Superfeet Insoles Review

Sometimes shoes fit, but they don’t have the right comfort or support. In these situations, you can improve your step using insoles.

Superfeet has some excellent insoles, so let’s see if they’re the brand you’ve been waiting for.

The products featured in this review are:


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Superfeet Insoles?

The difference between the various Superfeet insoles is the intent behind them. The ones we’re reviewing are designed for:

  • Everyday use.
  • Flexibility.
  • Athletics.
  • Temperature control.

You can use one or more of these insoles for different activities and different shoes.

Super feet Insoles Review


How Long Do Superfeet Insoles Last?

According to their website, Superfeet insoles last for 12 months on average. This varies depending on a user’s weight, so heavier people may need to replace their insoles more frequently.

It can also depend on what type of shoe you use them in, and how heavy your usual step is.


Which Superfeet Insoles Do I Need?

Most people need the basic green Superfeet, for everyday use. You’d do well to have the athletic insoles too, if you’re into keeping fit.

The flexible insoles are more for those who do a lot of fancy footwork or are on a limited budget. The temperature regulating insoles are, of course, for people who suffer from cold or sweaty feet.


How to Choose Superfeet Insoles?

Choose insoles based on your needs and size. If you’re unsure which ones will meet your requirements, buy several options, and try them out.

Check if the arch support is too much or too little and see if your heel and step are as steady as you need them to be. Send back what doesn’t feel right.

If everything is perfect, but the insoles are too big, there’s a simple solution.

How to Trim Insoles

If your shoe has a removable insole, that’s great. Take it out carefully, trace around it, then trim your Superfeet insoles to match.

The other option is to trace your foot, then cut the insole a little bigger than the resulting template. Keep adjusting until it fits in your shoe, but be careful not to trim off too much!

Superfeet Insoles Review — Range Roundup


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These merino wool insoles wick away moisture and regulate temperature, so you’re cool and dry all year. This is down to the highly beneficial merino wool.

Merino wool is breathable, high-quality and odor-free, so it’ll keep your shoes fresh for a long time. They take comfort to the next level.

Make sure they’re for shoes with removable insoles. These merino wool insoles are thick, but that lets them offer more arch support and stability to improve your step.



  • Helps with plantar fasciitis.
  • Helps with pronation.
  • Merino coating may shed.


The blue Superfeet insole is the flexible one, to improve the fit of medium-width shoes. This also helps with basic pain—but most importantly, it moves with your foot.

Flexibility also makes this an excellent insole for almost any shoe. It’ll bend and bring comfort as it molds to the highest of heels or the flattest of work boots. They’re an ideal choice for those on a budget who can’t afford more than one pair of Superfeet insoles.



  • Anti-odor coating.
  • Robust arch support.
  • Level of arch support may be unsuitable for some shoes.


Superfeet’s basic green insole should work for almost any adult. They feature a stabilizer cap to improve shoe support and aid in arch support for medium and high arches.

These nifty little insoles can help with various foot pains you may have, but they aren’t designed for a specific condition. They’re for helping you feel content in your regular day-to-day shoes.



  • Great support for walking.
  • Helps prevent arch collapsing.
  • Not great for low arches.

Superfeet’s Trailblazer insoles can take a lot of impact. They have a gel heel design, which disperses any shock as you run.

They’re insoles for runners, joggers and athletes, but people with a heavier step can use them too.

No matter the sport, Superfeet Trailblazer insoles should fit any athletic shoe, shaping to both shoe and foot.



  • Eases knee pain.
  • Helps with pronation.
  • Cushions blows but feels hard.

The Best Fit

Superfeet has tons of great insoles available, and this is only a small, varied selection. Hopefully, it’s given you an idea of what insoles Superfeet makes, or introduced you to the perfect insole right here.

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