Thursday Boots Sizing and Fit: Get The Right Size [2023]

Thursday Boots are a popular brand of shoes, but their sizing can be a bit confusing.

In this post, we’ll walk you through how to find your perfect size and what to do if they don’t fit. We’ll also show you some of our favorite styles from Thursday Boots!

Size Charts for Thursday Boots

These are the charts to convert from your sneaker size to Thursday boot sizes. Remember that these sizes are approximate, and the right fit depends on your foot and each specific model. For example, the Duke is quite big, while the Scout is smaller than other Thursday Boots models.

Men’s Thursday Size Conversion

This size chart will help you convert your size from your regular shoe size to Thursday Boots sizing. If you’re comparing it with other leather boots or dress shoes, the sizing should be similar to your dress shoe size.

All men’s’ Thursday shoes are standard width unless the product information states they are wide width.

US Size UK Size EU Size Thursday Boots Size
6 5.5 39 5.5
6.5 6 39 6
7 6.5 40 6.5
7.5 7 40-41 7
8 7.5 41 7.5
8.5 8 41-42 8
9 8.5 42 8.5
9.5 9 42-43 9
10 9.5 43 9.5
10.5 10 43-44 10
11 10.5 44 10.5
11.5 11 44-45 11
12 11.5 45 11.5
12.5 12 45-46 12
13 12.5 46 12.5
14 13.5 47 13
15 14.5 48 14
16 15.5 49 15

Women’s Thursday Boots Size Chart

In women’s boots, the company recommends you go half a size up from your sneaker size. The shoes are standard B width.

US Size UK Size EU Size Thursday Boots Size
4.5 2.5 35 5
5 3 35-36 5.5
5.5 3.5 36 6
6 4 36-37 6.5
6.5 4.5 37 7
7 5 37-38 7.5
7.5 5.5 38 8
8 6 38-39 8.5
8.5 6.5 39 9
9 7 39-40 9.5
9.5 7.5 40 10
10 8 40-41 10.5
10.5 8.5 41 11
11 9 41-42 11.5


Fitting Thursday Boots

Here are some of the things you should pay attention to when fitting a pair of Thursday boots.

  1. Make sure you’re wearing the same type of socks you’ll be using with the shoe. The same goes for orthotic inserts or any other type of customized insole you may have.
  2. Try on shoes late in the day, from the afternoon to the evening. Your feet tend to swell during the day, so it’s best to try them on when your feet are at their largest. This helps you make sure you don’t buy shoes that are too small.
  3. Before you try on the boot, take out one of the insoles and step on it. Make sure your toes and heel don’t spill over the insole.
  4. Put on the boots and lace them up. There should be a bit of space between your longest toe and the top of the shoe, but less than a finger’s width is fine for boots. The shoes will expand, so the most important thing is that you’re comfortable.
  5. Walk around in the shoes inside your home. Try to notice any pinching or discomfort in the boots, and if you feel any, return them and go up a size. Wearing shoes that are too small can cause you problems such as bunions and other deformities, so it’s not worth it to take the risk.
  6. Remember that these boots are meant to be a bit tight on the upper, so it shouldn’t be a problem if they’re snug. However, if the boots are painfully small length or width-wise, return them and change for a bigger size.

If you need more help measuring your feet and finding your size, check out our full shoe sizing and fitting guide.

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Are Thursday Boots True To Size?

Most Thursday boots models run about half a size bigger than true to size, so the company recommends you buy your shoes half a size smaller than your normal sneaker size. The boots may feel snug in the beginning, but when you break them in they have a bit of give and both the leather and the insole mold to your feet.

How Long Does It Take To Break in Thursday Boots?

A pair of Thursday boots will take you a couple of wears, even up to a week of use, to mold perfectly to your feet. Once they do, they’re very comfortable and soft but in the meantime, they may feel a bit tight. Don’t worry, the leather will expand in use and if they’re the right size, you’ll be able to use them in comfort.

