How Do Sorel Boots Fit? Stay Stylish in Snow Boots!

In the words of the Stark’s motto, “Winter is coming.” Have you just taken your snow boots out and realized they’re not going to see you through another season? If you think it’s time for a new pair, let’s answer the question, “How do Sorel boots fit?

how do sorel boots fit

These iconic snow boots have been a staple of many winter wardrobes for over 50 years. Stylish and functional, they are the go-to boots for many people during colder weather.

We’ll give you the lowdown on the sizing of these boots, plus some tips for getting a good fit.


Sorel Size Chart

Sorel makes boots for the entire family, from infants right through to adults. The company has a sizing chart for each category as well. These include infants, toddlers, children, youths, men and women.

The details of the Sorel boot size charts can be found here on their website.

The company recommends that you measure your foot to get the right size. To do this it’s suggested you stand on a piece of paper with your foot flat.

You should then mark where the back of the heel and longest toe are. Measure this distance and compare it to their sizing chart. It’s advised that you stand up while you do this, and wear socks.


Sorel Boot Sizing

As Sorel boots come in many sizes, let’s give you a little more detail.

The infant size range is from newborn to 12 months, in sizes 1 to 3. Toddler’s sizes start at a 4 and finish at size 7. Children’s then take over, from a size 8 through to 13, followed by youth sizes, from 1 to 7.

The adult range covers women’s sizes 4 through to 12, with half sizes up to size 11. The men’s boots are available in size 7 through to 17, with half sizes up to size 13.

On the downside, there are no variations in width fittings for Sorel boots. Nevertheless, it appears these boots are quite roomy in the foot section, so should suit most feet.


Sorel Boots Fitting Guide

Fitting a winter boot like Sorel has a different set of rules from fitting something like a work boot or hiking boot. They are generally looser around the foot, allowing air to be trapped, which can keep your feet warmer. If you wear snow style boots that are too tight on your feet, the chances are your feet will quickly become cold.

Do Sorel boots size up or down? Here are some tips to help you decide what size Sorel boots are the right size for you.

  • Some Sorel boots, such as the Joan of Arctic boot come with a fleece inner liner for warmth. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to wear socks. When you try boots on, wear the same type of socks you would normally put on with snow boots.


  • Once you put the boots on, before tightening any laces or fastening them, push your foot toward the front of the boot. Check out how much space there is between your heel and the boot. You should be able to fit a finger in there with ease—if you can’t, then the boots are too small, more than one finger, they are too big.
  • Next comes wiggle room for your toes. Lace up the boots, stand up and see if you can move your toes easily. They shouldn’t be squashed or compressed in any way, but should have free movement.
  • Another way to check the toe fit is to gently tap the toe of the boot on the floor behind you. Your toes should not move forward and touch the front of the boot. If they do, then it’s too big.
  • While you’re standing, see how they feel across the ball of your foot and the instep. The ball of your foot is generally the widest point and you don’t want any pressure here. The instep should feel snug but not too tight.
  • Heel slip is another factor to look for. Rock back and forth from the balls to the heels of your feet, or walk about. The heel shouldn’t lift any more than a fraction.
  • If you choose a higher style of Sorel boot, make sure they are comfortable around the calf. If you plan on tucking your jeans into them, ensure you have enough room to do this, as some models are tighter in this area.


Pro Tips

When buying Sorel boots, it could be better to order them online. You can then test them out in the comfort of your home. Wearing them around indoors for a short while might give you a better indication of how well they fit and how comfortable they’re going to be (remember to check the returns policy first).

Sorel boots fasten with D-ring style laces and might not adjust as tight as eyelets. Keep this in mind when fitting your boots, to make sure they’re not too loose.

A lot of Sorel boots have a removable EVA insole or footbed. If the model you choose doesn’t and you plan on adding another insole, make sure you do this when trying your boots out.


You can find a large selection of Sorel boots online here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Sorel Boots Run True to Size?

Just over half of the people who have shared their insights into Sorel boots are of the opinion that they run about a half size large. The remainder claimed they are pretty true to size. Just bear in mind you will likely wear thick socks with these boots, so take that into account when buying.


How Easy Would It Be for My Child to Adjust the Laces on Sorel Boots?

Sorel has covered the bases here. Many of their children’s boots have either a velcro closure or laces that can be pulled through a toggle to adjust them. This makes it easy for little hands to loosen and tighten their own boots.


How Thick Is The Liner on Sorel Boots?

This depends on the style of boot. The women’s Caribou boot has a sheepskin style lining which is thicker, and the Conquest Carly has a jersey lining. The felt lining on the Joan of Arctic and the men’s Alpha Pac is 0.35 inches or 9mm thick.


Check the details on the style you choose. This video shows you the liner in Sorel Caribou boots.



Final Fitting Thoughts

Sorel boots come in many different styles, and will enhance any winter wardrobe. Some are suitable for wet weather while others are ideal for snowy days.

Whichever ones you decide to buy, make sure you follow our fitting guide to help you get the best fit. You want your feet to be warm and dry, but not at the expense of comfort.

We hope you found our guide to how Sorel boots fit useful and informative. If you would like to leave us a comment, please do so. Also, remember sharing is caring, so, please share with anyone you think might benefit from our insight.


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