Shimano Shoes Sizing Chart — Get Your Best Fit

If you’re an avid cyclist, getting a good pair of cycling shoes that fit you perfectly is critical, and people tend to underestimate the importance of a right fit for their cycling shoes. 

Shimano makes everything from pedals to wheels and cycling clothes, and it offers a wide variety of cycling shoes, too. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or just a weekend recreational cyclist, you’ll definitely find cycling shoes that’ll best suit you. They offer a range of types, including road, off-road, mountain and indoor cycling shoes. 

But cycling shoe fit goes beyond just getting the correct number, as they should be a different size and fit than your walking shoes. In addition, Shimano shoes come in European sizes, which can also be a bit confusing if you don’t know how to convert them to US sizes.

If you’re planning on getting your first pair of Shimanos, check out our Shimano shoes sizing chart so you can get the best fit. Here we’ll discuss:

  • Shimano shoe men’s size chart.
  • Shimano shoe women’s size chart.
  • Shimano shoe widths.
  • How to measure your feet.
  • How should cycling shoes fit?
  • Does Shimano make half sizes?
  • Do Shimano shoes fit true to size?

Shimano Shoes Sizing Charts

Since Shimano shoes come in European sizes, we’ve collected below men’s and women’s Shimano shoes sizing charts in UK and US sizes as well, so you can check which size you’ll need before you head in-store or make your order online. 

Men’s Shimano Shoes Sizing Chart

Shimano offers men and unisex shoes, and the chart below refers to both shoe models.

EU US UK Length (centimeters) Length (inches)
36 3.7 2.7 22.5 8.8
36.5 4.2 3.2 23 9
37 4.5 3.5 23.2 9.1
37.5 4.8 3.8 23.8 9.4
38 5.2 4.2 24.2 9.5
38.5 5.5 4.5 24.5 9.6
39 5.8 4.8 24.8 9.8
39.5 6.2 5.2 25.2 9.9
40 6.7 5.7 25.5 10
40.5 7.2 6.2 25.5 10
41 7.6 6.6 25.8 10.1
41.5 8 7 26.2 10.3
42 8.3 7.3 26.5 10.4
42.5 8.7 7.7 26.8 10.5
43 8.9 7.9 27.2 10.7
43.5 9.3 8.3 27.5 10.8
44 9.7 8.7 27.8 10.9
44.5 10.2 9.2 28.2 11.1
45 10.5 9.5 28.5 11.2
45.5 10.9 9.9 28.8 11.3
46 11.2 10.2 29.2 11.5
46.5 11.5 10.5 29.5 11.6
47 11.8 10.8 29.8 11.7
47.5 12 11 30.2 11.9
48 12.3 11.3 30.5 12
49 13.2 12.2 31.2 12.3
50 14.2 13.2 31.8 12.5
51 15.2 14.2 32.5 12.8
52 16.2 15.2 33.1 13

Women’s Shimano Shoes Sizing Chart

Besides unisex cycling shoes, Shimano offers some specific women’s shoes as well. The sizes for women’s shoes range from EU size 35 to 44. 

EU US UK Length (centimeters) Length (inches)
35 4.5 2.5 21.9 8.6
36 5.1 3.1 22.5 8.8
37 5.5 3.5 23.2 9.1
37.5 6 4 23.5 9.2
38 6.5 4.5 23.8 9.4
38.5 6.9 4.9 24.2 9.5
39 7.2 5.2 24.5 9.6
39.5 7.5 5.5 24.8 9.7
40 7.8 5.8 25.2 9.9
40.5 8.2 6.2 25.5 10
41 8.5 6.5 25.8 10.1
41.5 9 7 26.2 10.3
42 9.5 7.5 26.5 10.4
42.5 10 8 26.8 10.5
43 10.4 8.4 27.2 10.7
43.5 10.8 8.8 27.5 10.8
44 11.2 9.2 27.8 10.9

Shimano Shoe Width

Most Shimano cycling shoes sizing is a standard D width. While regular shoe widths work for most cyclists, those with broader feet can also find some shoe models from both road and offroad categories that come in E width. 

If your foot measurements are only slightly wider than the standard D width, you don’t necessarily need to opt for a wider shoe model, as you can just size up half a size and get the same effect. Remember that using a cycling shoe that’s too wide can result in your foot moving around, which can cause reduced pedaling efficiency or rubbing of the feet that results in blisters. 

To learn more about shoe width letters and measurements and see if you need to opt for a wider shoe model, check our guide on what does shoe width letters mean. 

How To Measure Your Feet At Home

a women feet

Before you order Shimano shoes online or head to a store, it’s best to measure your feet to be prepared and know exactly which size and width you need. Shimano stores have a Brannock measuring device, but if you don’t have a local store nearby, you can do the measuring by yourself at home. 

You’ll need:

  • A piece of blank paper.
  • Cycling socks that are thinner than regular socks.
  • A pencil.
  • A ruler or measuring tape. 

Put on the cycling socks first and place the piece of paper on the floor. Stand on the paper and draw one mark at the point of your longest toe and another at the end of your heel. Then make two marks on each side of the widest part of your foot as well. 

Do this with both feet—as one might be slightly longer or wider than the other. Take a ruler or a measuring tape to measure the length and width of your feet.

Using the measurements of the larger foot, check the charts above to compare the length with the shoe sizes. If you’re between sizes go a half size down since you don’t need extra toe room with cycling shoes, as you would with your walking shoes. 

If your foot is between 3.2 and 5.2 inches wide, you should get the wider Shimano shoes that come in the E width. If your foot is only 3.2 to 3.4 inches wide, you can still get the standard D-width Shimano shoes, but get them in half a size larger. 

For more tips and tricks on shoe sizing and measuring, check our ultimate guide on shoe sizing and fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should Cycling Shoes Fit?

Cycling shoes are made for one purpose only—pedaling. Therefore, sizing up if you’re between two sizes, as you would when buying walking shoes, isn’t a good option. Since you’re not going to walk around in them, you don’t need that extra toe room and you should have no more than half an inch of space between your longest toe and tip of the shoe.

Your Shimano cycling shoes should wrap snugly around your feet, almost like a second sock. The heel should also feel fitted to your foot, so it doesn’t move around in the shoe. 

If cycling shoes are too big or too wide, and your foot is moving around too much while cycling, this can cause you to feel numb, create blisters, and of course, leads to reduced pedaling efficiency.

Does Shimano Make Half Sizes?

Yes, Shimano offers all shoe models in half sizes as well. Their unisex and men’s models are available in half sizes from EU size 36 to size 48, and their women’s shoe models are available in half sizes from EU size 37.5 to 44.

Do Shimano Shoes Run True To Size?

Yes. If you look at the charts above, Shimano shoes tend to run true to size. 

However, if you’re between two shoe sizes, for example, one time you get shoes in size 9 and the other 9.5, don’t size up on cycling shoes as they should feel snug around your feet. Decide to size up only if your largest toe touches the tip of the shoe, or the shoes feel uncomfortably tight. 

If your foot measurements are only slightly wider than the standard Shimano shoe width, it’s best that you size up by half a size rather than get the wider models, as they could feel too loose around your feet. 

a guy riding bike

The Bottom Line

Since Shimano shoes come in European shoe sizes, it can be a bit confusing when you have to convert them into US sizes. It’s important to remember that cycling shoes should fit well around your foot, and have less toe room than your walking shoes. It’s best if you measure your feet at home and check the charts above to know your correct size before you head into the store.

We hope you found useful tips for getting your perfect fit with Shimano cycling shoes sizing. Please leave a comment below, and feel free to share if you like our guide on Shimano shoes sizing chart.

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