Also, remember that the cork midsole and leather insole of your Thursday boots will mold to your foot when you wear them. This will free up more space inside the boot, so the best way to break them in is by wearing them.

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How To Break in Your Thursday Boots

If you’ve got the right size but you just need to break the boots in before you take them outside, here are a couple of hacks to try.

Remember that using these tricks is always a risk, and if you take it too far you may end up damaging the shoe or stretching it too much. It’s always better to take it slow and not force it too much, rather than deform the shoe in a rush.

Thick Socks

The easiest and safest trick to break in your new shoes is to put on a pair of thick socks and wear the boots for a couple of hours. Make sure the shoe feels tight enough with the socks to stretch the leather, but not so constricted you’ll cut circulation to your foot.

When the boot feels a bit looser, you can take it off and try it on with your normal socks. If you still need a bit more breaking in, repeat the process.


This hack makes the breaking in process of your boots a bit faster, thanks to the heat from your hairdryer. High temperatures are risky, so you will need to be more careful to not damage the leather.

  1. Put on a thick pair of socks and then the boots. Lace them up and grab a hairdryer.
  2. Direct warm air, preferably medium temperature, to your feet, moving the hairdryer around. The heat mimics the temperature of wearing the boots and will help expand the leather.
  3. When they feel right, let the boots cool down before taking them off. They should be ready for a night on the town, but if you need a little bit extra, repeat the process.

Freezer Trick

For this trick, you’ll need from two to four resealable, Ziploc-type bags, a larger bag and some space in your freezer.

  1. First, two of the Ziplock bags about halfway with water and close them.
  2. Put them inside other bags for extra safety, and carefully place them inside the boots. Try to get the bag into the tightest spots of the boot where you need more space. You can also do this with just one bag, but it’s safer with two, so you don’t get spills.
  3. Repeat on the other shoe and put both of them inside a larger bag. This will prevent bacteria from the boots getting into your food.
  4. Put the shoes in the freezer and leave them overnight. The water expands when it freezes, and it will make your boots bigger.
  5. When you take out the shoes, let them thaw for a couple of minutes until you’re able to remove the bag easily. Try them on and repeat as needed!

Shampoo Bottles

Another trick is to find a shampoo or moisturizer bottle and leave it in the boot overnight. Just make sure the bottle doesn’t stretch the boots too much!



Are Thursday Boots Durable?

Yes, Thursday boots are made to endure. Many of their boot models include a welting that allows you to resole the boots if you wear out the sole. If you take care of the leather, these boots can last you years and years.

Are Thursday Boots Good for Hiking?

No, we wouldn’t recommend Thursday boots for hiking, although some do use them for this purpose. Thursdays are, above all, city boots, made for asphalt. If you do want to use your boots for hiking, the best models are the rugged Diplomat and the overall user favorite Thursday Captain.

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Where Are Thursday Boots Made?

Thursday Boots manufactures partially in Arkansas, in the United States. However, they do use artisanal manufacturers in Spain, Portugal and Mexico, as well.

Do Boots Usually Run Big?

Boots can run big or small, depending on the brand and the type. Many rugged work boot models are quite big and wide to fit a thick sock, but boots for city wear can be quite tight. You’ll have to refer to every brand’s specific size chart to know the right size and check out our guide for fitting boots.

Do Thursday Boots Have a Shank?

Yes, Thursday Boots includes an anti-fatigue shank in their boots. It’s made from steel, so it’s durable and won’t bend easily. The shank gives your arch support and makes the boots more rigid, which absorbs some of the impact and saves your strength in the long run.

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What’s So Great About Thursday Boots?

Thursday boots, especially their classic Captain boots, have something of a cult following online. Let’s look into what it is that makes these boots so popular.

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  • Quality leather.
  • Goodyear welted.
  • Comfort.
  • Style.
  • Value for the price.

