you have to nourish a scuffed pair topically to restore its integrity and sheen. Let’s see how:

Understand The Terminology First:

Before I go on explaining the actual methods, have a look that what are we up to:

If there is a scratch on the surface, or in a worse case if it’s a crack, the surface moves apart and creates a cavity in the leather. So:

  • We are trying to re-adjoin the gap together that means making the leather one piece again.
  • Then we move on to fill the line so as to blend it into the surface.

Let Me Explain How To Do That:

Method 1

Dab a piece of cloth in white vinegar or olive oil. Rub it on the leather surface but in a circular motion.

As the best practice, leave the pair for 24 hours so as the oil seeps into the surface. Yes, you can use either of the two- white vinegar or olive oil. Both of the liquids give the leather a slight swelling.

As soon as the surface is swollen, it diminishes most of the scratches without any further user intervention. Isn’t it quick and excellent?


In case, the scratches are awful and more prominent or if some of them have turned themselves into cracks, here’s a more robust solution but demands some work. Follow it as:

  • Fill the cracks or I must say scratches with super glue. Be careful that you fill only within the scratches. Right after filling, dab with a piece of cloth to suck away the excess glue. You can find the paste quickly, at any hardware store.
  • You can leave it as it is but coat the glue with a polish as the same colour as the leather is. There will be some fine lines on the surface that is not much noticeable. But if you are just like me and want to take it further, take a few more measures.
  • After applying the super glue, immediately, take a sand paper and sand the scratches. Don’t sand randomly or in a circular motion but in the direction of the scratch itself. It will produce some fine dust of leather on the surface that will get stick with the glue, thus, truly filling the scratch with the fine dust of leather itself.
  • Once done, take as same colour polish as the leather and apply & buff it on the whole surface. It will blend the scratches perfectly with the surface.
  • Don’t forget to apply a leather conditioner or nourisher on the surface as the boot loses its shine during the scratches and it’s treatment process. Choose a conditioner manufactured by a reputed brand only.

Some Quick Alternatives To Combat Scuffed Boots

The method mentioned above is the most complete to take scratches off your leather boots.

But what to do, in case, you are in a hurry or don’t want to mess up too much or unable to gather the supplies mentioned earlier.

There are a few workarounds such as:

A baby oil is available in everyone’s home. Apply a small amount on the surface and with a piece of cloth. Rub it for a few minutes so as the oil is submerged into the leather. As a few next steps:

  • Heat up a cloth iron.
  • Place the iron on the scratched area where you just applied the baby oil.
  • To be on the safe side, don’t place the iron directly on the surface. Place a thick piece of cloth in-between the leather surface and the cloth-iron. It will pass only the heat to the leather without burning it out.

If it’s a pair of black colour, you can simply use a permanent marker to draw the scratches out. On top of that, apply a buff of same coloured polish. The leather and used colour will blend.

There are many ready-made leather repairing kits available in the market. The process to use is hassle-free and implement and forget type of solution. They are pretty affordable as well.


Although these ready-made kits are easy to use, that is why a person is prone to buy them, yet you must be extra careful while choosing the colour tone.

If you fail to get a kit compatible with the leather color, you will end up with;

1) Ruining your pair.

2) Making the scratches even prominent than removing them, because of the contrast created by the colour difference.

So contact the customer support so as to assist you with choosing as right colour tone as possible. I reiterate, don’t take this point lightly.

Contact a cobbler. Not only for the cracks but to fix any damage occurred to the footwear; we can never deny the significance of approaching a professional.

It, at least, ensures that the damage will be repaired, and no new damage would happen during the repairing.

On the other hand, If mishandled, self-experiments may cause some additional damages to the leather. But contact a reputed shoe-repairing house or a seasoned cobbler only.



As a scratch or a crack is essentially the surface tearing apart, it creates a gap in the surface. No matter how minute or wide the gap is, some dust, mud, etc. Get settled in it. So before trying any scratch-repairing method, make sure to thoroughly clean the space.

Stuff your boots with some filling such as rags or tissue papers. It will bloat the surface opening the cracks and facilitating easy removal of the dust from the cavity. Now buff the surface with a soft brush and it will clean the area thoroughly. You can also choose a ready-made cleaner to remove some stubborn dust.

How To Protect Your Leather Boots From Scratches

Honestly, there is no particular way to keep scratches off your boots.

Its all about you being conscious about your footwear being rugged against a hard surface or being crushed by the crowd in the street or even being scratched by your cat or other pet.

Besides, you must choose a pair of boots that is water-proof.

The leather surface of such boots is coated with a protective but invisible and colourless layer that solely resists water to seep into the surface.

At the same time, not super-powerful but, it doesn’t catch scratches easily. Try some Utmost Quality WaterProof Boots this time.


I am pretty sure that I did a fair job calming your mind and solving the problem of how to remove scratches from your leather boots. Still prevention is the best remedy so try avoiding the situation that may harm your footwear.

The scratches are more prominent in case you have plain boots than textured boots. On the other hand, if the boot surface has a textured appearance, some minor scratches and damages submerge within and are not much noticeable. So try if a textured boot suits your liking.

Although some companies claim their pairs as a scratch-proof product, in practice, no such pair can ensure with a 100% guarantee. Moreover, they are extra expensive, so it’s not wise spending that high for a situation that is uncertain to occur, sometimes in future. Better repair it if it happens rather spending a fortune at the time of purchase.

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