Safety First: Best Construction Boots

Getting a pair of best construction boots is an important aspect that workers should take into consideration. This is because having the best construction boots saves them from worrying about the possible injuries that their feet might acquire while working in jobs that are quite hazardous.

Unfortunately, the abundance of unreliable products in the market can possibly prevent them from getting what they need. Therefore, buyers are advised to conduct the needed research prior to the purchase to effectively narrow their choices down and identify the most reliable boots such the following:

Timberland Men’s 6 inch Basic Bt Boot


The Timberland Men’s 6 inch Basic Bt Boot is one of the popular construction boots that most workers prefer to buy. The product has become a bestseller since it is marketed with a very functional design that suits the needs of workers. Timberland claims that the boots are specifically made for those involved in the construction business. Each pair is designed to withstand the wears and tears brought about by the dusty and challenging environment where it is intended to be used.

Aside from its reliable design, the Basic Bt Boot is admired for its upscale construction. Its upper portion is made of premium full-grain nubuck leather that offers a comfortable fit and resistance to abrasions. When used, the pair provides a comfortable fit around the ankle and this feature is basically due to its padded collar layout. It also provides the needed warmth on each foot since it is equipped with the 400 grams PrimaLoft insulation.

Since the construction industry usually comes with wet working places, Timberland made the Basic Bt Boot with a directly-attached seam-sealed waterproof construction. With such a design, the user’s feet remains dry and comfortable. Finally, the boot is equipped with a rubber lug outsole that supplies the needed traction and makes this more durable.


  • Features a durable, reliable and decent design
  • Made of upscale materials
  • Offers a waterproof and abrasion resistant construction
  • Comes with a padded design that keeps the ankles comfortable
  • Equipped with the 400 grams PrimaLoft Insulation
  • Has a durable rubber sole that improves traction
  • Comes with 6-inch shaft
  • Has laces made of 100% PET material
  • Has a rubber lug outsole for enhanced surface grip


  • Product availability is quite limited
  • Sold at a higher price
  • Might not be shipped in some countries
  • Not backed by a warranty

Despite its relatively higher price, the Timberland Men’s 6 inch Basic Bt Boot still retains its appeal on the buying public. In fact, the product is still among the most popular options since it comes with a long list of features that provides its users with a great combination of comfort and protection.

KINGSHOW Men’s 1312 7″ Premium Full-Grain Leather Plain Rubber Sole Soft Toe Work Boots

Another preferred construction boot option is the KINGSHOW Men’s 1312 7″. The product comes with a solid construction and a unique design that was carefully crafted to provide the user with lasting comfort and protection needed while working. Just like the other popular products in the class, the 1312 7” work boot is made of upscale full grain leather that makes it look decent and at the same time resistant to wear and tear.

Aside from the high-grade leather, the product makes use of premium-grade rubber for its outsole. The outsole is also equipped with directional lugs that are responsible for enhanced traction. The Goodyear welt technology on the other hand makes the boots more slip-resistant when used on wet and slippery surfaces. For enhanced ankle support and keep the feet comfortable despite of longer use, each pair is fitted with a shaft that measure about 5 inches from the arch.


  • Comes with an upscale and decent design
  • Made of premium full-grain nubuck leathers and durable rubber
  • Keeps the feet comfortable and well-protected all-day long
  • Has a water resistant upper
  • Equipped with the Goodyear welt technology
  • Has a 5-inch shaft that provides ankle support and comfort
  • Has an outsole with directional lugs to deal with different terrains
  • Sold at a lower price


  • Easily gets out of stock
  • Lacks the advanced anti-odor feature
  • Not that lightweight
  • Might not be eligible for international shipping

Many construction workers regard the KINGSHOW Men’s 1312 7″ as their ideal option since it bundles a number of features that allows their feet to remain comfortable and protected while working. The product also comes with a decent design that makes it look good when worn outside of the workplace.

Air Balance Men’s Durable Nubuck Leather Steel Toe – Slip Resistant Insulated Work Boots

Many consumers also consider the Air Balance Men’s Durable Nubuck Leather Steel Toe as their chosen option. It is because the product is decently-priced and comes with a good design that allows it to provide the needed comfort and protection.

The boot is made of nubuck leather paired with a sole made of durable rubber. It is equipped with ample amount of insulation that keeps the user comfortable while wearing it. For added protection, the boot is fitted with the company’s steel toe technology which also makes it relatively heavy. Aside from that, the product’s sole was carefully crafted and designed to be resistant to water, oil and slipping. Thus, the user will surely have a peace of mind while wearing this.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Made of high-grade nubuck leather and rubber
  • Features a steel-toe construction
  • Well-insulated
  • Slip, oil and water resistant
  • Decently priced


  • Relatively heavy
  • Lacks some of the added safety and comfort features that rivals have
  • Might not be shipped in some countries
  • Might not be readily available in some parts of the US

With its decent price and a solid set of generic features, the Air Balance Men’s Durable Nubuck Leather Steel Toe emerged as a top choice among budget-conscious buyers. It is also liked for its decent exterior design and the well-crafted sole which is slip, oil and water resistant.


Upon looking at their set of features, the three products discussed above are definitely among the best construction boots in the market right now. But out of the three, the Timberland Men’s 6 inch Basic Bt Boot can be the best option since it offers more useful features despite of its higher price.

The second best option is the KINGSHOW Men’s 1312 7″ for it provides some of the features that the Basic Bt Boot provides but at a lower price. Finally, the Air Balance Men’s Durable Nubuck Leather Steel Toe secures the third best option for it is equipped with all the generic characteristics that a good construction boot is expected to provide.

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