Quality Leather

Thursday boots incorporate top-quality materials, starting with the leather. These are some of the types of leather the company uses in its footwear.

  • Horween: Horween Leather Company is a traditional, American family company that makes some of the finest quality leathers. The company partners with Thursday Boots on some of their classic models, like the President and the Captain boots, the company’s bestsellers.
  • Thursday Chrome leather: The company developed its staple Thursday Chrome tannage with Le Farc tannery. It has a deep, dark finish that’s durable and ages into an even more beautiful tone.
  • Rugged & Resilient: If you’re one of those people who prefers not paying too much attention to the care of their boots, this collection is the right choice. It’s sourced from Tier 1 USA cattle, and the rugged matte finish is designed to look good with scuffs and scratches.
  • WeatherSafe Suede: Is there anything more annoying than ruining a pair of suede boots the minute it starts raining? Thursday’s suede collection is made for the unpredictable and unforgiving New York weather. Like any leather shoe, it’s not fully waterproof, but it lasts much longer than a cheap suede boot.

The quality leather of Thursday boots isn’t just limited to the outside. These shoes also have a soft glove leather lining. It’s more durable and breathable than cheap synthetic linings and wraps gently around your foot.

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Goodyear Welted

Many shoe enthusiasts consider the Goodyear welt to be a key sign of quality in a pair of boots. It’s a piece of leather that’s stitched onto the sole and the upper of the shoe, and shoes with this construction can cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Thursday boots also include a Goodyear Welt Construction, which makes the soles more water-resistant. It also makes it easier to replace the outsole pretty much indefinitely and adds more years to the life of your boots.

You can tell if a pair of leather boots have Goodyear welting by checking the stitching on the outer limit of the sole. If the stitching goes around the sole, from the bottom to the top, you likely have a Goodyear welted shoe. However, many cheap models also imitate the stitching design without the welt.

Goodyear welting makes for heavy-duty construction, so it’s more rigid than a glued-on sole. It also has a wide look, which is why people who look for a streamlined profile often don’t opt for this type of sole.

However, in the case of Thursday Boots, the design is still quite sleek, and the Goodyear welt doesn’t make the shoes too bulky.

Cork Midsole

The Goodyear welt also gives space for a layer of cork bed between the insole and the rubber sole. This cork bed is responsive and soft. It molds to your feet and makes the shoe more comfortable over time.

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Once you break in a pair of Thursday boots, you’ll notice they’re as comfortable as a pair of sneakers. This is the key for many of the company’s customers who prioritize comfort.

The breaking in might take a couple of uses but after a few days of wear, you’ll notice the leather having more give. These boots mold to your natural foot shape for maximum comfort.

These boots also have tough anti-fatigue steel shanks for support and EVA foam for a responsive walk. The outsoles are also anti-slip, and the classic Captain boot has studs for extra grip.

The company’s high heel boots are also designed for comfort, while adding 3 to 4 inches of height. They combine shock-absorbing insoles and chunky, supportive heels with a more streamlined look.


Thursday boots are full of details that have a casual-dressy style, great for strolling around the city. They’re classic enough to pair them with a pair of jeans for a casual style. They’re also good-looking office attire if you’re not required to wear a suit and a traditional dress shoe.

They’re city boots that look great with everyday clothing, but they’re not for long hours in rough conditions. Do note that these are not true work boots for construction, industry or farming. They are also water-resistant, but not made for crossing rivers or hiking up mountains, either.

If you’re looking for something tougher, check out our Redback Boots and Blundstone Boots size guides.

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Value for Price

Thursday boots are not the cheapest shoe you’ll find, but they’ll likely last you for years. This is what causes a lot of the hype around the boots, since customers consider they could easily be sold at two or even three times the price. However, they’re not fast fashion, and good quality details cost you a bit extra.

If you do decide to buy a pair, you can consider it a long-term investment. The higher price point will be justified if you wear the boots for years instead of throwing out a pair you bought months ago.

