How to Repair Leather Shoes With Torn Leather in Easy Steps

Have your favorite leather shoes cracked at the creases? Maybe they have split and a hole has formed, or they have a tear in them. This guide will show you how to repair leather shoes with torn leather so you can get more wear out of them.

Leather shoes are an investment, and the longer we have them, the more comfortable they are. Time can take a toll on the uppers which can eventually crack and tear.

We’ll detail how to repair torn leather. You’ll also learn some tips for caring for and protecting your leather shoes.


How to Repair a Hole or Tear in Leather Shoes and Boots

You can prolong the life of a comfortable pair of shoes with an easy repair. Here is what you do.

How to Repair Leather Shoes With Torn Leather

What You Need

  • Leather Repair Kit.
  • Rubbing alcohol.
  • Cotton swabs.
  • Newspaper
  • Clean cloth.
  • Scissors

The Method

  1. Clean loose dust and dirt from your shoes with a damp cloth.
  2. Using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol, clean all around and underneath the damaged area.
  3. Unpack the contents of your leather repair kit. You could choose one like this from Fortivo which has all you need for a repair.
  4. Take the backing material and cut a piece the same shape as – but slightly larger than – your tear.
  5. If the edges of the tear are uneven, trim them very carefully so they are not as ragged.
  6. Take the leather adhesive from the kit and use the selection of colors to get an exact color match. There is generally a handy color chart included and an empty pot for mixing, as well as a small spatula.
  7. Place some of the adhesive on the backing patch and secure it underneath the tear.
  8. Apply adhesive over the tear, filling in the hole until it is level with the edges.
  9. Allow the adhesive to dry.
  10. Once dry, use a fresh cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to blend the adhesive into the edges of the tear. You might need to apply some pressure to do this, so either pad the shoe with newspaper or put your hand inside the shoe.
  11. Polish your shoes to finish them.


Pro Tips

  • When mixing your shade, add the different colors a little at a time.
  • There is usually a test patch in the kit for you to practice on. If you are unsure what you are doing, carry out a repair on this first. That way you will get it right when fixing your shoes.
  • You can speed up the drying process by using a hairdryer on a cool setting to cure the adhesive.
  • Remember, the adhesive color will look darker when wet.

This video shows you how to repair a hole in leather. It’s not a shoe, but the principle is the same.


Repairing a Crack in Leather Shoes

Sometimes cracks in the creases at the front of leather shoes and boots can make them look old and worn. These tend to occur where the foot bends at the base of the toes. If left untreated, eventually they may tear or form a hole.

You can use the above method to fill cracks. The only thing you don’t need is the backing material, so skip number 4 and follow all the other steps.

Clean the shoes, and place leather adhesive in the cracks. Even it out with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol after it’s dried.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can this Method be Used to Fix Peeling Leather Boots and Shoes?

Yes, it can. You can treat peeling leather in the same way as cracks. If there is an actual hole, then use some backing material as well.

To ensure a smooth and even finish, deal with any loose leather before starting. You can use scissors to trim fraying edges or use the leather adhesive to fix them back in place.


Can You Prevent Cracks and Holes from Forming in Leather Shoes?

Take care of your leather shoes to prolong their life and keep them looking good. Condition them regularly with a product like Leather Honey or Mink Oil to keep them supple. They will then be less likely to dry out and crack.


You can learn all about polishing and conditioning leather in our article How to Polish, Shine and Condition Leather Boots to Perfection.

Small creases in shoes are inevitable over time. While they might detract from the appearance of your shoes, they don’t need filling in. This article tells you how you can deal with wrinkles in your leather shoes.


How Do You Fix a Hole in a Leather Sole?

It’s not just the uppers of leather shoes that wear; the soles do too. You can fix this in a similar way to prevent water, dirt, and stones getting in.

You need to clean the sole of your shoe and remove the insole. Cover the hole on the inside with duct tape. Once this is done, use an adhesive like Shoe Goo to fill the hole completely.


Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before it wearing. Replace the insole, and you are good to go.


Good as New

Leather shoes can be expensive, and replacing them means your bank balance takes a hit. Knowing how to repair leather shoes with torn leather means your shoes can last you longer. You don’t need to relegate them to the shoe graveyard.

It’s also important that you care for your shoes to prevent cracks and holes forming in the uppers.We hope you enjoyed our guide and found it useful. Please leave us a comment; we would love to hear how you get on with your repairs. Also, please share so others can benefit as well.



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