What Does GS Stand for in Shoes? Shoe Terminology Explained

Have you ever been searching online for shoes, and suddenly you’re met with abbreviations like PS, BG and GS? Often, we have no idea what they mean, causing unnecessary confusion, and it may even make you want to look elsewhere. Today we’re answering the question; What does GS stand for in shoes?

Here’s what GS means:

  • GS—Grade School.
  • PS—Preschool.
  • TD—Toddler.
  • BC—Baby Crib.
  • EP—Engineered Performance.


What Does GS Stand for in Shoes?

Good shoes? Grip sole? No, when it comes to shoes, GS stands for Grade School. Grade School is a specific size modification, available for sneakers from Nike and Jordans.

GS sizes go up to a 7Y, which is approximately the same as a men’s 7. The main difference between a GS 7 size shoe and a men’s 7 size is the price and quality. However, this doesn’t apply to all brands.


Shoe Terminology Explained

 What Does GS Stand for in Shoes

Besides GS, various other abbreviations are handy to know. Keep in mind, however, that most of these adhere to Nike. Here are a few and what they represent:

  • GS equals Grade School.
  • PS means Preschool.
  • BG means Boy Grade School.
  • BC denotes Baby Crib.
  • GG means Girl Grade School.
  • TD stands for Toddler.
  • EP means Engineered Performance.

For more abbreviations, watch this helpful video.


Nike Shoe Size Charts

Nike has a large selection of different size categories, giving you a better chance of finding a proper fit for your child or yourself. Some GS sizes overlap with adult sizes. So if you find a pair available in a GS size, it could still fit you. For a more in-depth answer, we recommend you read our Adidas vs. Nike Sizing guide.

Here are some of its size charts that apply to Nike and Jordan shoes:

GS (Grade School) Shoe Size Chart

3.5Y 3 3.5
4Y 3.5 36
4.5Y 4 36.5
5Y 4.5 37.5
5.5Y 5 38
6Y 5.5 38.5
6.5Y 6 39
7Y 6.5 40


PS (Pre School) Size Chart

10.5C 10 27.5
11C 10.5 28
11.5C 11 28.5
12C 11.5 29.5
12.5C 12 30
13C 12.5 31
13.5C 13 31.5
1Y 13.5 32
1.5Y 1 33
2Y 1.5 33.5
2.2Y 2 34
3Y 2.5 35


TD (Toddler) Size Chart

2C 1.5 17
3C 2.5 18.5
4C 3.5 19.5
5C 4.5 21
6C 5.5 22
7C 6.5 23.5
8C 7.5 25
9C 8.5 26
10C 9.5 27


How to Measure Your Child’s Feet for Nike

Does GS Stand for in Shoes

Nike is a well-known and loved brand for athletic and casual footwear. The company also has a large selection of kid’s shoes. Here’s how it recommends that you measure your child’s feet:

What you need:

  • A ruler.
  • Wall.
  • Flat surface.
  • Pen and paper.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Have your child stand on a flat surface with their back against a wall. Align their heel with the wall.
  2. Place the ruler on the inside of the feet and measure from the wall to the longest toe. Then write down the results.
  3. Go to Nike’s sizing tool and enter the measurements, this will recommend what size to get.


Pro Tips

  • Measure your child’s feet in the afternoon, even babies. Feet tend to swell slightly toward the end of the day, which is essential to take into consideration.
  • Ask your child to put on a pair of regular socks that they’d usually be wearing. They shouldn’t be too thick or too thin.
  • When your child is trying the shoes, allow for 5-inch from the longest toe to the front of the shoe.
  • Once the shoes are on, encourage them to walk and do some slight jogging on the spot to ensure the size is right. Of course, this only applies to little ones who are able—toddling age and upwards.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Y Sizes?

When looking at sizes, you’ll sometimes see a letter after the number, for example, 7Y. The letter is an indication of which approximate age group the size is suitable for. Y, for instance, stands for youth, whereas C denotes it’s for a child.

Letters are also used when describing adult sizes. Here you’ll find N (narrow), M (medium), W (wide) and R (regular).


What Is the Average Foot Size for a 12 Year Old?

The average shoe size for a 12-year-old is a US 4Y for both boys and girls. However, keep in mind that this mostly depends on genetics.


What Is 7k in Shoe Size?

The letter K stands for Kid, indicating a child’s shoe size. A 7K shoe size is the same as a 7Y US size.


What Does OG Mean for Shoes?

If you’re just getting started on your authentic sneaker collection, you’re likely to come across the abbreviation OG. This can refer to two things—Original or Original Release.

For starters, OG can denote the original colorways (color arrangement) of sneakers at the time of their first release. An example of this OG is the Air Jordan 1 Bred.

Secondly, many use OG when referencing a shoe’s first release date. The Pure Money Jordan 4 was re-released in 2017, people referenced its original release date in terms of quality.


The Takeaway

What does GS stand for in shoes? GS means Grade School, and it’s a particular size system for Nike shoes, including Jordans. Unless you’re a sneaker enthusiast, seeing all the different abbreviations can be a headache.

Nike is very informative when it comes to sizing—it has a thorough guide and charts for various age groups. It’s essential to get the right fit, so ensure that you measure before buying.

We hope you found your answer—feel free to share it with friends and family. Also, we’d love to hear from you in the section below.


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