With the Goodyear welting, you’ll be able to replace the soles indefinitely at a fraction of the cost of a new pair if you take good care of them.

Thursday Boots Sizing


Thursday Boots Styles

Thursday offers lots of options for men and women, from high heels and even an over-the-knee model to low-top shoes and ankle boots. These are some of their most popular models.

Thursday Captain Boot

The Thursday Captain boot is the most popular and well-known model from the brand. It’s a traditional lace-up boot with a 6-inch shaft and toe cap, and it comes in numerous different shades.

It has studded outsoles and Goodyear welt construction all around the boot, inner glove leather lining and high-quality leather uppers. This boot is understated and minimalistic, but versatile and clean so you can use it in many different situations.

As far as sizes go, for the Thursday Captain boot, you should order ½ size smaller than the size you normally wear in sneakers. It’s a standard width or D width.

Duke and Duchess

Duke is a laceless Chelsea boot with a flexible elastic on the side to make it easier to put them on. This design is both classic and versatile, and also comes in a women’s Duchess design.

With the Thursday Duke, many customers consider it a bit tight, so you should order half to a full size bigger than your normal size. Just like any pair of Chelsea boots, you should make sure the shoe is big enough so you can slip it on with comfort. Still, it shouldn’t have so much room in the back that it moves around when you walk.


Scout is the Thursday Boots design for chukka-style ankle-high boots. They’re classic and comfortable, and a step more dressy than the Captain boot. The round wax laces make the boot’s design a bit more elegant, but they still carry the comfortable details of the high-top boot models.

Another plus on this model is that it has a higher profile over the arch, so it’s the right option for those who need a bit more space on the upper. It’s quite big at the sole, so in this boot, you might want to go for a half or one full size smaller than your sneaker size.

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The President is Thursday’s high boot design that resembles the Captain, but it doesn’t have the toe cap. It’s a stylish and sleek boot for everyday wear, adaptable from the office to a night out.

This boot fits a bit bigger than true to size, so you should order about half a size smaller than you normally wear.


The Diplomat is a sportier boot model, with a thick sole and a rugged look. It has a moccasin toe design on the upper, with a seam that goes all around the toe box. The model is made from Thursday’s Rugged & Resilient leather, so it will even look good with some mileage and scuffs.

These boots run quite big, so you should order about half a size smaller than your normal size.

How To Care for Your Thursday Boots

Your Thursday Boots will last for years when you give them a bit of love and care every couple of months, or whenever they seem very dirty. Here’s how to care for them at home so they’ll look great for longer.

For the best results, you’ll need a clean rag, some leather balm and a shoe brush.

  1. Take off the laces to start cleaning up the boots.
  2. Shake the boots a bit to get excess dirt to fall off.
  3. Grab the dry rag and wipe off any dirt you can see on the shoes. Try to get them as clean as possible without scratching them.
  4. Find your leather balm and apply some on the rag. Start working the balm onto the shoe, covering it completely. Try to get the balm in the creases of the leather.
  5. Dry up all the excess balm from the leather with a dry part of the rag.
  6. Grab a shoe brush and buff the shoes. The brush and the balm will help you remove any remaining dirt.
  7. When you’re finished, let the boots dry up for about 10 minutes. Then, lace them back up and you’re good to go.

Note: These instructions aren’t for the more sensitive leather types, including suede and Rugged & Resilient leathers. These types of leather will need a leather cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean them. If you’re not sure about what kind of care your shoes need, you can contact the company.

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Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a pair of stylish, good quality boots for city use, Thursday Boots is an excellent option. The boots feature quality craftsmanship for a relatively low price, so it’s a solid long-term investment.

Thursday boots sizing is close to dress shoes, and for men’s shoes, you should go about half a size smaller than your sneaker size. For women, size up about half a size to get the right fit.

These recommendations work best for the Thursday Captain boot. If you’re looking at another model, make sure you check out the specifications before you order to get the size right.


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